Sunday, November 6, 2016

Quickies - Going Gray

distressed painting, bookshelf makeover, Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint
Quickies going gray this Sunday.

Krylon Chalky Finish Spray paint in Slate.

Easy to apply.

Easy to clean up.

Easy to hand sand.

Easy to apply a spray satin clear coat.

Evidently the only hard thing for me was remembering to take a before pic. 

This is the little atomic age bookshelf from Friday Finds.

Looked sweet when I finished painting, BUT...

You know I HAD to distress the poor thing.

Locker baskets would be perfect for this bookshelf.

I only have the baskets I am keeping.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

We are having a cool spell and can wear jeans and flannel pajamas!

See y'all!


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  1. I loved that shelf too from your last post. Didn't know those were called atomic legs, but they do look the part.

  2. It is perfect for wire baskets! That's a sweet little shelf.
    Hurray for jeans and flannel jammies!

  3. Looks great Donna. Yeah for sweater and flannel jammies weather.
    Happy Sunday.

  4. I'm still eye-balling that globe. What is it about them that intrigues me so?

  5. Love the atomic age book shelf and the school locker is a perfect addition.

  6. Nice color Donna ... will have to check it out. Don't blame you for holding on to those wire baskets ... they are hard to fine.

  7. oh! I meant to ask you the other day.... why did you call those "atomic" legs ? Need to learn this !

  8. Nice projects, Donna--your little shelf looks especially great :)

  9. If you can find locker baskets they're so expensive. I am very picky what I do with any wire baskets. Daughter wanted one I had but told her she'll have to wait til I croak to get her hands on my goodies.When am out somewhere, see wire basket I grab it, even if had planned to buy something else.Love your shelf, cute legs.
    Have wonderful week

  10. Love me an midcentury bookshelf. I own 2! :)


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