Saturday, November 26, 2016

Friday Finds

Ertl pedal tractor, German bisque snow babies, Architectural salvage, phone niche
I realize I have lost a day somewhere this week.

If you find it, please return it.

I desperately need it.

And let the merry mania begin on this Friday, er, Saturday.

Saved this pedal tractor from the metal scrapper.

Someone's Christmas present from Santa in 1955.

While my Etsy shop is closed until 2017, I have been downsizing items.

Discovered this box of German bisque dolls from the late 1880's.

They are the original snow babies.

These were rejects on the factory lines.

A piece broken from each doll and tossed in the ditches behind the factories.

It is amazing the "snow" stayed on these tiny pieces of history.

An assortment.

I sold several sets - mostly to people in Europe.

Great for mixed media artists and jewelry creators. 

The pixies are my favorites.

I plan to keep a few and sell the rest in my booth with the Frozen Charlottes.

In addition to preparing the booths for this weekend's sales and Thanksgiving (my brother did everything!), it was our thirty-sixth wedding anniversary.

We planned a whole day of doing nothing but watching movies and going out for dinner followed by Sonic milkshakes. 

We bought our second refrigerator ever.

No kidding our refrigerator was purchased in 1982.

The present one no longer will keep ice cream so we had to buy a new one.

However a fridge cannot really be an anniversary present, can it?

So the day before the big day, I spied this rolling in the front door of the mall.

A vintage telephone niche from a department store.

It is beau-tee-ous!

I do know Kris and Rush are going wild over this.

Still has the mirror and the little phone book shelf.

I will clean and wax it.

That's all.

Then hang it in the foyer.

Happy anniversary to me.

When I called home to let Chucks know I had bought us an anniversary present, he said it better be smaller than the truck.

It is.

I also got a huge bouquet of daisies.

My favorite!

One more pic of that perfect-for-under -the-tree tractor.

I think I have my days straight now.

See y'all!


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  1. Happy Anniversary Donna & what a fun way to have celebrated it! I love that telephone niche!! And the little figurines...still don't understand how those would be used, but I'm sure some creative person could.

  2. I almost lost several days here! But glad you showed us your fun finds. I love the tractor, so so cute, but be still my heart for the telephone niche! I'm so happy you got it for yourself and the hubby as an anniversary present. Hugs!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love that tractor. That telephone niche is so unique and would look wonderful pretty much anywhere. Great finds!

  4. OMG Donna you have my heart beating just a little faster. I want that phone cabinet. Seriously that is awesome. I am coming to get it from your foyer. I should be there in about 13 hours!!!! LOL once the refrigerator does not keep the ice cream frozen it is sooooo time for a new one!!!! Happy Anniversary. Your day sounded fabulous that ended with a good milkshake. Sounds like my kind of celebrating. Enjoy the downhill slide into the holidays. Decorating, shopping, baking, singing here we come!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love that phone niche and tractor, what great finds!!


  6. It will be a race to see which one of us can get to your house, break in and steal it off of your wall! LOL It's gorgeous and a wonderful anniversary gift. I like the boundary Chucks sets- smaller than the truck!
    I say a refrigerator can be a gift...I'm about to buy a new one, too. Maybe it will be Magoo's Christmas gift. ;)
    So what kind of milkshake did you choose? Did you go classic or on the wildside???

  7. Yes, a refrigerator (and that sweet shelf) is perfect for an anniversary gift! We just bought our 2nd ever refrigerator too as a Christmas gift to ourselves. Our current one is an Amana from the late 80' is freezing our food in the back of the fridge....opposite problem from yours! Happy Anniversary!! Daisies are my favorite too!

  8. My birthday is December 25th ... I want that telephone niche and the tractor ... Thanks very much Donna. Love all your finds. Glad you had a wonderful anniversary. Buying yourself a gift is the best kind, but a bouquet of daisies from your hubby is special too.
    Audrey Z.

  9. Happy Anniversary! That tractor reminds me of the one I bought my son over 30 years ago. The seat is broken off but I still have the seat. His was a Ford tractor. Still have it along with the little trailer that it pulls.

  10. Happy 36th Anniversary Miss Donna and Chucks!!!!!
    I am in Love with the German Bisque Dolls, Pixies and Snow Babies!!!
    The Phone Booth shelf is Beautiful, as is the Tractor!!!
    You Always manage to find the most Wonderful things.....Sigh. Just seeing them makes me so Happy.
    Oh Boy.....As far as your new Fridge....Maybe you will like this, as I am in the same slow sinking Boat that you are....
    I got one which turned out to be an Anniversary present, also.
    Mine was old, It wouldn't make ice......staying cold was not a good option, either!!! To make matters worse, the door kept opening by itself....LOL!!!
    The Stove went next, Days latter......The burners stopped heating and the oven door would open by itself, while I was Baking......Talk about a Mess!!!
    Happy Thanks Giving and Anniversary!!!
    XOXO, Sunny

  11. Happy anniversary!!

    The little German dolls reminded me of frozen Charlotte's too. Very cute. You sent me a frozen Charlotte in a gift exchange last year and I have her sitting on my desk. She's my little good luck piece.

    I hope the new refrigerator has a larger freezer section to hold even more ice cream. That's a prerequisite at our house too!

  12. Happy anniversary to you and Chucks! Heck, one night I looked at Katie and said "Do you know what today is?" We forgot our anniversary! Of course, we DO have three anniversaries! First date, commitment ceremony, and legal marriage.

    You're right! That telephone niche is wonderful. I remember a department store downtown had a lounge area that included a bank of telephones. I can't even find a public phone any more!

    Don't you hate buying appliances?!! I remember when we had to buy a washer and dryer. We don't need any bells and whistles on any appliance. Anyway...they don't match, and they are pretty basic. Our new house has a fridge with ice and water on the outside of the door. We've grown accustomed to this "bell", so I'm not sure our next refrigerator will be without it! I do dislike a split door, but it works okay, I guess. Digging around in a freezer on the bottom isn't a good solution either.

    As far as needing an extra day, I could use one myself. Katie and I are selling some wares at a Holiday Bazaar at her school. They set it up for two hours — 3-5 on a Thursday! Some of the staff works until 5, so they can't buy stuff! Silly, but we're going for it. I'll take photos. I will be setting up while Katie is working. We'll see how it works out. Fonda


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