Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Great Crate Christmas Tree

Creating a crate tree, Christmas tree, Christmas display antique mall booth, Riverfront Antique MallFor the past three years I have constructed a crate Christmas tree display in the front of my booth.

Each year it is different.

This year I expanded the size to allow for more areas for Christmas smalls and for my dyed bottle brush trees.

Took all of one day to clear out the front and find all the crates which are used the rest of the year throughout both booths for displays.

I added an extra one on the bottom row allowing for the extra crates in the rows. 

All crates are tied together and tied to the chicken wire behind to stabilize.

Yes, children have tried to climb the crates.

This year's color is a red.

Ten yards of tulle split in half.

Used as garland on the crates and to make Miss Chrissy a top.

It is quite fun to fill in the display spaces. 

I can change out items as they sell.

All spaces feature the bottle brush trees.

Along with vintage and vintage-looking Christmas items. 

Gold feathers hang from most of the crates.



Just noticed the vintage photo cards are sideways.

Miss Chrissy is standing at the very tippy-top dressed in garland and tulle with a feather pendant.

Off to organize stuff around the house to start decorating. 

Finished the outside lights and wreaths Sunday.

Need to haul more items over to the booths.

Shop Small Saturday was a great day for the antique mall.

The dealers at Riverfront Antique Mall have created a Face Book page for dealers to post items and sales. 

Come join us if you wish.

Dealing On The River @ Riverfront Antique Mall 

See y'all!


 I will accept reserved listings if you see something in the blog posts you want.

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  1. I'm impressed...Christmas tree crates! I can well believe kiddies would try to climb them...horrors! Did you always tie them together or was that learned the hard way?? Shuddering... Your display is beautiful though & I love the way it brings attention to your booth. It makes the smalls stand out with their place in the sun. Great idea for a vintage display!

  2. That is gorgeous! I hope nobody messes it up! I would love looking at all the vintage items...like the little trees! Holiday hugs!

  3. I've always loved your use of crates to create a holiday display! Great job, Donna!

  4. This is totally cool. What an awesome way to display all your Christmas smalls.
    Genius and fun.

  5. Love the crate tree! I will make a trip your way before Christmas, just need to plan a day!!! Love your bottle brush trees! hugs

  6. Looks great Donna! Love all the vintage displayed in each crate. Great job!


  7. Your crate tree is fabulous! Miss Chrissy looks lovely on top and your dyed bottle brush trees look great.

  8. Hey Miss Donna and Chucks;
    I Love your Christmas Tree!!!
    It looks so festive and fine in front of your Booth. (I wish that I could shop your Tree and Booth :-)
    I Hope and Pray that you sell out and that you make a lot of Christmas $$$$
    As usual, You make Everything look Beautiful.
    Take Care. XOXO

  9. Great look Donna ... what a job that must have been, but the final result is amazing. Should call a lot of attention to your booth. Good sales.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  10. Hello Donna! Your Christmas tree is so festive and adds the perfect holiday vibe to your booth. I enjoy how your share your booth displays as you are an expert indeed!

  11. I can appreciate all the hauling and tugging and lifting and bending you had to do to create the new booth look. I can't quite talk Katie into a visit yet. Maybe soon. I know there's something in that booth {or the other} that I must have!!! Best wishes, Fonda

  12. I've been waiting for your Christmas tree made of crates! Looks great! I've been hitting it out of the park selling Christmas stuff. Small Business Saturday was VERY good to me this year!

  13. Such a fun idea. I hope it draws a lot of custom to your booth.

  14. Very cool idea, Donna and a great way to display your small items in imaginative ways.
    I'm glad to hear that people were out shopping the antique mall- I think it's a lot more fun than the regular mall. :)

  15. Wow, that is a lot of crates that I assume you painted white! Looks great! I love your colorful bottle brush trees. I tried coloring some and failed! Wish I could visit in person. I joined your FB page so I can peek in now and then.

  16. So cool! You are so creative! I know your regulars look forward to seeing what you come up with each year. I hope you seel LOTS of goodies this season. Have a great rest of the week!


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