Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Finds

Online shopping, thrift store, vintage finds
I am in a deep junk funk.

I walk the aisles of thrift stores and nothing appeals to me.

I am sure there is a cure.


But in the meantime I dabble in a little online  shopping.

From Janice (Curtains In My Tree blog) I purchased these cute Bitterman candy bags.

I thought they would make adorable tags.

And guess what Janice included in her package?

An adorable tag!

Here's the front.

Here's the back.

Be sure to visit her Etsy shop also named  Curtains In My Tree.

Small round-bottomed zinc pots.

Small flat-bottomed zinc pots.

Fifty zinc pots in all.

Thanks to  Caspar & Gerard's Antiques.

Go drool over their gallery HERE.

This is not an original idea, but a couple of years ago Chucks wired one of those round drying racks for a hanging lamp.

I hung zinc pots from it.

I had gathered items, bags, and newspapers for the thrift store.

I shopped for a bit.

Found this blue quilt for Chucks and Willie.

A red plaid Thermos.

A lovely china pitcher with pink flowers.

I bought stacks of books.

I bought a beige area rug.

I bought four cans of spray paint.

That's it.

I'm in a junk funk.

A deep junk funk.

See y'all!


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  1. For a Junk Funk Donna, I would say your finds are amazing! The tags are adorable and the zinc them! Rounding out with the thermos, pitcher, and quilts....what a round-up! I enjoy how you mention other shops to visit and will check them out asap! Have a great weekend wonderful Lady!

  2. I am in a junk funk too, Donna! I just finished going over the classifieds and there are no good sales today! I think I'm gonna get out my 4th of July decorations then hit some antique malls. I need a fix!

  3. I haven't been junkin' in THREE WEEKS! I plan to remedy that Saturday with a yard sale route! Fingers crossed for good junk! It's gonna be HOT HOT HOT (Upper 90s)!

  4. Well, you still found some great items! Don't worry, the funk will lift soon!! Sometimes I think we overwhelm ourselves and need a break :o)


  5. Great finds Donna. Love those zinc cups and your tags made from the candy bags are adorable. Love Janice from Curtains in my Tree. Just the sweetest.

  6. I am pretty sure you will recover! You found some great stuff even while in your funk. I walk the thrift isles and am dismayed at the crazy high prices. How's a girl supposed to buy and resell at those prices?!

  7. Even while in a "Junk-Funk" you found some really nice items. Love the little bags turned tags. Always fun to read your blog and see the things you have found.
    Audrey Z.

  8. How fun to see my little Bitterman candy sacks in the spotlight of your Friday finds, well now your little sacks

    Thanks for the shout out for my etsy shop


  9. I hear you Donna! I've found little to feather my nest lately! Although I did stumble upon a squishy warm and toasty black jacket yesterday. Just what I needed for the Winter chills here! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. Love, Mimi xxx


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