Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blue Cupboard Purposeful Market

JoanMarie Company, Blue Cupboard, new towel line, Etsy shop
Have you met JoanMarie yet?

I became a follower of her blog after seeing her beautiful photography featured on other blogs.


She is a woman with a vision. 

Through months of following her blog, I have seen her take an idea and develop it into a business.

The business is Blue Cupboard.

The first product was denim towels.

JoanMarie sent me one to use and abuse.

Well, I have used it plenty.

Love it!

As for the abuse part?

I did dry off Miss Peepers who was drenched by a sudden rain storm.

Not really abuse, I guess.


But Miss Peepers loved it.

The newly-opened  package.

The towel is now softer and a tiny bit wrinkled after numerous washings.

Blue Cupboard is named for her grandmother's blue cupboard.

Each item in the product line proudly sports a frayed embroidered tag.

Note the excellent stitching details.

Also JoanMarie added the loop for hanging.

I was so impressed I purchased the linen pantry towels.

It was like getting a present in the mail.

Everything was beautifully wrapped.

Her tagline is Blue Cupboard Purposeful Market.

JoanMarie pays attention to the tiniest detail.

I chose three towels in pond, ciabatta and basket.

Love the colors.

These linen-blend pantry towels are smaller than the denim towels, but a generous size.

I am using them for hand-drying at the present time.

They would be great for wrapping warm bread or using as place mats.

Find JoanMarie's blog HERE .

JoanMarie Company on Etsy is found HERE .

She has new products coming soon.

I was given a denim towel, but the opinions above are freely given. JoanMarie only asked for personal feedback.

See y'all!


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  1. Hello Donna - I am so grateful for such a beautiful mention on your blog and am thrilled that you love and use your towels. Knowing that they are becoming a small part of such a wonderful home makes my heart happy and my business vision complete. Thank you so very much dear friend.

  2. These towels are so perfect for all the farmhouse decorating everybody is so crazy about right now! I adore the denim one. Thanks for the info on this lovely shop, Donna!

  3. I love the simplicity of the towels and the colors are so pretty. Perfect farmhouse look.

  4. Great look and reasonable prices! Thanks for the info on these Donna!

  5. Very cool, Donna. I hope JoanMarie does well on Etsy. I've made her shop a favorite.

  6. Thank you Donna! What a wonderful Etsy shop! The towels look amazing and they would make great gifts! Jane Flora Doora

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love her idea and the tags... and the wrapping with the denim selvage edge is great!


  8. Yes, I too a follower of Joan Marie, and made mention of her line over at my blog of Euro-French brocante and her line is timeless and fits in with any shabby, or chicly designed home. This was a great shout-out to Joan Marie and her Blue Cupboard line.

    See you soon.



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