Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finds From The Low Country

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It was a wonderful day to celebrate Leia's birthday with a Low Country Crawl.   

We had planned to hit as many thrift stores as possible and an estate sale.

We started as usual at her house in Summerville, South Carolina.

Then headed for North Charleston.

I had an empty truck, money, and both of us had lists.

Do we ever stick to our lists?

Well, Leia is better at that than I am.

I tend to wander off when something pretty or rusty or crusty strikes my fancy.

On this trip it seemed to be florals and pastels.

Found this tin tile box and a huge bag of pom pom fringe and other assorted trims.

Plus that enormous tassel.

Must find a piece of furniture for that tassel.

In the past we have flown by this small house with a yard full of painted furniture.

This time to the annoyance of all the traffic behind me, I drove extra slow to figure out how to get off Highway 78 and into the parking lot.

It took some turning around, but we made it to Bourgeois Collectibles & More. (Ladson, SC)

Yes, that is his real name.

A very pleasant guy with beautifully painted furniture.  He does not sell "raw" - just refinished items.

I did buy this floral trash can and a rosary - they went nicely with the blue and taupe India cotton spread and the floral valance I had bought at Community Thrift.

Navy and white toile table runners.

Turquoise and white Pyrex bowls in some pattern.

Somewhere along the way I managed to chip one.

I did not know Pyrex would chip!

Four panels of the Shabby Chic brand (Rachel Ashwell?) curtain panels.

They have the rings sewn down the sides to become roll-up shades.

They would look quite wonderful overdyed to look primitive, but I will leave them alone.

A vintage vanity bench that just needed some paint love and a screw.

A bench.

Yes, I said a bench.

The tag said it was a bench.

I asked the clerk if the tag went with this piece.

He said the price was for the bench.

The checkout clerk commented on how cute the bench was.

Really, folks?


No top, but a cabinet nevertheless.

At the moment in my booth I cannot keep enough of these 100% India cotton bathlets.

You can use them to towel off after a bath, as a spread on your bed, as a throw on the sofa, or a beach blanket.

In addition to the one above I found a white one, a gray/tan/yellow one, and a yellow/red one.

Also a set of three shoe stretchers.

Yes, they were labeled a set of three.

There is joke there, but I am leaving it alone.

I love the tin box with the leaves.  Of course I will be painting it.

The chambray and red Ralph Lauren skirt is a size 22 and does not fit me, but the cloth is beautiful.

I see pillow covers!

Speaking of pillow covers, look at the sweet pink rosebud ruffled pillow case and the quilted green and gray sham.

Another floral valance and a yellow/pink baby blanket.

By this time we were in North Charleston on Rivers Avenue where another Community Thrift, a Goodwill, and a Goodwill Pound Store are all located.

It is a junker's paradise.

I found this lovely king-sized quilted comforter and a pair of shams.

I thought about keeping the set, but I have a weird thing about bedding that is slippery.

It is creepy to me to have your bedding moving around at night while you are trying to sleep.

I'm just saying.

A stack of baskets.

That wicker hook - not seen one since the early seventies.

A stack of crocheted baby bonnets - loved the colors.

A Scottish doll - for body parts.

(Just kidding, Danni!)

A candle stick.

A salt-glazed mug.

Did Leia get everything on her list?

Well, she did find a few things.

Did I stick to my list?

Well, sort of.

I did find a wooden ladder, a wire rolling cart, several pounds of books, and a ton of linens.

All the linens will need washing and ironing.

I hate to iron!!!

And don't forget the items I showed yesterday.  Read about the end of the Low Country Crawl here!

I worked on the Big Ugly for five hours Thursday. 

I will show the final reveal next.

I might have to go shopping tomorrow.

Or else stay home and iron.

Which would you choose?

See y'all!

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  1. Wow! You found so many different and interesting things!

  2. You are going to be major busy getting all your great haul of finds ready. Love seeing what you found.

  3. Your truck was not empty when you got home. Oh, my! You found some wonderful pieces.

  4. Oh I just love that tassle!!!
    And that tin box - and those bathlets and ( ok - can't name them one by one )
    What the heck are you going to do with that Scottish doll LMHO ( I remember being fascinated by those dolls when I was little )

  5. LOL! A set of 3 stretchers... that's hilarious! I love all the floral linens, and the trims and that tassel!! I have a thing for tassels... even though I never quite know what to use them for. I have a small collection, and I guess I should put them in my etsy shop, but I love them. That floral trash can has a lovely vintage look. I'd go shopping instead of ironing any day, but I guess it will all have to get done sometime. Great haul! Can't wait to see what you did with the Big Ugly. I'm working on mine tomorrow.

  6. usual you found some great stuff! I love the aqua trash can and those bathlets. I have never heard of them before. I will be on the lookout. They would be great on the beach! Can't wait to see the big ugly piece transformed! And I love your slippery bedding story...I have to agree. I bought a sheet set that has a slippery side to the fabric and I hate it! Joey kicks his cover off so all of it is on my side and the weight of the blanket on the sheet makes it slide off the side of the bed and feels like it is pulling me down with it! I can't stand it! Hope you're having a good weekend. I just got in from a short junkin' trip to town. Will share soon...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  7. Once again, I am impressed and envious. What is the white piece hanging from your ladder? It speaks to me yet it doesn't tell me what it is.

  8. oops...looks to me like you have your "cabinet" is set on its side and it really is a bench. The door drops down...thus the hinges would be on the bottom. the ends are kind of open. It sure is a cool piece! Let me know if when you turn it sideways if it looks right! Maybe it's just my funky way of seeing things?!?!?

  9. ooooo...the pile of linen looks interesting!!!

  10. Olive loves to iron. Let her do it for you:) Maybe the cabinet could be a bench if you turned it on its side. Wow! Girl, you know how to shop!

  11. Great finds! I love the bench, lol.

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  12. WOW!!! I love all your AWESOME finds.. Vintage linens are my favorite tho... I'm now a new follower..

  13. Love all the linens! Good finds!

  14. Wow, talk about some great finds! Hilarious that the cabinet was listed as a bench...clearly it's not. I love the existing color and distressing, do you plan on changing it? Looking forward to seeing what you did with it.
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

  15. Great finds Donna! Love the cabinet/bench thingy...wonder what it will be when you finish with it! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  16. Oh my Lord! You have the best bargain sniffer, Donna. Thanks for giving me a couple of giggles, too. Featuring your fun finds tonight! Thanks for sharing it at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday. :)


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