Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Digging For China

china, pottery, glass, vintage finds
Walked into the thrift store the other week and what did I see but a ton of odds and ends some dealer must have donated.

Soon I was digging for 
china ...

And glassware ...

And pottery.

Amber glass salts - etched on the bottom with a flower design.  Very Art Deco.

French transferware - a bit shabby.

One dessert plate with three cups.

Too precious to be left behind.

Plus who could resist a pink rooster?

A stack of five Czech Bohemian china dinner plates with a rose border.

Love the fluted gilt edge.

Four pottery planters.

They look so good as a group.

My favorite is the small green cactus with the two senors.

Three pairs of tiny elephants.

Trunks raised for luck, of course!

Blue English rose ironstone soup bowl - quite old.

The vase is lovely and without any flaws.

Not marked Fire King or Pyrex, but resembles them.  

A small apple jar - maybe for jam?

A hand-painted Blue Ridge dessert plate signed on the back by the artist.

Look at the hobnail rim.

I have a love for mismatched saucers.

I think everyone needs mismatched saucers.

Below is just a sample of the many I purchased.

Think gallery wall.

Think a muffin gift plate.

Think flowerpot coaster.

Think you must have some mismatched saucers because I have way too many.

My only restraint was purchasing only those with floral designs in pinks and blues.

That included most of them.


Well, I went digging for china and came home with bags and bags full.

It took quite some time to clean it all.

Maybe I forgot to mention most pieces were covered in grime and sticky goo from price tags.


Before I leave, I must tell you Linda at Coastal Charm has invited me to drag my junk over to Shop Talk this Friday.  If you have not visited Shop Talk, you are missing out on discovering interesting shops from all around. Linda features one each Friday.

You can plan your vacation trip to visit each and every one.

See y'all! 

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your purchase at the Distressed Donna Etsy store:



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  1. Oh wow! You found some great pieces. Some really unique ones that vase. So pretty...:) Love the ideas for the mismatched saucers...:) SO...are you keeping or selling? Hard decision I bet! Have a happy Wednesday...Vicky

  2. Wow! You really did hit the jackpot! Yes they'd all me home with me right now!

  3. I love the cactus planter, tiny elephants, and that Hazel Atlas apple jelly jar!

    1. Thanks, Melissa, for letting me know it is Hazel Atlas!

  4. I agree, who could resist that rooster!! And I would have had no idea what those amber pieces were. How beautiful!

  5. I'm at work and one of my macho shop mechanics was standing behind me as I viewed the photo of the blue plate and vase... he said "Ooh, those are nice". So see? You're even appealing to the beefy male set.

  6. Dang it, I'm five minutes to going to the outlet and now I'm going to drag home every vintage saucer I see. I don't know if I should thank you or thump you.

  7. I'm sooo loving those pink roosters, and that hobnail edged plate is awesome. I have a weakness for floral plates (well floral anything really, but I have to stop myself) and the ones you found are so sweet.

  8. Great title! Love the pink rooster pieces and the planters. I think the apple jam jar is by Hazel Atlas, they made those and didn't always mark their stuff. Congrats on the Coastal Charm piece :)

  9. Wow, I want to go thrift store shopping with you !

  10. Love your stuff - always. I'll have to drop by Coastal Charm to see you! Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!

  11. Great finds, love the elephants! Thanks so much for sharing st Amaze Me Monday!


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