Friday, July 5, 2013

Stuff, A Tool Caddy

 I certainly have enough stuff around the house inside and outside, but the temptation to have more stuff is hard to resist.

However, I am reducing my stash of stuff.  This little tool caddy was up next to leave this nest and fly away to a new home.

First he needed a little makeover.

 This is the way I found him.  I will attempt to tell you how he is made because I think it is pretty darn clever.

The carpenter took two 2 X 4's three feet in length.  Glued them together in some indestructible way. Sawed away the ends to be curved.  Cut four half circles to make sections for small items like nails.  Screwed pieces of plywood for each side.

Used a canvas web material for the handle.

And voila' - the perfect little tool caddy!

I have used him for small screws, beads, and buttons while crafting.

I do not have the skills or the tools for recreating him, but I can make him beautiful with paint.

 Barn red outside with caramel inside.

Some polka dots for his top.

 Some curlicues on the ends.

Of course his name "Stuff" prominently displayed.

Here I was - sorting through drawer pulls.

 Stuff just hangin' in the yard.

Can't you see him with small nests in each section with a bird or two perched on the side?

Can't you see him with rusty bolts in each section with torn ribbons on his handle?

Can't you see him stuffed with boxwood with tiny vintage Shiny Brites in each section with some tinsel?

I have almost talked myself out of selling him!  

Good-bye and so long, Stuff!

I am very excited - Vicky from Life on Willie Mae Lane asked me to guest post on Monday, July 8th.  Be sure to come visit.  Find Vicky here!

See y'all!

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  1. That is one of the most interesting containers I have seen. I love it and think I would have a hard time getting rid of it! I can see it on a dining room table filled with all manner of different things! The sections looks large enough to hold saucers to me. Oh the possibilities! I am sure it will fly out of the shop! Thanks again for the shout out...:) Have a blessed weekend my friend! shed post will be up tomorrow and I have a Sunday post too....just for you!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. I think Stuff is cool! And the red suits him/her perfectly. What a creatively made caddy....there is art in everything!

  3. So creative... and I love the container.

  4. That was a pretty cool find! I love the way you fixed it up, & I'd have a hard time letting go of it myself! Way to go Donna :)

    Take Care,

  5. You did make it incredibly beautiful. Oh what you are sacrificing for the love of less stuff!

  6. Very fun! Love your special touches to it :)

  7. What an unusual caddy. Someone really took some time to create such an interesting item. Love what you did with it! The red is fabulous!!

  8. I could use about 10 of those for all my stuff!! What a cool find!


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