Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blanket, Books, and Baskets

 A few thrifty finds from last week - nothing to clutter up the house that I am gradually clearing out.

These finds will be loved for a time here then travel to the booth.

I can never pass up one of these blankets.  I love those bold beautiful stripes.  They look great rolled or folded on a blanket chest or in a wardrobe.

This one has one tiny rust spot and the label was cut off.  (Why?)

 Next up are two wire baskets.  One is a fake of an old locker basket in chrome and the other is a white wire with a handle.

Yes, they will be painted and properly distressed.

Can't have anything looking so new and bright, can I?

 I fell into deep lust over this fabric on the pillow.  I do not know if it is vintage or not.  Love the blue birds and the raspberry floral print.  If you recognize it, please let me know.

The book is by the Antoinette Pope School. - simply titled Candy Book.  It contains wonderful vintage candy recipes.

 Several recipes called for a molasses cocoanut mixture and sounded delicious to me.

I have never mixed molasses and coconut.  (Excuse me, cocoanut!)

 More dictionaries.  I now have untold numbers of them, but can never find one to use!  The red and tan is a two volume set.  I found one in one section of the thrift shop and was lucky to find the second volume in a different section. 

Another blue edition Webster's

The Last Time I Saw Paris.

Green Mansions.

The last two books I have not read in several years and need to read them again.  I don't know how many times I have read Green Mansions, but it was a favorite as a teen.

The last find was not a blanket, a basket, or a book, but I stuck it in here anyway.

I finally found some more five-foot vintage screens - a stack of them.  I hope there is some left when I get to return to the secret place I found them!

No, they were not free, but the price was reasonable.

These look great hinged together for a screen (of screens!) for a patio or porch.

The screens are already clean and distressed and need nothing more than to dry out.

Yes, this is the forty-fifth day of rain here.  Even Noah only had to put up with forty!

See y'all!

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  1. You got some really good deals! I can't decide which is my favorite, the pillow or the recipe book!! Oh & I love the screen doors & the ideas you mentioned for them!!


  2. I used to think if I had enough of a certain thing I could paint one or tear it up, etc. But not so with dictionaries and definitely not with thesauruses and a whole host of old books. Everyone needs their secrets, glad you have a secret place to get those screens!

  3. Love the finds Donna! The cookbook is great....I'd have to try some of those recipes! I've never read Green Mansions. I might have to look for that one. The blanket is nice and would go perfectly in Carol's house of the blog Art & Sand. I immediately thought of her primary colored beach cottage when I saw it! Oh...I love the screen idea too! I have a Sunday night post up of my trip! Stop over and take a look...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. That pillow fabric is fabulous! Love the raspberry and blue combination. That blanket is making me feel hotter than I already feel. It' been soooo hot and humid here. Those old screen doors are awesome!

  5. Great finds! The fabric on the pillow reminds me of vintage tablecloths. Wonder if someone made the cover from one.

    Have a great week!

  6. Donna,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Wow! You found some great things!!

    I need to go shopping with you!!


  7. Nice finds! I'm intrigued by the idea of a screen of screens! I kind of want one!

  8. The Candy Book seems to be a great find although all I'm thinking about when trying to read the recipes is the molasses sticking and tugging on my caps. What a nightmare! Though I do enjoy reading about your wonderful haul!

  9. The "Cocoa-Nut" is a hybrid tree combining the best of the "Cocoa Bean" commonly used to make a dark chocolate confection and the "Coco-Nut" used as dried or shredded chewy filling.

    Hybridized by a woman short on time but long on candy needs.

    As to the blankets: If these are real Hudson Bay wool they might have been used as camping blankets, If the campers wanted to go INTO or OUT of Canada customs would try to grab tax fees off of you EVERY time you crossed the border so the labels were often cut out!

    I remember my grand parents telling me about this. And having to have the furs in my grandmothers fur coats and stoles etc. counted and certified at EACH crossing--on BOTH sides. Not the number of coats--the number of furs in EACH coat! My grandfather was the owner of a fur company and they often traveled to promote this and I gather it was an annoyance to have this done. Things we never think about while waiting for air port "security" huh!


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