Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Lazy Afternoon - Dog Park Musings

 One recent afternoon when our niece Olivia was visiting, Chucks and the two dogs, Willie and Scout, in the pick up, and Olivia and I in the Blazer took off for some time at the dog park.

Now afternoons at the dog park cause a great deal of excitement in our house.  If either dog hear Chucks putting on his shoes, they rush to the bench where the leashes and harnesses are kept.

You can see Olivia was not too sure of the big dogs at first.  This setter is one of a pack a couple own - six of them - not all setters.

 Wishbone is a favorite of ours.  Willie especially loves to run and have Wishie chase him.

Scout can run completely under him without stopping.

Wishbone is a gentle giant.

 It took a little time, but soon Olivia was accepted by the pack of dogs and was playing ball with them.

Look at those sweet doggie smiles!

These two are patiently watching for the next tennis ball to be thrown.

 Tiny Kara is a mighty runner.  She and Willie are two of the fastest dogs at the park.

I could not get a photo of them running - too fast for my camera.

 Once Scout has sniffed and played awhile, he conks out in the sandbox or under the table.

Scout is serious about his rest times - snoozing is very important.

Willie is identifying every dog who has visited the dog park by the scent trails they leave - it is his favorite activity after running.

Willie does not waste dog park time resting like Scout.

Chucks says on the ride back home, Scout curls up on the seat and sleeps while Willie sits on top of Scout to keep watch out the window.  He makes sure Chucks is taking the right road home.  

It is a peaceful way to spend time on a lazy afternoon - with friends, family, and fur babies at the dog park.

See y'all!

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  1. Looks like you all have a fun time at the dog park....Scout and Willie running, playing, and sleeping, and you all enjoying watching them and their doggie friends...:)Oh...and your sweet Olivia is a beautiful young lady...:) Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Their all so gorgeous - God I love dogs - even in this heat they don't complain - hop up to go go go!
    Sounds like a great lazy afternoon ( well not for the dogs - great but not lazy for them lol )

  3. Dogs are the best!! I can't imagine my life without dogs!! I have never been to a dog park, but I love the idea that there are big places for dogs to roam, run and play!!

  4. Maybe you should let Willie ride shotgun when you go on junking excursions. Maybe he could keep an eye out for you and check down all the side streets while you drive. I could use some help like that myself!

  5. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with dog parks, but it seems like you guys have a pretty good one in your area! I'm a new follower and hope to see a lot more about your pups in future posts!

    Rebecca @


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