Sunday, December 2, 2012

Long-Legged Ladies - Green

 After months of sitting in the living room in pieces, my long-legged ladies are ready to be revealed.  At least four of them are.  The other two will have to wait until after the holidays.

Without further ado here is the green version of the work box tables made from a stack of drawers and odd spindles.

 Way, way, way back in the spring I posted about an estate sale.   READ HERE.

You will recognize the former Mum's the Word table.

There you can see the six drawers rescued from a mouse house of a desk in a tool shed.

I immediately de-stinked them and primed with Kilz.

Since then I have used them as props for photographing small stuff.

Yes, those mysterious white boxes that I kept saying I would do something with soon.

Soon has arrived with the Christmas season because I have to use the living room now for actual guests instead of my furniture guests.  The clearing out has commenced.

I had a load of spindles of different sizes and shapes. I managed to round up four sets of four like spindles to use as legs.

Here they are ready to be painted.  I did not include the deep set of drawers - I ran out of spindles!  You might be asking yourself why put legs on drawers?  They make excellent workbox tables.  Just set them near where you are working and dump your supplies in the box.  I keep one next to my craft table.

This paint is another mystery greenish-blue found on the oops table.

I know the light is not the greatest, but winter sun does not reach my backyard except in splotches.

I would pick up the tables and run around looking for enough light to photograph each step.  The dogs thought we were playing some kind of game and would sit patiently waiting for the next musical tables run.

On this set I went a little wild.   It was still early enough in the day to think I had plenty of time to play before darkness fell.

I used Folkart craft paint in spicy mustard to highlight the details in the legs and around the drawer fronts.

I see all those leaves lying about. 
Believe it or not, I had swept the day before.

 Next up was the Howard's Citrus Shield Wax in dark oak.  

The left side is waxed (two coats) and the right is waiting to be waxed.
You will notice that before waxing I lightly sanded to distress natural wear patterns around the pieces.

They match pretty well after their wax treatment.  That is a hard thing to do sometimes.  

Actually, with pairs I sometimes wimp out and use clear wax instead of dark!

No matching to do.

Look at all that space!

Can't you just see your stamps and ink pads . . . 

Or tags and tassels . . . 

Or sewing supplies . . . 

Or knitting  . . .

You get the idea - these workbox tables are so practical!

I could not just let these long-legged ladies go off without some adornment love. 

You may remember these Spool Bird tags I made months ago promising handmade journals were coming.  I will be honest.  I have been using a tag here and a tag there.  So the tag stack has dwindled a bit.  READ HERE.

The image is from Karen over at The Graphics Fairy, of course.

The knob from the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby, of course.

The lovely ladies have departed for the antique mall, of course.

Soon I may have my living room back.  Soon has to mean in the next three days.  YIKES!  I have got to go and put lights on a tree and move more treasures to reach the mantel.  A friend told me today to give up this tradition I have of waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas stuff.  She said I just wasted all December decorating and never enjoying it. I must say her house is gorgeous and mine is a mess.  I am considering that next year . . .

No, I cannot say it.  I cannot even think it.  Christmas before Thanksgiving!?!  No-o-o-o!

See y'all!

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  1. It's genius! I am biting my fingernails trying to decide whether or not to admit this or not but just before my company came before Thanksgiving, while making room and cleaning up, in my desperation I tossed some cool drawers I had found a while back. I know! Just look what I could have done with them! There are always so many tools and supplies that end up scattered about when I'm working. One of those would come in real handy and those long legs are amazing and classy. You WERE busy last week. Nicely done!

  2. The color is so pretty. Now you got me thinking of all the great projects I could store in those and have them sitting so neatly near my spot on the sofa!!! I would love that! Nice idea Donna!

  3. OMG Donna - these are just absolutely amazing! You really are such an inspiration - way to go!!!

  4.'ve done it again! I love those tables with their spindly legs and their funky colors! (You find the best stuff on the ooops tables!) And of course you know I love the tag!

  5. Absolutely love the color you've chosen for these, Donna. They are fantastic. Megan

  6. Your long legged workbox tables look great. Think I'll keep this idea in the back of my head for the next time when I have a drawer to spear :)

  7. These are fabulous. I really love your repurposing idea and the colors are perfect.

  8. I love the long legged workboxes. So pretty and practical, too...Connie

  9. I agree with you! No Christmas before Thanksgiving. Let's enjoy each holiday as it comes. :) I think your drawer/tables are awesome. I could think of all kinds of ways to use them. :)

  10. You did a great job with your project!

    Thanks for visiting Marty's Musings and our chalk paint makeover project!

  11. These are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Hope you can link up at my trendy tuesday linky party!!

  12. These little ladies are quite beautiful, having received your expert touch!

    Thanks so much for sharing at the party,
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  13. Great idea! What a great way to reuse the drawers and spindles! I'm actually still having fun just decorating for Christmas this year :) Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  14. Thank you for another link on The CSI Project. And must I say WOW! You are super duper creative! I would never have thought of using drawers as tables.

  15. I picked up 6 drawers last night that were being thrown away. Drawer fronts are a bright purple. I'd like to make planters out of them, and use them outdoors. One did you attach the legs? Screws, nails, special glue??? Please advise. Thank you for the great idea!

    1. Summerdaze, you are a "no reply" commenter and I cannot trace an email address for you. I hope you see my reply here. Each spindle is screwed onto the side of the drawer - first I drilled the holes, then added two screws for each leg. They are sturdy.


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