Saturday, April 7, 2012


 It is treasure-hunting Saturday and I decided to escape town and headed for an estate sale out in the country.  It was in a small cottage that sat right on the road. I have always wanted to see the inside.  It was frozen in the 1930's.  

This was the second day and I arrived around noon so they were ready to deal and bundle items.  In one of the back sheds I found a desk that obviously had been a deluxe mouse hotel recently.  Luckily the previous owner had placed pieces of heavy duty carpet in each drawer.  The mice nests were quickly dispatched into a trash can.  As I removed the drawers the mid-support and the top collapsed - even I could not find a redeemable piece so put the six drawers in my pile followed by metal wire vanity chair that needs a new seat (or board for a plant), a gold metal record stand, a "Airequipt"Junior machine (not a clue -estate manager said maybe photo equipment), an iron triangular stand, a white iron circle attached to a hunk of concrete (I know from driving by in past years she had this in her garden and tied strings to it to scare away birds), and two plants. All that was a bundled price for $10!   I could have gotten more, but restrained myself.  

One of the sheds had maybe forty pottery (USA?) planters -most still filled with dirt and succulents.  They were mostly dark green and bright mustard yellow.  I might not have been able to pass them up had they been pastels.  

Once in the house I just could not decide what I wanted to use as my next project.  (Let's be honest it would about fiftieth in line!)  Tucked into one corner was a decorative little table handmade with a lot of love by someone.  It was marked $45, but got it for $25 with a $1 small blue suitcase thrown in.

Molly has to check everything

As I was driving back, I stopped by a small flea market located in a pole building not expecting much.  The front yard was covered in appliances. (Would you really buy a washer and dryer from outside?)  Actually inside he had some neat stuff and was willing to bargain a little on some stuff.  For $42, I bought two brown shutters, a collectors box, a white enamelware bucket, a turquoise and gray metal 45 record box, and a red metal table.  I especially love that red metal table - it is just spray paint, but I may leave it that color after sanding it some.  You can tell something was attached to the top at one time, but the dealer could not tell me much.  It might be some sort of medical furniture. 

 I paid $8 for the white enamelware bucket - too much because it's new and probably came from a home decor store. BUT when I turned it around and saw the label I had to get it.  Painted on is that crowned bee in a laurel wreath graphic everyone has been using from Karen over at Graphics Fairy!  I personally have used it on two tables and three small turquoise buckets.   How crazy is that!?!

I have now unloaded the truck and have to clean what will be put in the house or shed.  Since it is so sunny I might get to paint something, too.  

Hope your Easter is special and bright!

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