Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Long-Legged Ladies in Red

 This is the second part to the Long-Legged Ladies work box series.  Green Ladies here.

These ladies are ready to hold all your Christmas goodies: craft supplies and gifts, both.

They are resplendent in Rust-Oleum Colonial Red satin spray paint with the proper adornments, of course!

 Here they are.  I know I showed this photo in the last post, but needed to point out a few things I forgot to tell you. 

First, choose drawers sturdy enough to hold some weight.  The same with the spindles used as legs - they must not be too "spindly".

Second, all four legs must be the same.  The set I painted green were exactly the same.  The legs for the red work boxes are two sets that are different in length and style.

You can notice that one of the medium drawers sits higher than the other.  I am selling these as singles so the length of the legs not matching does not matter here.

 It takes four hands to screw the legs onto the drawers.

No, I do not have four hands.  I borrow my husband's hands.   I work on the tailgate of his truck.  Those of you lucky to have a workshop probably have the right table and vises to hold these.  I drill two holes on each corner and attach the legs with small screws.  The drilling first assures you will not split the wood.

Next comes the paint.  Since the first set was green, I decided in the mood of the season, I would paint these red.

As I was leaned over painting the inside of each drawer, unbeknown to me my hair had fallen forward.  The blowback from the spray colored my side pieces RED!!!  My hair is silver so it was very noticeable except to me.  My husband let me run to the store with my hair like that.  Did anyone comment?  NO!  I discovered it after showering.  There in the foggy mirror were dark places on my hair.  It took numerous washing with dish detergent to get it out.  Hey, if you see someone with red spray paint in their hair, TELL THEM!

Chucks just said that I always have some paint on me somewhere!

 Here are the lovely long-legged ladies in red.  Sounds a bit racy to me.

They are ready for some jewelry to further spice them up.  Well, I hope they are not disappointed, but I am adding something Christmas-y to them.

Though bits of black lace . . .

No, I will stick to the holiday theme.

Notice one lady has longer legs than the other.

 Found these blue crackled knobs on the clearance aisle of Hobby Lobby.  You have to be careful with their knobs.  Most of the time they are marked 50% off in the regular knob aisle.  So look in both places.

I found two very pretty vintage postcards from my extensive stash.  Punched a hole, added a hole reinforcement, and tied it on with jute twine.

I started to add a piece of greenery, but that proved to be too much.

 Ditto for the second lady.  Just a different postcard.

I am on a red streak now.  I went ahead and did two more pieces on the same day.  Postcards were involved, too.  Just come back and see.

I have two more drawers - the deepest.  I need to find some more spindles.  That project will have to wait until after Christmas.

I am now four days past my absolute deadline to complete all Christmas decorations.  I can never live up to my own expectations.  I do not even know why I set deadlines - I never reach them!  As Chucks and I were putting up the second tree last night, we decided next year we are doing something different.  Something that does not involve putting hundreds of lights on two trees.  Something relaxing.  

See y'all!

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  1. Love the RED! they'd be perfect on my front porch.

  2. I love them red, too! Your story is hilarious! Since no one said anything, maybe you were meant to be a redhead-ha! :)

  3. I liked the blue/green, and I LOVE the red!!!! So, SO creative!

  4. At the beginning there I felt like I was listening to "whatever that announcer's name was who announced all the prizes on the old game shows". Fun. The red was a choice par excellence! They are real eye-catchers, and even more so with those tags on them. Great use of the vintage cards. Now, about those deadlines. I have a feeling you wouldn't have gotten all that amazing work done if not for your deadlines. You busted it and it paid off. There will always be one more thing to do. You know your workload was beyond impressive. You should be proud of all you accomplished. I think the plan to do something relaxing next year is a mighty fine idea though.

  5. I love the red also, there's just something about red. I also like how you added the tags I just love vintage postcards, have few,but can't figure out what I did with them? I guess this means I should get organized? Deadlines really make a difference don't they, I get so much more done. Thanks for your kind work on Bo and for joining Sunday's Best!

  6. So creative ... those tables will really be handy for crafters and they are so pretty to. Would be great on a porch with flowers.
    Hope you meet your expected deadlines.
    Audrey z.
    Timeless Treasures

  7. Oooh they look lovely for Christmas.

  8. I'm am definitely in love with the red!!!!! And the knobs are to die for!!!!! The one on the left is my favorite!!!!! It would look awesome in my home and I would enjoy looking at it there! ;) Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Holidays to You! :)

  9. Red is my FAVORITE color and you certainly did it justice!! Precious drawer tables...who a thunk!!!! Love them!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. How fabulous! I love these beautiful tables. So pretty!!

  11. Hey Donna; I almost fell off my chair reading about your hair.....LMAO, I am wiping my eyes still thinking about that. Are you sure that we are not related??? If I told you half of the hair brained things that I have gotten into and then ran around and ending up going out to eat like that, no less!!!!!!
    The last fiasco with me, I had dark, dark brown paint in my hair, and speckled on my face....I am a natural blond with pale skin and blue eyes......and on that note, I seriously wish that someone would have told me, besides my Brother who was like UM..ERM.....Sunny......are you doing your hair differently????? And he then said you look a bit Dirty!!!!! OMG, I was ready to crawl under the table!!!! LOL

  12. LMAO!!! Donna... if I ever see someone with red spray paint in their hair I will surely tell them. lol. Chuck's response is priceless. Oh.. and I love the red ladies too.

  13. What a fantastic idea! I know what you mean about expectations. :) Remember, there is always next year. :)

    Be merry and bright!

  14. They look great! :) Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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