Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vintage Stop and Shop

This past week is probably the last big shopping trip for the year.  I have to be able to fit people in my house for the holidays so the vintage stuff has got to be cleaned, painted, and given a new home.

I was on my way for the elusive jeans I have been looking for when I saw a garage sale sign.  Drats, I should have known not to go out on a Friday morning.

Well, stop and shop just a minute I told myself.

Yeah, like that ever happens.  At the first sale, (yes, there were several - when I fall off the wagon, I fall hard!), I found this ice cream churn dasher - rusty and crusty just how I want them.

Also, a locker basket filled with dusty old bottles.  I didn't really want the bottles, but the woman was selling the bottles and the basket came with them.

 The most precious thing she had was this child's souvenir apron from Phoenix, Arizona.  I loved the bright colors and the vintage graphics.



 She had an adult apron of red gingham.  I am such a sucker for gingham plus it had rick rack.  I love rick rack!

I think this will look great with Christmas stuff.

My granny used to do this embroidery trick with rick rack.

Rick rack - I love the sound of that word.

The next stop and shop was right on my way to find those jeans.  Here I found more textiles.  Two round baskets were in my basket price range and are now Christmas red.

A big wooden crate.

 Bolts of different laces and strands of pearls with two embroidered hand towels

A blue basket, two copper candle holders

A floral tablecloth

The white rattan chairs above, the antlers, and a silver tray all from the thrift shop

 When I walked in (this would be my fifth time here in ten days) the thrift store to look for the jeans, I found the above mentioned items plus this mirror.

It had its original price tag of $75 !?! It was marked down to an unbelievable price - you could not buy lunch for that amount.  What was wrong?

You see that fleur de lis design at the top?  It was bent backwards.  The magical miracle cure for this?  A pair of pliers and three minutes of carefully bending the pieces back into shape.

(Sorry for the car photo.  The mirror weighed a ton and I was not dragging it out but once.)

Okay two hours have passed, I have a massive list of things to do, I have managed to spend my mad money for the weekend, my truck is loaded with goodies, and what did I accomplish?  I am now the proud owner of a new pair of jeans courtesy of Goodwill.  There they were hanging on a rack between the mirror and the two white chairs.  PETITES!  I did not believe my luck.  Brand new with tags! Talbot petite jeans in my size!

How lucky can a girl get - junk and jeans in the same day.  I went home happy.

See y'all!

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  1. Of course you couldn't pass up all those great finds! I'm sure you saved enough on the jeans to make up the cost. Storing these goodies may be another matter, altogether. ~ Maureen

  2. It certainly was your lucky day, Donna. Love the mirror! Funny how some people can't see past certain things - a bent fleur de lys wouldn't have stopped me either.

  3. Love all your have a very good eye:) Thank you for stopping by my blog. Happy holidays!

  4. Great day of shopping ... you should never pass up a Garage Sale.
    You have a good eye for bargains.
    Audrey Z.

  5. I would not have been able to resist all those wonderful items, either! SCORE!!!! I love everythng! THanks for visiting me:)

  6. Those are some great finds! I never have luck when I go to thrift or vintage shops. I don't think I have the ability to see the potential in things. I wish I did though.

  7. Wow! That's a successful day of shopping! Thanks for stopping by today and leaving me a sweet comment about the Decorated Clothespins. I will admit to you that I'm not the one who first discovered the trick of using two pieces of paper. I saw it on another blog and thought I should give it a go. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. I have antler envy! They are so hard to find around here, I did manage to find a small set when I was at Canton Tx a couple of weeks ago, not cheap!! I love your crusty rusty ice cream churn paddle! Thank you so much for visiting asked about my Thanksgiving decor...well, the dining room is still dressed for Thanksgiving, but the rest of the house is fair game teehee! Hugs, Penny

  9. Junk and jeans?! Some people have super thrifting skills.

    Gosh, just when I was getting things all cleared out and thinking maybe I could turn over a new leaf and have a sleek and clean house, I see what you dashed in and speed shopped right out to your waiting and previously emptied out car. Where did you manage to stash it all? That's the story I'm looking forward to hearing.

  10. If this is what happens when you go jeans shopping...I can't wait to go with you someday!!! I love that mirror by the way!

  11. I love that ice cream churner and locker basket with the bottles, and what lovely aprons! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  12. Great finds! Recently I have read comments on several blogs about yard sales on Fridays. We never have yard sales on Fridays in my neck-of-the-woods. They are almost always on Saturdays here in New Hampshire, and mostly in the spring and fall. This post leaves me yearning to go yardsaling again - and it's a long winter.


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