Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Had to show the after!

 I have had these two crates since spring.  They were artfully arranged in front of the fireplace and were very useful for storing found treasures.

Last week we had a brief cold spell and a fire would have been nice, but I could not get to the fireplace.

Chucks offered to chop the crates to burn.

Bad, bad Chucks!

Here are the before photos of the two of them.  Just rough plywood, but sturdy and the potential for greatness was there.  Of course, only I could see that.  Chucks just saw two things blocking the fireplace. 

This one was basically a big box.  I saw a nifty rolling wood box!

I saw a tool or craft supply cabinet here. Rolling, of course!

I mixed a watery concoction of blue and green paint to make a wash that would soak right into the wood. (I used one to one proportion - water to paint.)

First I sanded each.

Then I slopped on the watery mixture and the result was this beautiful turquoise.

Next came a good waxing with Howard's Citra Shield in golden oak.

I am loving this color!

 Waxed and ready for -


Now those of you who read regularly know that usually I steal the casters off pieces to add to my ever-growing collection, but this time I am adding casters to both these crates.

I want them -



 The wood box needed the casters on the bottom, but I stood the other crate on its end and screwed the casters on its short side to make a standing cabinet.

 There was no way to add tassels or tags here - these were working pieces.  No frills or even transfer images for them.  No stencils either.  

So I went to my craft stash and pulled out these small iron stars.

I screwed one on each side of the wood box.

Woody proudly showing off his new paint job and his stars.  He is ready to hold logs by the fireplace.

Turk stands on his own four casters.  He will make a great storage spot for found treasures or craft stuff or even tools.  

How practical!
Turk shows off all the room he has.

And now the two are  -


off to Riverfront Antique Mall.

I plan to display lots of Christmas-y goodies in and on them.

Woody will hold all those feather pillows I have been busy beating to death!  Read about that stack of musty feather pillows here.

Now where is that wood?  Let's start a fire.  What!?!  It's seventy degrees outside!?!  Oh, well, if we really need a fire we can turn on the air conditioner and build one :>D

See y'all!

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  1. This is the best colour ever!!!! I need to redo so many pieces in this gorgeous tone! You must be so happy to have your piece look great, totally jealous over here!

  2. I love it! I'm glad I'm not the only one who collects wheels off of stuff! Love that architectural star too!

  3. Good to see you are still at it! You did what i just did the other day...add wheels to a wood crate. I, however, did not go the extra miles and paint and adorn mine as you did. I haven't decided what mine will do with its life. I'm glad to see yours have purpose!

  4. The color is fabulous! And the "rolling" part, of course....


    hugs x

  5. Boy, do I ever love these! Your color mixture is out of this world and I like that you stood the cabinet on end. Great project, Donna.

  6. Wow! They look great! I love those stars. You must have a great craft stash :) Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  7. wow this is amazing. I love the color you chose as well!

  8. Great idea and the color is beautiful!!


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