Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Boy Blue - A Beautiful Box

Tucked into the corner of the porch last week was a brown paper wrapped package.  I was thrilled to see the return address was Tammy Monahan from Homespun Happenings.  It was my very special prize I had won.

I whisked it inside and carefully unwrapped the package.  I am one of those people who believe the wrappings are just as important as the gift, and evidently Tammy believes this too.  There was a handmade box top, burlap, and kraft paper squares!  Oh, my!  

And there nestled a beautiful piece of folk art.  A blue milk painted box with the cutest leather handles.  Inside was a bag of the same blue milk paint so Little Boy Blue can have siblings!

Here is Little Boy Blue after Tammy finished him.  Read My Milk Paint Test by Tammy.  I fell in love and had plans to do something similar with a tool caddy I had .  BUT on Tammy's link party Rustic Restorations Weekend, she announced she was giving him away.  I immediately put my entry in, but really did not hope to win.  I have never won anything!

Imagine my surprise when I saw on the next week I had won the little box.  Even Old Sandy could not prevent Tammy from promptly sending him to his new home.

Thank you so much, Tammy!  If you love primitives, vintage, and painting, you have to check out the links on her party.  Also, each week she posts wonderful projects she makes for her business and her home.  Some of my favorites recently have been  Printed fabric pictures and A Simple Piece.

Now, probably to your horror, what ever happened to that precious little box I named Little Boy Blue and all that cool stuff in the box?

The burlap was immersed in a concoction of green dye and coffee.  Then it went to live outside being the drop cloth for dying the bottle brush trees, and finally he was spritzed with some shiny paint.

You will have to wait and see what comes next - I am not through distressing this piece of burlap!

I cannot let brown kraft paper go to waste, and Tammy had taken the time to cut out rectangular pieces.  So I took three pieces to wrap around  LED tea lights from Dollar Tree and stuffed them in the box for part of my fall centerpiece on the dining room table.  (Which as you may remember only I can enjoy!)

I sit and ponder life by the warm glowing light from Little Boy Blue.

(Sorry! I could not figure out how to get a good picture of the box and a good picture of the glow.  Thus TWO lousy photos for your enjoyment!

I was not finished with the list of duties for this box.  I turned him upside down to use as a riser on the table.  The little Beswick mouse stands atop him trying to reach a treat.

That beautiful primitive blue goes so well with fall colors.

I made sure the leather handles could be seen.

Here I used him to display some of the bleached bottle brush trees.  This may have to be part of my Christmas display.

I used the handmade boxtop for my background.   That is one rustic piece of cardboard.  I have some ideas for it.

Turned upside down again to display some trees fixing to take a bleach bath.

I cannot decide which way I will use Little Boy Blue during the Christmas season, but I know he will be a wonderful addition.

I really love him!

See that arrow?  That is where Tammy signed her work.  All folk artists should sign their work.

So On Thursday nights, be sure to go over and join the fun with Tammy at Rustic Restorations Weekend.  I will guarantee you will find something you will love!  Oh, and all the people there are friendly!

See y'all!

Homespun Happenings

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  1. Well congratulations on your win! That's one cute and handy box! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the burlap. Vanna

  2. You are too much! I haven't checked out all the posts yet on my party, but I had to come over and see what you did with boy blue. Thanks so much for the great comments and links to my blog. You are too kind. I think I like him best with the lights. I love white lights! Thank you for appreciating your prize! Take care.

  3. Congratulations on your win! And what a wonderful prize. Lucky you!

    And thanks for introducing us to Tammy and her blog. Don't know how I've missed it!


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