Friday, July 27, 2012

Little Shopping Detour

A friend of a friend of a friend called today and said she had a stack of burlap coffee bags and did I want them.  Did I want them?  Of course!  I had been mulling over a design for a pair of chairs and had decided burlap was the way to go.  Printed coffee bags - that could save some time printing or painting on burlap cloth.  (See the Hoby Lobby bag peeking between the bags?  Burlap!)

On the way there I got distracted by an estate sale sign.  So I turned and went.  Just a little shopping detour.  Nothing to take too much time.  I would probably just look.  I only had a twenty with me.

Well, don't count your chickens before they hatch and why did that chicken cross the road?  To pile into my car!

A stack of wooden yard chickens - folk art at its folkiest.

A bevy of Dutch flower girls waiting to be distressed! 

(I left behind the sheep, skunks, racoons, and little Dutch children -limited funds, limited finds -  you know!)

A plaid picnic bag with a red sandwich keeper and Thermos!

A square glass jar!

Another wooden toolbox!

Two fairly new trowels!

Pinocchio book!

They are all sitting on a cute wooden bench!

Yes, this does sound a lot like the list from the previous post.  No, not the same items.

Yes, that is the stack of windows I have been carrying around for three weeks.

Bridge tally cards with a cute design!

No, no, no, not just a single pack of bridge cards.

Bunches of pads of tally sheets.  Several from the St. Patrick's Ball (the 66th and the 71st).

Yes, those are sock garters tucked in there.  You never know when you will need to pull your socks up.

You got to love the typography of these.  They make great background sheets for art pieces or cards.

Do I play bridge?  Why, no, I do not.  When Chucks and I first married my mother-in-law tried to teach me, but I failed. (Is this a Southern thing - joining your mother-in-law's bridge club?) BUT it did instill in me the love of those adorable tally cards and the sweet bridge cloths used on the card tables and the little glass hostess sets used to serve snacks and the embroidered napkins.  Well, you can see, I was not into the game, just the accouterments.  I left out the decorative cards in gold foil boxes.

A green train case or as some call them, cosmetic cases. This one just needs a little cleaning.  I keep several around and sell a ton of them.  If we have guests, I fill them with snacks, soap, tissues, etc. and put in the guest bedroom.  (This room is known as the junk room usually!) I don't mind if they take the case or leave it.

I left the sale feeling pretty confident that I had scored some deals because I had money left and the back seat was filled.

I was on my way to pick up the coffee bags.  (I had almost forgotten what I was doing!) 

I passed by The Curiosity Shop where Olivia had performed during their Open Mic Night and remembered I had seen some Cavallini items. There was a parking place conveniently right in front of the store so I stopped and ran in.  Not only did they have Cavallini note cards, they had the huge sheets (3' x 2') of their paper.  I had to have some - it was hard to choose - they were all beautiful!  I chose a French bird design, London and Paris maps, and one of various European postal marks.  I can't wait to use them!

Okay, where was I going?  Oh, right the coffee bags.  About that time Chucks called to ask did I forget I was going to help him pick out new glasses.  No, of course, I had not forgotten.  I was on my way home.  I just had to pick up those burlap bags.

Finally arrived at my destination.  The lady was very nice and asked how many did I want.  I was thinking maybe 12 or 15 to start with - she had said she had a STACK of them.  Disappointment set in when she said she had four.  FOUR!?!   FOUR!?!  Four is not a whole stack of them.  I maintained my cool and took what she offered.

I added the coffee sacks to the huge pile of stuff in the back seat and headed for home.  It was still early and maybe there was another sale on the way back home.  Oh, right, Chucks's glasses.  Better rush back home.  Tomorrow is another day!

See y'all!

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  1. that was great shopping spree and those coffee burlap bags are just AWESOME ( so jelous !!! )

  2. haha! I was wondering what hubby was thinking. Are you off of your promise not to buy anymore "treasures"? :) Again, Great finds:) Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  3. Oh you are a shopping queen! Once again it looks like you made some great scores! I totally sucked at bridge when my M-I-L tried to teach me!! Great idea for the little train case too!

  4. what great finds, and i love the little suitcase idea for guests--so clever:)

  5. You had me with those old papers...I have loved old papers since I was a kid...

  6. lol you are so funy. Did you get ALL the estate sale stuff for $20??? You are the queen of bargain hunters my friend. Thanks for linking up at Etcetorize this week!

  7. Wow Donna, you hit the jackpot! -_^ I really love the wacky chickens. lol By the way, the Frugal Treasures party is back up and running! : ) Thanks for all your kind words.

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