Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Hunting

You will be pleased to note I have been over at Pic Monkey to doctor my photographs so they will not be terrible, just moderately bad.  Unfortunately, I was talking on the phone while playing around, er fixing, er, enhancing the pics, and I see I went a lttle overboard with the brightness.  Put on shades and just deal with it!

There is a place I call The Happy Hunting Grounds.  I try to go about once a month or so to treasure hunt.  It is feast or famine when I visit.  Sometimes there is so much you cannot think straight or remember what it was you were hoping to find.  (Never really a problem with me - I just buy whatever appeals and lament what I left behind.)  Other times the pickings are slim to none.  Yes, I have gone shopping and not bought a thing.

Today was a different story - there was beaucoup stuff, but not all of it for me.  He had two estate clean-outs mixed together.  One obviously from a house well-kept, the other a house infested with vermin of every shape, size, and color!  Of course, you know what I was drawn to - not the fine antiques, but those piles of distressed stuff - forgotten treasures - spiderwebby items.- dusty vintage items from my childhood.  (O-o-o-o  that hurts - vintage from MY childhood!?!)

Gosh, this one is so bright you going to need welding goggles.  What was I thinking?  

I had to have this.  It is a homemade wooden doll wardrobe with both bought and handmade clothing - mostly Barbie.  The black box is a cigar box painted and Mod Podged -  the top no longer attached.  It was filled with the accessories - hats, shoes, and handbags.  Notice the picture cut from the newspaper and glued to the inside.  There is a dowel across the top to hang the clothes.  The knob on the door is a small spool.
You can tell I love this bunch - there are three pictures!  (Actually more - I just did not post them!)

The baby poster is only half an advertisement for a pharmacy.  It had fallen out of its frame, but the glass was unbroken and I think I can reframe it.

There is Tell Time Quizmo, Phonics Quizmo, Group Word Teaching flashcards, and a Cootie Game.  I love this game - most of the cooties are in the box.  Insert your own joke here :>)

There was a box of beautiful bird print note cards someone had spilled out in the store.  I picked them up and got them thrown in with the games!  Sometimes it does pay to be nice.

In the photo at the top you can just make out the bronze baby shoe - yes, another favorite of mine!

When I saw that basket tray or tray basket and its huge size, I knew it was coming home.  It was filled with a ton of stuff which the guy swept off into a box - glass, china, everything.  You have to act fast in this place.

It is also filled with baby roaches so it will stay in the car until it gets a hosing and a bug spraying.  I was able to knock some of them out when taking the photo.

How cute is the milking stool and the primitive bench.  I think they will stack with the other benches I have.

I had to show the tray basket again.  Solid wood on the bottom with woven rattan sides.  The bottom has holes for the weaving.  I think that big white spot is a leftover roach tablet.  I don't think it helped any.

The other basket is woven onto an oval wood base.  I am thinking both will look great distressed.  And that big one?  It has to have an image from The Graphics Fairy, Right?

On the bottom is what we call a go-to-Grandma's suitcase.  Small, blue, and in great shape (This one must have come from the clean house.) It has a grosgrain ribbon trim and a mirror on the inside.
Yay!  Another wooden toolbox with a little compartment on the inside.  It was also filled up past the handle.  All that was dumped on the ground.  He said he would sort it later.

Yes, it is still in the car.  It is actually wedged in between the seat and that stack of crates I have been hauling around since April.  I have gotten attached to them and use them often to sort my junk.  You know, you have to sort your junk as often as possible!

As I was beating the heck out of this basket before putting it back in the car, I thought it looked right pretty next to the marigolds and Mexican sunflowers so I took another picture of it.

I might have to put it in my wallet.  The picture, not the basket!

I had to leave with this poster. Well, half of a poster.  These are adorable babies - I might have to scan them before I frame it.

You realize by now that I am back to primitives and distressing, leaving the glitz and glory projects behind.  Don't be surprised if a little silver sneaks in a piece - I have grown fond of it.  All that glitzing is still happening over at Sunny's and Steff's blogs.  Here are the links:

Thanks to both of them for the features on my silvery, glitzy, and totally weird projects!  I had a ton of fun!

Got to go buy a cartload of roach spray, roach tablets, roach hotels, sticky sheets, and boric acid powder. There will be blood - roach variety!

See y'all!

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  1. Dear OH SO Distressed Donna, to avoid further angst... kill those beasts and fast! Get them outta the car too. I'm afraid they will make a home there. Talk about being distressed...that'll do it! I love that baby poster and the game of cootie! Sweet. That was one of my favorite childhood games. Thanks for coming over to check out my finds and leave me your great tips. As for the vines, I didn't want the plastic trellis left there where I could see it and some were shaped like a corner piece and it would have stuck out. I'm picky about that. Good to know about the rust. I'll give your suggestion a try. Now, go see my post about the latest'll see that once again my back seat (of the car!) did me proud. (But I still want a truck.)

  2. Wow amazing " pickin " you did there Donna - I want that poster, badly!

  3. Wow! What a haul! You won't run out of projects for a while!! I'm anxious to see what you do with that tool box as I've had one for years and can't decide what to do with it!

  4. I love vintage finds-they are my favorites! I've put a hold on all of my shopping for awhile because we're moving. It's been nice to look at other people's finds. -Tabitha

  5. Oh my gosh- you really raked it in!! I don't even know what I like best! We seem to have the same taste:)

  6. Neat Vintage! My mom bronzed my brother's shoes:) Great finds!
    Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  7. Looks like you had a great day with all kinds of fun treasures. I can't wait to see how you transform them all. Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize this week!

  8. I can relate to the picmonkey thing, I usually use too much "clarity"! When there at picmonkey they look OK, then you upload and gosh "who turned on the brights"? Your score is good! The poster is A.dor.a.ble. So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

  9. Hi, Loved your post and your fabulous finds! You did great...Connie


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