Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vintage Market Days - Ladson, South Carolina

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On Friday I drove down to Ladson, South Carolina, for the first Vintage Market Days in this area. 


The dealers filled both a small and a large exhibition hall surrounded by outside dealers, food trucks, and live music.

Beautiful weather - sunny, but very windy.

The first booth as you walked in was filled with goodies.

I am sorry I cannot tell you her name.

She had left her cards at home.

This plush velvet sofa sold quickly.

One of my favorite booths was The Dove Cote Brocante.

You can find her on Instagram.

Jewelry, furniture, and delightful images galore. 

See the large rabbits?

Mohair animals of all sorts.

While in this booth I heard my name being called and spied a friendly face.

Sissie of Sissie's Shabby Cottage - it was so nice to finally meet in person.

Sissie knew I could be found where the doll heads hung out!

Her sister was kind enough to take a photo.

Phyllis, my sister-in-law,  drove down from Atlanta. 

We shopped for several more hours.

I met  Beth of Olde Tyme Marketplace from Marshville, North Carolina.  (Website HERE)


This is where I learned a lesson about these big shows.

If you see something you want, grab it!

A large space filled with furniture and architectural salvage. 

The booth stayed packed.

A great idea for old drink crates who have lost their luster.

This was my favorite booth.

Pancake Hill - Ingrid can be found on Instagram under Pancake Hill.

I did buy several items from here.

I really desired and lusted after the green table.

Kept circling around until -GASP! - it had sold.

I also loved the cubby cabinet, but not sure if it would fit.

I did enjoy the show.

There will be one in North Augusta right up the road from Riverfront Antique Mall in May.

I have my tickets already!

See y'all!

Horror Monster Giveaway Winner is Fonda Rush who must be the luckiest person in the world.

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  1. Hi Donna, You have summed up the Vintage Market really well and I love all your photos. I was so busy looking and shopping that I didn't take many photos. It was really great getting to see you in person and you are just as sweet and pretty as a picture! I just might have to venture up your way to attend the next one. It was all pure eye candy!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Vintage Market adventures! Looks like it was loads of fun! You and Sissie certainly favor one another in the photo! Kindred spirits in thrifting!

  3. I love the first booth! How do they pile so much stuff up on top of dressers without scratching the finish?

    Thanks for mentioning the ones who are on Instagram - I've already looked them up!

  4. Congrats to the winner. A neat show. Lots of great things to look at.

  5. OH MAN! Fonda is one the luckiest people I know...I am lucky (usually) to know her - I am not so sure about the addition from *your* horror monster to *ours* LOL. All shall be well. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful things that you see and get. That cubby-cabnet would have probably come home with us if we could have fit it in the car :)

  6. I wish I could have gone with you and to meet Sissie, awesome! I will miss the show in your area also since my church rummage sale is that weekend. I guess I'm meant to sell junk and not buy any..oh wait I can buy from the rummage sale...lets see what I find! Hugs!

  7. So many great treasures!! I would have come back with 3 truck loads!! So glad you were able to meet some other bloggers...that is always so much fun!!

  8. Drooling over the architectural salvage. Those kinds of pieces seem to always command super-high prices. Maybe someday I'll pay the asking price.

    Little bunnie doll 'em!

    Oooo! I love the cubby cabinet, too. Not sure what I would do with it, but OWNING it would be half the battle. lol

    How were the prices? I would imagine "boutique" pricing. It doesn't look like there were any "junque" booths.

    And, yes...I AM the luckiest person in the world!!! Woo Wee!!! {By the way...I won another book yesterday, so I was on a roll!!!} I am lucky because I win things, but I am MORE lucky because I have wonderful friends like you! Do you still have my address? Or would you like to force us to come there and get it? I'd be ok with that!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Looks like so much fun to be had at this show...I would have made way too many purchases!

  11. I noticed lots of nice items! You gonna show us what you got?

  12. What a wonderful market, Donna. Looking forward to seeing your purchases :)


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