Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Finds

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On Saturday morning after the Vintage Market Days, Phyllis and I woke up early, had a quick breakfast at the hotel, and took off for the Ladson Flea Market.

Spied this tattered and torn jewelry case. 

Opened it to find cute pins - especially the horse ones. 

The dealer priced everything separately but accepted my offer of a one bundled price for all.

I know I should have washed this old vanity mirror first but I didn't.

Heavy round glass with a pie crust edge.

A brass base.

Made to be placed flat on a vanity.

A wire basket, a quilt for Chucks, and an old ice tray.

Always on my list - little chest of drawers and small ladders.

These two have had makeovers and are in the booth.

A very large serving tray, a black oar, and a wooden paddle.

Too sweet to pass by - two kindergarten chairs painted white with green polka dots. 

Bought a white Samsonite suitcase - convinced it matched the train case from a previous week.

Alas, they are two different styles - one in oyster and one in white.

Set of three blue and white USA cups.

It pays to dig in those gross boxes under the flea market tables. 

Found the Log Cabin Syrup bank in one.

So what did I buy at the Vintage Market Days fair?

Well, the prices were a bit high for cheap me.


But I did find these new sugar molds to use for a future project.

For the new kitchen (still waiting on cabinets) an old grain sack and a Mexican bread tray for the table to be reveal later.

To be honest, the table top is riding around in the back of Chucks' truck and the base has not been started.

A galvanized top to a feeder.

Not sure if it is a keeper or not.

Great architectural piece.

One side chippy white.

And the other side chippy green.

A definite keeper.

Finally a cute shirt just for me.

So it was a weekend filled with junkin', flea marketing, and eating.

And Friday Finds!

See y'all!

Horror Monster Giveaway Winner is Fonda Rush who must be the luckiest person in the world.

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  1. love the chest of drawers and the ladder. I'm looking for some wood ladders too.

  2. The jewelry box is exactly like the one I had growing up in my teens and twenties so that brought back lots of memories. Love all the finds but the shirt is really cute.

  3. Great finds and that shirt is super cute!

  4. Yep, great finds as always! Love the architectural piece and that mirror!


  5. Love all those vintage pins in the little jewelry box. Wonderful finds. Your new shirt is super cute too.

  6. I missed going to this event with you. I'm so glad you had fun and found some cool items. Cute shirt!

  7. Darn, Kim and I should have stayed over to hit that flea market. Our friends had their camper and they were there on Saturday and told us what we missed! Darn, Darn. Anyway, love all your cool stuff and you are so right about the prices being kinda high at the Vintage Market Fair. I bought a top and a little overnight case. Love your shirt!


  8. I like the heavy round glass mirror with a pie crust edge. How big around is it? It's quite attractive! I wonder how it became some kind of tradition that mirrors lay flat on the vanity. I need to find a small one for my antique dresser. It only has a little bit of space, so I need a really small one. I might end up making it out of a picture frame.

    The little chest of drawers is cute. Are there photos of the make-over?

    Look at that Log Cabin Syrup bank! Yes, getting grungy looking at boxes UNDER the table is often rewarded. Sometimes, you get spider egg casings on you. Whatever...

    The sugar molds are interesting. Are they wood all the way through? How deep and wide are the "holes"? I don't think I've ever seen any before.

    The Mexican bread tray goes on forever! And, the grain sack is a good find!

    And, you know I'm all into that architectural salvage piece!

    It's sounds like you've been having some really great times. It's a wonderful way to live!

  9. I love the shirt and I can't wait to see what you'll do with the sugar molds.


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