Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Finds

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I know I feel 100% now that I have three junkin' trips under my belt.

Several sets of hand painted tissue boxes and waste bins.

Great deal on these because someone at GW thought they were canisters.

An old rattan bathroom cabinet, a Mexican Easter basket, a large market basket, covered white basket, brass heart wall pocket, and flash cards.

Two folding rulers and a Red Devil scraper.

Just because these two were sitting on a shelf like this - a funnel and a roll of wire.

Two black metal photo holders.

Large tin fleur-de-lis.

A wooden medicine cabinet and a shelf.

An artsy photo of a beveled mirror - probably once part of a dresser.

An artsy photo of a washtub and a large freezer basket.

Okay, okay.

Not so artsy.

Too tired to drag out the stuff and take photos.

Or too lazy.

I made it my mission to find some furniture to paint for the booths - getting too low on inventory.

The two MCM dressers are not the same size or color, but they do match in style. 

The country cupboard is 1970's - sturdy - practical - spray painted blue.

Very blue.

All will have makeovers.

On Wednesday I thought this would be the extent of my Friday Finds.

However I persevered.

Trudged forth to four thrift shops and one estate sale.

Happy hunting to all of you this weekend.

See y'all!

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  1. Hi Donna,
    I see real serious potential in all of your great finds. The metal washtub would be perfect covered in old crocheted lace to use in a wedding...just sayin!

  2. ooooh, I want that blue cabinet sooooo bad! Perfect size! So, Donna, when you go to the estate sales, do you try to get there the first day or wait for 50% off day ?

  3. Awesome finds! I haven't been thrifting if a long time, I'm having withdrawals! I'm going to an estate sale today with a friend, I hope I find some goodies!!


  4. I like that blue cupboard. It will look great after you paint it

  5. Donna, I can just picture you "trudging forth." I like the items at the top. How can someone think those are canisters? Like the freezer basket & black metal photo things. Also love the fleur de lis. Great finds as usual.

  6. You have been busy my friend! So many great items but truly I love that country cupboard!! I have a vision of it(or something like it) in my home office/craft space. The fleur de lis is also pretty sweet. Glad you are feeling better! Hugs!

  7. Great finds. Love the fleur de lis and also those baskets are gorgeous. Happy Friday.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Is furniture a good seller for you at your booth? I'd like to do that once we move to the lake.

  9. You always find fun goodies, Donna! I see lots I like! Looking forward to seeing how you work your magic on the furniture!

  10. You're a real trooper! I think it's actually the thrifting that brought you back to the land of the living! Nice finds. I love the now-blue cabinet. I can't wait to see whatever you will do with it!

    The beveled beveled mirrors!

    The funnel and the roll of BLUE wire. Of course I would have picked it up!!!

    Two folding rulers! Yum.

    And, it looks like Goodwill's mistake was your gain. How could they think those waste baskets and tissue holders were canisters? They would be fun to practice painting techniques on.

    I'm glad you're feeling much better...more stuff for us to see! Take care. F

  11. You have made a exciting come-back with all those great finds. Glad to see you at 100%. Way to start ... great finds. That blue cupboard is very interesting.
    Audrey Z.

  12. Looking forward to those makeovers! Always like seeing them.

  13. What an eclectic array of great stuff! I was supposed to go thrifting twice this past week and never did. Now I've got the bug to GO, once I've seen your great finds.

  14. Great finds! Can't wait to see your makeovers!

  15. I love seeing what people are able to find when going to garage sales or thrift shops! This is awesome. Please post a makeover of the cupboard when you finish it. :) I would love it if you came to visit my blog!

    Chasity @


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