Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Finds

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As I gradually became human again from the creeping crud leaving my body, I decided to go through some collections and downsize. 

I started with two bins of bottles.

Here are a few I decided to sell.

Brown Clorox bottles, mustard, and olive jars.

More mustard jars and a few ketchup bottles.

Vinegar dressing bottles with little handles.

I went through the bin of books I have been saving back and read through all of them.  

I could only stand to part with these.

The sweet blue French textbooks had to have vintage French ribbons tied to them.

American French textbooks.

The red Water Babies is the third impression of the first printing.

Dorothy's House Party has a lovely cover.

The Hoosier poet, James Whitcomb Riley.

My students loved to recite his poetry - they called him the first rapper.


The book in back is filled with his poetry.

The Reader is designed to help teachers celebrate James Whitcomb Riley Day which I did not know existed.

Of course it was written way back when!

As I became able to drive, I went shopping.

I wanted to dig through other junk.

Found more vintage baby cabinet photos.

A set of Buffalo small restaurant plates.

I may have to keep these for awhile.

Chucks actually found these.

I walked right past them. 

Must've been effects of the creeping crud.

Cages for poultry.


And last, but not least, this watercolor of cliffs and sea.

Love, love, love.

Keep, keep, keep.

Look at the frame.

I will be working to move thousands of books for the AAUW Book Fair this weekend, but hope to cram in a shopping trip.

Still in the seventies here and for the next week.

Spring has sprung.

Which means Old Man Winter is lurking in the background to strike us down.

And strike us down hard.

See y'all!


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  1. Donna, glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I miss you when you're cruddy. So, I gotta know.... is there more to the painting behind that brown mat with the oval cutout? I just hate that it's covered up !

  2. That crud is a hanger-on. Do the books & bottles sell in your booth Donna?

  3. Yay for feeling better! I love those sweet French books. I think it's great you can change out your collections and sell some and make room for new one's. Oh that watercolor is AWESOME!! More working on the home today. Downsizing continues! Hugs.

  4. Yes, so glad you are finally feeling better. Old man winter has been HERE striking us down big time! We've had more snow than we've had in YEARS and then freezing rain. My street is an ice skating rink right now!


  5. great finds! bet you enjoyed getting out again!

  6. Purging and! It has been beautiful here the past several days! I love it and am not looking forward to the next cold front. Glad you're feeling better and have a great weekend!

  7. Wanting to shop again is a sure sign of wellness! Great finds!

  8. So sorry that you have had you deal with that "crud" so long. Glad you are able to get back to thrifting and downsizing. Love the small ironstone platters. Great for a sandwich and a bowl of soup. Stay well.
    Audrey Z.

  9. Glad you're feeling better, Donna :) My husband's been down for the count--poor guy. Love all of your books and your painting is lovely.

  10. Love the restaurant ware and the baby cabinet cards!

  11. Simply love the watercolour, Donna! What a find!
    Tania at FARRAGOZ ~ Online Courses in The Art of Patina

  12. I hope you sold lots of books this weekend!

  13. Sorry to hear that you had the crud. Good to hear you are on the mend.

    xo Dianne

  14. What a wonderful collection of finds, including two of my favorites--old bottles and old books :) I love James Whitcomb Riley's poetry--it always brings a smile to my face. Thanks so much for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm--


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