Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thrifty Thrills

 I lazily drifted from thrift shop to thrift shop to a couple of yard sales.  I wasn't really looking to spend much and I certainly did not need another project.

I do love and was thrilled with my finds.  Though I did not score any patio furniture or gates which are now very high on my wish list.

I saw this door and I hoped it had its partner, but alas he was a single man.  I am looking for a pair to hang from either side of my front stoop.  Chucks is not sure of this totally brilliant idea.  Fortunately for him this door proved to be too tall.

The French door cleaned up very nicely and would look great leaning against the wall inside or hanging sideways on the wall.  I put Chucks out of his misery by suggesting if he helped me take it to the store I would promise not to drag it back home.


I loved the shape of the wire shade and envisioned it festooned with torn cotton ribbons so I grabbed it.

The small drawer I plan to make a junk drawer like Audrey at Timeless Treasures did.  Audrey shows her drawers here!

The drum is a vintage one.  The skins (is that what you call them?) are smashed through, but it is all wood and has the blue strap for carrying it.  I thinking maybe a lamp base? Or put a bottom in it for a storage bin? 

Is there such a thing as a junk drum?

 I came upon a crime against furniture.  A small white table with good curves and great legs which had been sponge-painted with baby blue paint.

I am guilty of this sponging crime, but I have done my time and now try to rehabilitate the victims.

Yes, I did purchase an entire collection of mens canes.  Seventeen of them - bamboo, cherry, walnut, ash, and oak.  

A few have silver bands on them - will have to find the silver polish to find out what is written there.  Two are hand-carved, but I could not find signatures.

Wouldn't they look spectacular hanging as a group on a wall?

 Ladders are on my list, but this is the only one I found.  Not sure if it was a bunk ladder or a library ladder.  The metal hooks were on this side - one is missing.  It has that long piece across the top.  

The ladder is all oak.  This is definitely for hanging on the wall.  The steps are straight, not angled and can be used as shelves.

The question is paint or polish?

The answer is don't know!

Several purchase points here:

It is a cage.

It has been painted a bright blue.

It came with a feeder.

It has a galvanized bottom.

It has a big door.


I am seeing bright red geraniums or a huge fern residing in here.


It says it is a Port-A-Crib.  

I am seeing a garden trellis.

Those casters?

I am so stealing them for my caster collection.

Yes, oh, yes!

A pair of pink shutters with just the right slap-dash paint job with white peeking through.

Remember the Pink Panther and his shelf?  Read post here.

These match perfectly.

I love it when a find needs nothing - they were already clean!

I was thrilled with my thrifty finds - especially since I did not have to exert a lot of energy finding them.

I have gotten muddled with my projects.  It was rainy and chilly.  Now it is hot and humid.  I still have chairs and tables to paint plus the above items.  I need to make out a lesson plan (that's the teacher in me) with clear-cut objectives and time schedules.

Really?  Who am I kidding?

See y'all!

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  1. You really know how to yard sale, Connie would have a ball with you. She would go crazy over that French door and that collection of canes. It's funny how you women think alike . . . she is always coming up with an idea, that I think will look stupid . . . until I listen and just do it. I have found through the last 38 years that she knows what she's talking about. Her ideas always turn out so much better than I can imagine.
    This was a interesting post.
    Have fun turning your junk into treasures.

  2. I seriously want to go thrifting with you! You always find the best stuff...:) The pink shutters are great, and the drum, and sponge painted table is too cute (with a fresh coat of paint and some distressing that is). I can't believe that technique used to be so popular! UGH! I am off to check out Audrey's!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. You may be kidding yourself about your organization, but you ain't kidding about these thrifty finds. So cool! I am always seeing a cane here and a cane there, but no idea for them ever comes and i don't want random canes hanging around to trip me up. But a stash of them could be a very cool things. Carry on and rehabilitate that little table. Sponge painting was the chalk painting and distressing of its day. Will we one day rehabilitate all these distressed redone furniture projects? If someone comes up with a great idea, I guess we will and we will enjoy every minute of it. Well, almost every minute. Not the cleaning and the hauling and the horror monster of it. But the rest, of course we will.

  4. Love,love,the pink shutters!

  5. Well Donna ... you got some great stuff and love your plans to put them to use. The canes are great and I am use you will come up with some unusual plan for them. I saw an awesome gate made with antique wooden crutches by turning every other one up-side-down. This made a square gate. Could you do that with canes?
    You have too much fun and I love all your treasures. Thanks for the shout-out about my drawers ...
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. I'm itching to hit the garage sales in my area! Hoping to find some coolio stuff like you did...wowsa! (and I am guilty of the spongepainting misdemeanor too....)

  7. The pink shutters are fabulous. As are the canes. So many canes... I for one am exhausted and may be in almost pj's tip Saturday AM. xo, Olive

  8. oooooo....I love the shape of that old wire shade too and LOVE those canes, very cool! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  9. You seem like you would be fun to shop with. You have a unique vision. :)

  10. Great finds. Love the shutters. Karie

  11. I say paint the ladder! That is a lot of canes! I love that door. Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  12. Love those pink shutters!! I would definitely paint the ladder, but then again I paint everything. You always find such wonderful things Donna.

  13. Geeeze just make me want to shop, shop, shop! I know I'm missing tons of stuff at yardsales while I'm working! Glad you don't live here, you'd beat me to all of the good stuff! nahhhh..who am I kiddin! I wish you lived here and just took me with you all the time!


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