Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vintage Bits

 As I drive back and forth down Highway 1, I stop along the way at favorite thrift shops.  Now I know I am busy setting up my new booths, moving stuff from the old booths, and decorating, but still there is always time for vintage bits!

While shopping on eBay one night, I found this collection of a gold book of Harlequin Romances, a framed landscape photograph, a small painting of a town, and two others I left out of the photo!

 This is a sweet poem about Mother and Dad - great graphics and a vintage frame!

But this was what I wanted from the group - a child-sized picnic hamper in great condition.

The group was much better than the seller had advertised, and I was very pleased with the price even though it cost more to ship than to buy!!!

On another day I found this heavy glass dome that fit perfectly on a silver cake stand.  A match made in heaven.  

I am joining the cloche club one dome at a time.

At some point I will actually own a real cloche!

Yesterday I was dawdling around waiting for  the mall to open and ducked into the Bargain Box where I found three small suitcases, a dark wood plant stand (won't stay that way!), a windmill print, and an original painting of a Santos.  Oh, and a doll that was hand-embroidered.

The clerk said he was the Cracker Jack boy and another said Poppin' Fresh Dough Boy.  I think he is the little Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike!

What do you think?

I have passed this up twice and my niece who likes quirky clothes passed it up, but this time I bought it.  It is a crocheted collar with blue and pink flowers with green leaves.  

It is different!

Windmill pictures are very popular around here.  Don't know why, but I do keep at least one in the booth at all times.

I do not carry a lot of vintage clothing.  Just some here and there to complete a vignette.  I found some vintage looking slips and wanted to stage them with jackets.

I lucked up and found one on eBay that has not arrived yet and these two.

First a creamy white wool with green collar and cuffs.

 The label is special to me.  I used to save my baby-sitting money to buy something from The Fifth Avenue Shoppe.

This great suede jacket in taupe is in superb condition.  In fact the paper label sewn in one pocket is still there.

Below is its label:  Gary Gordon.

We are a horse community and this could be a stylized version of a riding jacket.

I wish I was a size 6!


I need to add some pink and white to the small booth and found the following that will fit in nicely with the furniture pieces I am planning.


First this long dress of pink and white daisies over a pink silk lining.  I can only give you a preview look because it started raining and I could not find a place in the house to photograph it.   It is really beautiful and I can hardly wait to make a hanger for it.  OOPS, almost told about a new project!


Label reads:  Designed by Sarmi New York.

I am thinking vintage prom or bride's maid dress.

 Last this set of four salad plates with gold rims and pink roses.  I cannot tell you the company or the pattern because someone epoxied hangers on the back!

Of course one plate's hanger has fallen off.  Now, do I attempt to scrape off the other hangers or put a new one on this one plate?

I will have to think about that!

Chucks, my husband, and Calvin, my helper, went with me today and moved doors over to the new booth and set them back up.  We also moved a dresser and a desk.  I am having to keep my booths neat and customer-friendly while slowly moving stuff to the building next door.  At one point today it appeared that a tornado had blown through!  Tomorrow I have got to get some painting done and items tagged.  

Busy, busy, busy - if idle hands are the devil's workshop, then my hands are complete angels!

See y'all!

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  1. Oh, how I wish we had MORE vintage shops up here! And I feel your pain about eBay shipping...but I'd just have more stuff if it were more reasonable!

  2. yay you found some pink and white! You found a lot of stuff! I like the paintings. What's a Santos?

  3. Dear "Angelic", your finds are quite the treasures. I love how that glass dome fits on the silver tray, and the suitcases will make a great addition to the booth. They always add a cool vintage vibe to any set up.

    Looks like you'll be swimming in the goodies. I hope you sell, sell, sell!

  4. great finds - love the vintage bridesmaids dress - would be perfect for a prom nowadays.

  5. Your booth is really coming along! I'm sure the grand opening day will be fabulous with all your wonderful finds!

  6. What great finds. Sometimes, it is so funny what people like. Are you saying something about your age when you call them vintage clothes, and then tell us how you saved up to buy something from that store at one time? :) Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  7. Those are some wonderful vintage finds. I liked the cream jacket with green trim. And your pinks were pretty, too.
    HPS, Dorothy

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Hopping a little late from Pink Saturday.

    My PINK, come and see when you get a chance.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  9. A fellow booth owner????? FUN! Love that jacket!

  10. Great finds. I think his a little Dutch boy as well.


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