Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Antique Scramble

This is the small side where we are now!
How in the world do you move an antique mall? One grocery cart at a time! I am going to show you.  It is not our first time at this rodeo.  This will be our third move in 12 years.

I am photographing the move because it is a little unreal what can be accomplished and still conduct business as usual.

First I had to go all the way down to the highway to try and show you how massive this building is.

Sorry about the gloom and doom looking pics.  It was ten in the morning and Riverfront Antique Mall sits above the banks of the Savannah River in North Augusta, South Carolina.  (That's across from Augusta, Georgia where The Masters is played.)

This is the large side where we are moving!
The building long ago held a K-Mart on the large side and an Old America Store on the small side.

A developer bought the property called Schultz's Hill and opened a flea market on the large side.  Some months later an antique mall opened on the small side.

When the antique mall got so large, they switched sides.  The flea market fizzled into non-existence, but the antique mall flourished.

We are talking big here - just think of your K-Mart divided into booths!

small side
Then two years ago in December they broke the news that the building had to be renovated and we had to move back to the small side.  Obviously not everyone would fit.  There was a scramble for available space.  All of us had to downsize to accommodate as many dealers as possible.

Edie, the former manager, became the new owner of the business leasing the building.

large side (windows still boarded)
Now the renovations are complete and we are moving back.  One grocery cart at a time.  One dolly at a time.  Down that long sidewalk.  Box by box.  Crate by crate.  We are moving.  We were offered the chance at renting our old booths again.  I jumped at that chance because it means I do not have to remove all my price tags and make out new ones!!!

Liquor stores are being raided by box hunters.  Dollies are being borrowed.  Family members are being Shanghaied into hauling.  

As you can see in the photo some load their trucks and drive over to unload.  I would rather just haul - it cuts out those middle steps of loading and unloading.

The view from the front door to the back down the center aisle.  There will be showcases and check-out areas here.

 From the same spot as above looking down to the left.  The first section will be check out and gift wrap probably.

Turning to your right, a view to the other side of the store.  There will be dealers set up all along the windows and in the booths.

You will notice that part of the store is well-lighted (lit?) and the other side is not.  That is being fixed as we speak!

This is Miss Edie and her husband Mr. Ron.  They are always working and have time to answer any question we may have - even if that means answering the same question over and over!

They are standing at the back of the store where hopefully a restaurant will open.

There will be a beauty salon and a nail salon in the back also.

This is a destination antiques mall.  People come to spend the day with us.  We have quite a range of dealers.  Miss Edie can be choosy and it shows in the wide variety of items from fine antiques to vintage to primitives to new home decor.  It is a good mix of different dealers.  A big plus - we actually like each other!

 Oh, How lovely the sight - my booth - good old B-6.  All 10 X 20 feet of her in her pretty blue coat of paint that will not have to be repainted!  It is hard to tell from here, but the openings are covered in chicken wire - so easy to hang items!  The upper walls inside are pegboard.

I am getting so excited to move back in!!!
This is little B-5 right next door to my large booth.  She is 10 X 10 and was not painted when I moved in.  I'll get right on that today!
Here's the long view - can you tell I am getting more excited!?! We really aren't supposed to change the outside color and it doesn't matter to me - it will be covered by furniture and stuff anyway.

Did you notice the white dots painted down the floor?  I call this my porch.  We get two feet along the outside of our booth for featured items!

So grand total of 12 X 30 feet of glorious space, space, space!!!

And what pray tell will I put into all this space?

Here is my current B-6 on the small side - 10 X 11 and packed to the gills.  See those bright pink signs?  20% off absolutely everything including sale items - the more you buy, the less I have to tote down the sidewalk!

Notice my beautiful doors - they are moving too.  Chucks and Calvin (my helper who has recovered nicely - thanks to all of you who sent blessings and prayers!) have vowed to make this move again.  Though Chucks did ask how many more times will I do this.

As long as my body breathes the dust and rust of treasured objects!

Here's is the current B-5 - 10 X 7.  It is jammed packed.  I do like my booths to have that grandma's attic look, but I took these photos after the weekend rush, and all booths were a mess!

I am lying - my booths are always a mess - I want people to dig through and discover that special item.  And I price my items so they are reasonable.  I am known as being dealer friendly.  I do not care if you buy something from me and resell it in your booth!

This down the outside of the back of the  booths.  We were not able to have a porch, but could hang things from the wall.

I use this area for my tags, torn cotton ribbons, prints - anything that is basically flat.
This booth I just added last fall.  It is really just a wall of shelves 10 X 3.

Okay, all this has to be packed and moved down the sidewalk.

Any volunteers?

Bring a box and a dolly, please!

Let's get ready to scramble!

I did accomplish something.  Here is B-5 looking quite spiffy in her new green paint coat.  I hear you - GREEN!!!  Well, it was an undetermined color in the free can from Sherwin Williams.  I think it will be lovely once the doors are moved, the frames hung, the tables are set up...

Well, I better get busy making a gigantic list of things to do. Or just watch the Olympics and chill watching beach volleyball.  Go USA!  We know we will win silver and gold, but who for which?

See y'all!

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  1. Congratulations, Donna! I think the green walls will look great once all your romantic goodies are in. This is exciting :)
    Best of luck!

  2. Wow, that sure looks like a lot of work. My parents ran an Antique shop for years when I was young but never in a mall where they had to move! Eeek. Well, glad it all worked out for you all! Take care. :-)

  3. What a fun place that will be to shop at! Congrats on your new space!

  4. Wow, this looks like a HUGE undertaking. I am sure you will feel a great sense of accomplishment when it is all done.

    Oh, and I could totally spend an entire weekend shopping in that place I am sure! So fun.

  5. Oh wow, what a job! Love your booth. The chairs hung as shelves are great. I can't wait to see the new booth :)

  6. wow! I loved seeing your booth stuff here! Love the color on your new space and can't wait to see it all! You go girl!

  7. Wow. You have a huge space. Love the porch idea. Can't wait to see it filled to the gills!

  8. Dear Donna!!!!
    I have to say WOW, also!!!!
    Since I am late to read this post, I am sure you have done a lot (just kidding!) already!
    I love the big space you are going to have!!!
    And I love your doors!!! I love the chicken wire to hang your stuff, I can't wait to see it all set up!
    I wish I lived close, I WOULD help!!!


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