Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vintage Shopping At Home

Those of you who follow my blog know that I vowed several weeks back I would not do any shopping or dragging home.  I would be junk sober for as long as I could stand it.

 I must say I am pretty pleased with myself.  Except for a $2 frame  and some spray paint that I needed to complete projects, I have not done any, that is , I repeat, ANY junk shopping. 

 It has Chucks worried.  Yesterday we were driving through the neighborhood, and there was a rusty, painty, concrete-y wheelbarrow with a FREE - TAKE IT! sign.

Chucks sighed and said. "I'll go around the block and we can throw it in the back."  

To which I replied, "Nevermind."

You would have thought I had turned purple and sprouted green feathers.  (Oh, no, that's another project I am working on!).  He said he did not mind, but I stayed true to my vow!  

I am actually getting sort of prissy about not caving in and thrifting.  A friend said when I fall off the wagon, I will fall into an absolute frenzy of buying!  We'll see.

The Advantages of Shopping in Your House

1.  Not having to get dressed or comb your hair or even take a bath!  (Just no surprise visits, please!)

2.  Keeping the pocketbook on its hook - no money needed.  (I have not even been to the bank to replenish my junk fund!)

3.  An extra-large inventory.  (How much stuff can one person put under a twin bed?  We are fixing to find out!)

4.  It's like Christmas all over again.  (Am I one of those who recycles gifts?  You bet!  The whole family is.  In fact, the gift itself must be a recycled one wrapped in a reusable container.  It's cuter than you think.  Last year I gave my sister-in-law vintage body powder tins wrapped in a biscuit tin.)

5.  As each item gets cleaned, painted, polished, and tagged, it is out of here! (I even have a growing pile for the thrift shop!  Note to self:  Do not re-buy any of this!)

6.  Finding things you swear you have never seen before.  (Or finding things you have bought again and again because you can never find them like rolls of tape, scissors, screws,etc.!)

7.  The puppies and cats have more room to run and wrestle.  (Well, actually, that's getting a little out of hand!)

What I Found Under the Twin Bed in the Guest Room

(See Above Picture)

I was looking for items to be used for the Americana corner of my booth.  I pulled out only those items within easy reach and would fit into the theme.  The list includes:

1.   Three flags - one in its original box from the sixties.
2.   A country blue duck
3.   A hand-carved bird on a branch
4.   A metal saw blade box
5.   Red wooden toolbox
6.   Two red, white and blue small fruit crates
7.   A small red basket
8.   A white wire covered tin bucket
9.   Two picket fence mail holders
10. Two USA craft wood plaques
11. A 1927 July issue of Priscilla magazine
12. A stack of children's books

All that in a one-hour picking!

The red and silver metal saw blade box came with a few rusty saw blades.  The hand-carved, what-the-heck bird sits nearby.

Obviously hand made with nice distressed finished

Love the rivets on the hinge side!

This absolutely beautiful handmade red toolbox.  Look at that patina -needs nothing to enhance its beauty!

 Even the inside wows me!

Signed by the maker on the inside lid!

STOP, STOP, STOP!  I may not make it.  Can I really, really sell this tool box?  I may have to think about this one,  It looks so nice next to my green and blue ones.  This may be a keeper.  Yes, I know he has been living in the dark under the bed!  I promise I will not mistreat him again.

The Song America Sings showing here in this Junior Song Book.  The song I am singing is get working, girl.  There is now a stack of things to prettify.  The birds are already on the porch drying in their new colors and the fruit crates are fixing to get distressed.  Now, to find a place for my new red toolbox!

Come back again to see what else is under the bed, in the attic, out in the shed,  and behind the sofa.  (Aren't console tables supposed to be for hiding things behind the sofa?)

See y'all!

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