Sunday, June 3, 2012

Union Jack Ribbons

 I just finished watching the flotilla for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on BBC America.  My husband and I loved it for the historical facts presented and the pageantry.  I am looking forward now to the Olympics in London so I have been working on items for a corner of my booth to reflect the overseas action. 

My previous post featured tables, a chair, and trays with Union Jacks.  Here are the ribbons I created to go with the theme.


1)  Images from The Graphics Fairy printed thirty to a page. I chose15 Union Jacks with an antiqued look, 15 Union Jacks with a new look, 15 crowns with a sepia tint, and 15 views of Big Ben in a sepia tint.

2)  Pre-washed natural muslin torn into 2-inch strips about 4 1/2 yards long (two lengths)

3)  Fabric transfer paper for light-colored fabrics

4)  Scissors

5)  Iron and a press cloth

6)  Ink jet printer


1)  Print out the images you choose on the transfer paper making sure to print on the correct side of the paper.  These particular images  did not need to be reversed for transfer - images with typography will need to be reversed.

2)  Cut out the images with a small border around each one.  You do not need excess paper around the images.  Just enough to grab and pull.

3)  If you are a perfectionist, get a measuring tape or ruler to plan your design.  I have done this so many times, I just eye-ball the spaces between the images.  I started with two 5-yard pieces of torn muslin to make sure I used all the images. I had thirty images for each piece.

4)  Preheat the iron to its highest setting - NO STEAM!  I use a folded sheet on my ceramic cook top because it is a harder surface than an ironing board, and I find it works better.(Besides I despised dragging out the ironing board!)

5)  On one ribbon I chose the antiqued Union Jack and Big Ben.  I would place one face side down on the ribbon, press several seconds (I like to move the iron back and forth).  I alternated between the two images leaving about 2 inches space.   On the second ribbon I used the new Union Jack image with the crown.  Each image needs to be pressed individually.  After pressing each, gently lift the paper backing off.  As you raise the corner, if the image has not completely transferred, you can carefully return the corner and continue ironing.  This will not work if you remove the backing completely and attempt to place it again.

6)  Use ribbon as you wish.  I like to fold them and tie with a ribbon and a special tag.  They make great basket fillers.


The hardest part:  cutting out all those little pieces and not letting the puppies scatter them everywhere!

The entertaining part:  ripping those ribbons into 2-inch strips!

 Big Ben and the Union Jack grace this length of ribbon.

The Union Jack and a crown decorate this ribbon.

I tied each length of ribbon with navy French seam binding and added a Union Jack tag.  (Tags will be revealed in the next post - stay tuned!)

They look quite grand in the wire basket chosen and painted just for them!

I am having fun with the Union Jack theme.  There is one more post involving it before I return to distressing furniture.  I have amassed a large group of half-finished projects now and I am going full steam ahead (flotilla talk).

Hope you will take the time to leave a comment.  I will take the time to visit you.  It amazes me how creative people are!

See y"all!

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