Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kitchen Pantry - Before and After

Kitchen pantry, renovation, Southside Gallery, sheep print, Cabinets
The kitchen pantry is actually an odd hallway between the front foyer and the main kitchen with doors leading to the dining room and the laundry room.

I finally found a sheep print I love.

Had it made at Southside Gallery. (Facebook page HERE)

Notice the one on the left has a slight smirk.

Before - as you walk in from the foyer hall.

It was a depository for paint supplies.

And junk.

A portion of Horror Monster, my ONCE beloved craft stash.

Before - from the kitchen.

The tall pantries were removed and replaced.

We put up with this off-center, buzzing fluorescent fixture since 1990. 

To its credit we only changed the light bulb twice in all that time.

On the day of its demise, it did not buzz one time.

I think it knew what was coming!

Yes, we call it a pantry, but no food was ever stored here.

Assorted tools, hardware, paint, and garden supplies.

In no particular order.

The cabinets and soffits are gone.

The ceiling and buzzing fixture are gone.

Ceiling ripped out and new wiring installed.

Three new centered LED lights.

A couple layers of flooring removed.

Now this is what you see walking in from the front foyer.

And the new floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

One side for tools and hardware.

Neatly organized.

One side for all my paint supplies.

Neatly organized.

After - from the kitchen.

My Granny's chair and the patchwork pillow she made.

It's a prized space in the kitchen now.

And Horror Monster will NOT return here.

He is NOT welcomed.

See y'all!

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  1. Donna, Your pantry looks amazing! I love the transformation. Now let's see if those pantry closets stay neat and organized...LOL! I know that mine never do!

  2. Love the sheep! I know you are enjoying your new kitchen and pantry. I have enjoyed watching the progress.

  3. I love that antique-y decor & Grandma's chair, the door propped in the corner. And those wonderful pantries! Those lights! Oh, you're gonna love it!

  4. Beautiful! It feels so good to get something under control. We are working on our shed. It is now the husband's wood working and work shop. It was a catch all for years of stuff.

  5. What a beautiful transformation! Lots of thought and hard work and it turned out amazing!
    xoxo Jo

  6. Is Horror Monster gone for good? Those cabinets should help keep him at bay. Beautiful transformation.

  7. Donna this looks great! The sheep print is so cute and the smirk, yep makes me smile. Such great cabinets. I'm trying to keep my spare room cleaner these days with the wall of cubbies. I need to share soon on the blog.

  8. Oh Donna love love! This is an amazing transformation. Love the sheep picture and that you found a wonderful place for granny's chair and pillow. It looks awesome.

  9. Looks wonderful! Love the cabinets! The sheep are perfect, and I love your grandmother's chair and pillow!

  10. So excited for you! It's really coming along!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  11. Love the colors and how you styled your new pantry. Cute sheep!

  12. Such a smart change! It looks nice!

  13. What an amazing transformation. The pantry is now organised on one side and charming on the other, well done!

  14. Donna, what a delightful transformation! Looks good from any direction AND it's so much more functional. Good job!

  15. That sheep print is adorable. I think your makeover is super!

    xo Dianne

  16. I can't believe how organized your storage pantry cabinets are. Looks amazing! Love the sheep, and yes I do see the smirk. So adorable and makes me smile.

  17. Donna, I love the sheep print! What an amazing transformation of the cabinets. Love the results!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. That is some storage worth turning green with envy about!!! Wonderful for you! We had an epiphany about something in the kitchen. Once we move the hutch out, we can move the island there. (Seems it was never attached to the floor/cement slab!) Our new adult dining set was delivered earlier today...ok...yesterday...It's 4 am. It will go in the middle of the kitchen. We have plans! Yay!

    I love the sheep. They each have their own personality. I also am glad you could put your grannies pillow in that area. You have a vignette! I love your bench and the vat of some sort on top. Is it copper? Yum! I love copper.

    I'm so happy to see how your kitchen is turning out. It looks so well laid out and great to cook and work in. You must be in heaven!

  19. Beautiful!!! What a difference! I noticed you went darker on the walls. Funny because I felt drawn to darker colors after we moved last year. I went from old white in my kitchen to Linen (gray) :), I guess it comes in cycles (dark and light colors)


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