Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Finds

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Last Saturday I was invited to the Belvedere Women's Club First Vintage Market.

Olive Out and Joe Out invited me to come early.

She had already started me a stack.

My pile.

I took the whole load directly to the booth, tagged everything I wasn't keeping.

And headed homeward.


These two were made for each other and are sitting on the front porch.

The trellis has had a makeover.

The crates tagged.

Bought two ladders but one sold as I was bringing it in.

This little cutie is still available.

Sometimes being bottomless can be a good thing.

Like this distressed bird cage.

I passed this sweet pink chair by two years ago and dreamt of it ever since.

First Olive was selling it and then not.

This time when she decided to sell it, I snatched it up.

Olive included the ticking pillow and the hooked chair pad.

While arranging the items in the two booths, I turned the corner of the aisle to spy these two beauties.

Copper rain spouts from an old building.

Going in the new kitchen as shelves.

Stopped by SPCA Thrift Store to find a 50% off sale going on.

Bought this ghostly dresser for Chuck.

No, it's not floating - it was upside down in the truck.

An old military dresser - for the quartermaster. (Stamped on the back.)

Except for dirt, this white Samsonite train case is in great condition.

A pair of badminton rackets in a double press.

A Bessie Pease Guzmann print.

On Tuesday I dropped back by the thrift store to find another 50% off sale.

A tin chicken with an egg cart. 

English tea tin.

Carved wood Santos figure - keeper.

This sweet dresser.

You will find out about her makeover soon.

If you don't like rats, don't read the post!

See the pink chair hanging out in the yard?

She does not stay out there.

Just use her for photo background.

Big frame with a photo of a house.

I have no idea where I bought it.

My neighbor had a sale.

I bought this beautiful mirror to sell.

And this tall white one.

Keeper - for the new kitchen.

We are still boxing up stuff to move out.

We have about two more weeks to get the areas being renovated cleared.

I am trying to restrain myself from buying stuff ahead of time, but cannot resist.


Tomorrow you can see Horror Monster's makeover - it's dramatic!

See y'all!

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  1. Great finds Donna! Love the baby picture & I'm salivating over the bird cage. I'm about to do a birdcage post of one I found...not nearly as pretty bones as yours though. How are you going to use copper downspouts as shelves?? Hope you'll show us. I know what you mean about restraining yourself. I'm restraining myself this morning by not going to yard sales, but need to stay home & get caught up...if that ever happens.

  2. Lots of fabulous wood in this post...frames and dressers and mirror, oh my! I would not be able to part with most of it!

  3. You do find the best junk!! It's so fun to shop with you and we will do that soon I hope. I love that pink chair, is it staying with you? I know I'm downsizing but I'm still a lover of junk and good stuff and always will be! Love the dresser you found for Chuck.

  4. Donna, you make me jealous with all the great stuff you buy. I swear I am your mini me - I'd buy practically all the same things.

    I want to come hang out at your booth for one day and soak up knowledge!

  5. And she's back!! Wonderful finds!! What a nice friend to save a stack of good ol' junk for you, too!

  6. Hi Donna!
    Wow, you have scooped up some great finds!
    I'm excited to see your new kitchen and how you put your keeps to good use in it.
    Hope you have a great weekend. xoxo, T.

  7. There sure are some fun finds in this post!

  8. I love the bunnie that you decided to keep. Sweet. Love the pink chair, too. I'm glad it finally became yours! Katie loves the chicken pulling the egg cart.

    Did you take before photos of your kitchen? I'd love to see the before and after, so please do!

    We miss you! Take care, F

  9. Sweet finds! I love the white dresser and can't wait to see her makeover. How exciting to be getting a new kitchen! And, you've been busy if Horror Monster is ready for a reveal...:) Have a fun weekend!

  10. Nice stuff Donna. You really work hard at finding the best for your customers. Love the little ladder.

    Can't wait to see Horror Monster's stash.



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