Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Finds

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I wish every Friday Finds post started with a delightfully distressed cherub.

Chalkware with many coats of paint.

Makes me smile whenever I pass by.

I cannot count how many cherubs I have lurking about the living room.

Time to sell some.

This one may stay.

The United States Army Medical Department with the caduceus in the middle of the emblem.  

A plate and an ironstone bowl.

Olive from Olive Out bought one set and I bought the other.

Thanks, Gryphon's and The Rusty Typewriter at Riverfront Antique Mall.

We love your stuff!

(Had to have another baby photo!)

A crime committed against a creche!

Someone bedazzled a vintage nativity by spraying the figures gold and adding gemstones.

At least they left the chalkware figures and the stable alone.

Baby Jesus has gone AWOL.

Probably to escape bedazzling.

Folks, if you turn over a shepherd or wise man and there's a 29 cents price on it, guess what?

It is vintage!

I am hoping I can remove the gold with a Q-tip and some mineral spirits.

I am low on books again.

Two hymnals.

The Herblock's is a collection of his political cartoons, and the book is signed.

Great collection of dog books - always good sellers.

First Person Singular - a book of feminist monologues from the forties.

A nice field guide - love the bats.

Desk lamp - MCM!

Someone (Rita? Diana?) tell me what kind of sieve these two are.

Tiny holes in the bottom.

No markings or embossed names.

About 11 inches diameter.

Tiny holes around the rim.

The measurement lines are 24, 36, and 48.

Finally another floral print.

Yes, my customers, I will be marking all the prints I have shown the last few weeks and bringing them in on Tuesday.

Tomorrow I am driving down to visit my niece Leia for a Low Country Crawl.

I have quite a list of items to look for.

Hope to find some great deals.

And have a lot of fun.

You can read about last year's Low Country Crawl HERE!

See y'all!

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  1. Wow... dog books and feminist book and bats and baby photo and beautiful lamp... so great!

  2. I had that Herblock book for sale at my book sale, but mine wasn't signed. I actually had several of his books that I decided to let go of. Love those old Baptist Hymnals. They bring back good memories. (Or should I say Precious Memories?) Have a safe trip and good luck on the Low Crawl.

  3. Love those dog books, especially the turquoise one with the German Shepherd on the front! And Donna! You totally outdid yourself sending me that cowboy blanket! It is so so so perfect for my guest bedroom makeover. Now, I know that wasn't part of horror monster :-) If you are decorating your yard with blankets, there may be a problem we need to discuss. Oh and the sweet little tiger went right into the box of vintage toys I am saving for my niece. What perfect timing! Thank you so much for doing the giveaway.

    Good luck on your crawl this weekend!


  4. Burst out laughing at the bedazzled creche and AWOL Baby Jesus. Those look like coffee percolator sieves - big a$$ industrial size. I put a couple of my cherubs in the store this week too. Still waiting on photos from the happy hooker in my area, will let you know when I do.

    1. Hey Rita; LOL!!!
      Wouldn't those Sieves work well for washing Veggies, Rice....and the list goes on... :-)

  5. I love the cherub! You are so funny...AWOL Jesus to escape crack me up!

  6. You find the best stuff. The cherub shelf is really pretty.

  7. Jesus had the right idea. Let us know if you are able to remove that gold paint. I think Rita is right about the sieves. You always find such wonderful old books and the cherub is so charming.

  8. The plate & the bowl and that lamp! So very interesting.

  9. Great finds! I have a creamer with the same markings as the plate and bowl!

  10. Awesome finds Donna! I'm hoping to find some goodies this weekend. How I wish I could go on a Low Country Crawl with you!


  11. Good for baby Jesus. Hopefully you can clean up the bedazzles figures. Love that cherub, and the sieves, and that floral print is so pretty. Good luck on the crawl! I know you'll find some great stuff.

  12. LOVE all of these!! Awesome!!! And whoever did that to the creche should be gold painted! ;-) I hope you can repair it. Please keep us posted on how it turns out! Love the ironstone set also!

  13. My mother has that exact same nativity set, tho not painted gold. Even the creche is the same!

  14. Thanks for the laugh this morning! So glad that little baby Jesus wasn't sprayed gold and bedazzled. I think your theory is correct.
    I love all your finds and am very envious of your weekend plans. Can't wait to see what you find! Have fun.

  15. That desk lamp is the bomb! Really love the ironstone with Army insignia too. Nice score!

  16. You do find some fun things...the bedazzled creche is so Jesus run! Love the MCM lamp also.

  17. Hey Miss Donna; Fork over the Keys Lady!!! I am on a Cherub quest!!! ;-D That shelf is Wonderful.....Don't part with it!!! Cherubs are my very Favorite!! :-)
    I Love the MCM Lamp!!! That is very Striking.....If you are not keeping it, I know that it will sell Fast!
    Rita is correct, as the Sieves look like they are definitely from huge Industrial Coffee makers!!! If I had one, I would use it to wash Rice, before cooking!!! I Love old Sieves, Strainers and ALL Kitchen items!!! :-) Since I Cook so much!
    I Hope that you and Chucks have a Wonderful, Relaxing Weekend.
    Take Care :-)

  18. I love that cherub ( reminds me of the entry ceiling in our last home - we had 4 of them in the corners ! )
    And that ironstone is fabulous.
    I just watched a documentary on Herb Block - what a man he was - one of those people I would have loved to have known personally and called friend ...............

  19. AWOL Baby Jesus, lol. Proving once again Jesus knows best. I have a soft spot for old fashioned wooden stables and the creche figurines, so I hope you can save them. Love the desk lamp. Can't wait to see what you bring back from the Low Country.

  20. Love your finds, my fave are the hymnals and cherub!

  21. Oh, gold paint! That is awful. I hope it comes off. You found some goodies! I love old books.


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