Sunday, December 28, 2014

Of Puppies, Plumbing, And Peace On Earth

Pet illness, plumbing problems, Peace

Willie has been totally confused by recent events around our home.

Of course, Willie is always a bit confused.

Chucks and I are very attached to our two dogs and two cats.

Willie and Scout are known as the Puppy Boys in our family.

It was supposed to be a normal semi-annual exam and rabies vaccination for Scout.

He was a bit sluggish after the visit.

He rapidly went down hill with a high fever.

No racing about the house, no king-of-the-sofa game with Willie, and no taco puppy playing.

No eating either.  Then started a daily visit at the vet to check his blood cell counts.

The vaccination has thrown a hidden auto-immune disease into high gear - killing off blood cells as fast as his little body can make them.

He has had a tiny improvement, and he is eating McDonald cheeseburgers (Vet's orders!)

He has quite a regimen of meds including a chemo pill which is supposed to trick his immune system.

It will be a long six months to recovery.

We are hoping and praying for the best.


In the last three weeks we have had a hot water heater element burn out and then fixed.

The upstairs tub drain poured water into the down bath and foyer - partially fixed and patched for now.

An unused supply line underneath the house blew off its cap on Christmas Eve. Chucks cut the water off at the street - no water for Christmas Day which was okay since we had to stay home and take Scout to the vet.

$156 for a visit with a $3 charge for the new cap and it is fixed.  

Who knew the day after Christmas is considered to be a holiday in plumbing world!?!


There have been no pet alerts today (Saturday) and no plumbing disasters.

Just a pleasant lunch and a wee bit of shopping with two friends. Thanks, Julia and Patty!

And a chance to delight in my favorite Christmas gift - three Baby Jesus's, a Mary, and a Joseph. Thanks, Phyllis and Wayne!

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See y'all!

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  1. Oh it is always so sad when a dog is sick. You feel so helpless. Hope Scout continues to be on the mend. Judy told me one time after my 3rd water disaster to build a shrine to Neptune in my back yard. LOL! Don't put those babies near the body parts!

  2. Having a sick pet is the worst. I've never heard of anything like that happening. So sorry to read and sending healing thoughts for your adorable Scout.

    Aack, plumbing woes, hate them!

  3. Sorry to hear about Scout! We hear all the time about vaccinations gone wrong. Not just in animals but in humans too. Here's hoping for a full recovery. I know your puppies are like children you love so dearly. When it rains it pours and looks like you're having your share of mishaps. At least they're happening this year. Looking forward to a wonderful new year for all of us!

  4. Donna, so sorry to hear the news of your pup. I hope the regimen works. As for plumbing, we experienced a Griswold scare on the 23rd, but were rescued by our trusty plumbers - answered the call within the hour, thank goodness, as I had 23 guests using that toilet! I hope your move is complete and that you're settling into the beginning of a great new year.

  5. So sorry your baby isn't doing well. Sending prayers and tons of positive thoughts your way!


  6. Ooh, poor scout =( I hope he gets better soon. McDonald's cheese burgers fix a lot of things in my opinion! lol


  7. When it rains it pours! But, I am happy to hear things are improving with Scout. I hope you have a restful and uneventful Sunday. I am having a lazy day!

  8. Oh Donna... those pictures of Scout just break my heart. He's such a sweetie. Hopefully he's on the road to a complete recovery. I'm sending positive thoughts for your adorable puppy boy. I'm so glad you had a peaceful Saturday and were able to get out and about a bit with friends.

  9. So sorry to hear about Scout--hope the cheeseburgers and other medicines do the trick. Poor baby.


  10. Can't everything be healed by a cheeseburger!? I hope so! Poor baby. I'm curious as to what type of vaccination did this....rabies shot ? I'll remember this if it ever happens with part of our tribe. I hope your sweetie is better soon, Donna.

  11. So sorry to hear of your plumbing and puppy problems. I hope the new year will bring much improvement in all departments. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Donna!

  12. Oh no! I hate when it seems like everything goes wrong. Poor Scout, lots of hugs and prayers sent his way. Glad the plumbing fix wasn't worse...not great but it could have been worse. Have a good Sunday!

  13. Dear Donna ... so sorry about your puppy. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Why do plumbing problems always happen on holidays? We had an inside leak last year on Christmas morning ... called the plumber at 5:00 a.m. I think a lot of businesses here closed on Friday too. We needed flowers for my Sister's funeral and only found one florist open and a very limited choice after Christmas. Beauty shop closed too. Hope by today that your plumbing problems have been fixed and your puppy is better.
    Audrey Z.

  14. Glad Scout is getting a little better......keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sorry to hear about your plumbing problems during the holiday.......hate when that happens, but it does!! Wishing you, Chucks and the Puppy Boys a Happy and Healthy New Year..........and a successful one at your booth, too!!

  15. That is so scary about the vaccine! Poor puppy! Hopefully your misfortunes will be gone with the new year. Happy New Years!

  16. I guess you have to have the "off" years to really appreciate the ones where you don't have sick puppies and plumbing issues, right? Here's to a wonderful new year, Donna. : )

  17. I do hope your little puppy boy will keep improving.

  18. Nobody was aware that the day after Christmas is regarded as a holiday in the plumbing world. Chucks cut the water off, but it didn’t have a huge impact since we had to take Scout to the vet on Christmas day. Willie, on the other hand, is recovering quite well despite his slight routine of meds such as chemo pills intended to hoax his immune system.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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