Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Finds - A Neighborhood Sale

Friday finds, vintage finds, neighborhood yard sale, vintage kitchen gadgets, Zanesville pottery
In the fall and spring there are many neighborhood sales where a number of residents have yard sales on one day.

They print a map to pick up as a guide. 

It's 7:30AM and I am off to Aiken Estates to discover what treasures I can find.

The first house was a mother and son selling off her collections to get ready for a move.

It was early but they were ready for bundle deals.

I bought all the Zanesville pottery.

Thanks to Linda at A La Carte for helping me price it.

Four dozen small glass bud vases.

Linda helped with these too.

In fact she did all the research for me. 

A box filled with tiny Occupied Japan figurines.

Not as sought after as years ago but still make a great display for Christmas villages. 

Four glass reamers (or juicers).

Your eyes are not deceiving you.

I forgot to put the fourth in the photo.

A few 1950's children's books.

Belonged to the son but he did not want them.

Kitchen gadgets all in the original boxes.

Someone had grabbed the huge box of them.

Weirdest mold I have ever found.

New in the box - carefully wrapped in tissue. 

Naked chickens!

Henny Penny molds for gelatin salads.

My grandmother used to make ham gelatin molds, but never chicken gelatin molds.

Hers were molded in swirly molds. 

Neat thing about the set of graters is they all fit together to hang.

All that at the FIRST house.

And I had a pocketful of money left.

I had planned for the chair to be a project to learn to paint upholstery.

However I have sent it to the booth to become some other lucky person's project piece.

Third house.

Tall pedestal with packages and packages of lace panels.

No photo of the lace panels - forgot and now they are sold.

Next house a basket of knobs and small canvases.

More lace - doilies and place mats.

The box is a set of lovely glitter crowns - each with a religious theme.

I bought a whole box of hangers to get the vintage advertising ones at the bottom.

Found a bunch of the old painted ones in the box when I went home.

Chucks needed the pants hangers.

Good deal all around! 

Last house and they were ready to get rid of everything.

How late was it?

Only 9AM.

I bought quite a stack of her baskets like these.

More lace.

A white cosmetic case.

A star colander.

Vintage package of dolly clothes pins - original price of forty-nine cents.

Tiny Tupperware containers with the lids.

My mother used to put peanuts in our lunches with these.

And something kitschy.

Plastic mugs from Spenser Gifts dated 1982.

Did you buy crazy gifts from Spenser's?

I have been busy with bottle brush trees and getting the house bulldozed for the holidays.

I wish someone would invent a Roomba the size of a lawn tractor to clean for me.

See y'all!

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  1. Wow, you did good! I tend to shy away from even going to Neighborhood Sales, but you really scored! Great job!

  2. I love your bundle buys! The Spencer mugs are so cute and yes I bought things like that for my kids! Wish I still had them. I kept a lot of stuff but not everything. Naked chicken mold, weird but interesting?? Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Donna you find the coolest stuff. Love those plastic vintage cups. Happy Friday.

  4. Great stuff! I love moving sales that are priced cheap and they are ready to sell. Usually I avoid them.

  5. donna i am drooling with jealousy love the pottery xx

  6. You dun good!!! I love the Occupied Japan figures and the lace.

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  8. Wow - a bunch of great items. I would have bought all of that myself!!!

  9. OMG, so jealous! So many great buys!


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