Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wrap It Up

making vintage wrapping paper, 100 Proof Press stamps
I am one of those people who believe the wrapping is more important than the gift.

I want tiny presents all wrapped individually.

I want them to look vintage.

I don't really care what the gift is as long as the wrapping is imaginative.

This is what I have selected for this Christmas.

I bought a roll of masking paper in green from the paint section of Lowe's.

I have rolls in brown and red also.

My favorite stamp is this Old World Santa from 100 Proof Press - the place to go for unique stamps with a vintage vibe.

Even if you are not a stamper, you will want to visit 100 Proof Press to see their images. You can find them HERE!

A flash mob of Santa's!

For the ornament exchange this year, I tied each package with jute baker's twine in natural and red from Hobby Lobby.

Added a cute knee hugger and some bottle brush trees.

Vicky of  Life on Willie Mae Lane hosted her second annual ornament exchange.  See what everyone received!

Some gifts ready for a friend in a small green basket.

Do I have Christmas all wrapped up?

No, I have yet to even put up decorations. 

I will get to them when I get to them or just won't get to them.

But I will guarantee each person's gift will be wrapped imaginatively.

I was inspired to create my own paper by Melissa at Shabby Love Blog last year when she carved her own stamps to make wrapping paper to sell in her booth. Read that post HERE.

Remember to come back tonight to join Tamara (Etcetorize) and I for Make It Monday - it starts each Sunday night at 7PM Eastern.  I chose the features this week so they will show up on my blog.

See y'all!

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  1. Now I feel guilty! I just throw some bargain wrapping paper on my gifts and put them under the bow, no ties, no pretties. They are going to get ripped anyways, right? :-)

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  3. I love that you take the time to do this, and still wrap with such great little bits and baubles (I make my own bows if that counts as creativity). I was complaining to my husband yesterday about how people take all the short cuts - no wrapping (bags), no shopping (gift cards), no personal greetings (email or FB announcements), no home-cooked meals (boxed appetizers). In other news, according to Movoto Real Estate, WV was rated #1 for once - most Christmas Spirit. I enjoy putting on a big Christmas dinner for local family, but even I've seen all of the above things with family and neighbors. Merry Christmas, Donna.

  4. Someday I want to be able to do this, but for now it's just bow & go! I do love this stamp though. I will definitely be checking out the link for it.

    Happy Holidays!


  5. Wrapping gifts is my most favorite part of Christmas! Each gift is wrapped in different paper and has fancy bows and other tie ons. After seeing everyone else make wrapping paper... I think I'm gonna have to do it!

    Also, I've barely got any decor up this year too. Just an aluminum tree and a few ornaments, etc for that. I doubt I'll have time to do anything else.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. I agree! I loved having a bunch of tiny gifts to open when I received my ornament exchange packages from you =)


  7. What a great idea, I also love tiny presents, you keep getting to open another after another one. Open a gift to me is as much as the thrill of treasure hunting!

  8. I love your Christmas spirit and that you make your packages so pretty. I am sorry to say that I am guilty of the 'bag' wrapping as time and energy gets short. I used to pride myself in making pretty packages. You have inspired me to change my ways ... maybe next year ... my tree is not even up.
    Christmas Blessings.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. Very cute! I always have the best of intentions when it comes to wrapping, but for such a crafty person, my technique is surprisingly sloppy. Some day I'll get the hang of it and add special somethings like you did~

  10. I loved your wrappings and that you wrapped each gift individually! I love pretty wrapping too, but I don't create my own...yet! This year I went with brown (like grocery bag brown), white, and red. I hope you are selling like crazy! Have a happy week...Hugs, Vicky

  11. I love the wrap every gift and yes, all my gifts are wrapped and under the tree. I get all stressed if I wait til the last minute. I started and finished this year and now I'm enjoying the decorating. I've closed shop for now but I will still be shopping with you. See ya after Christmas.

  12. I love that Old World Santa stamp. Your wrappings are so pretty. We don't buy much at Christmas, so I don't have to wrap much. I do enjoy wrapping my Etsy sales with pretty bits and bobs. I really need to start making my own tags. Yours are always so awesome.

  13. I'm a terrible wrapper but you have inspired me to try harder! Love the stamp!

  14. You was the first thing I noticed when I got a package from gorgeous it was all wrapped. You do make the best tags! Now I'm off to look at some of those stamps...because I still have a ton of blank tags that I got after being inspired by you!

  15. This year I chose brown paper and I stamp white sowflakes on it... Not so far from your idea!

  16. Super cool Donna. Love the vintage Santa and the masking paper. I value your passion for wrapping! It shows you care about the recipient.


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