Friday, December 5, 2014

Booth Progress Report

Riverfront Antique Mall, new booth
You came here expecting my Friday Finds, right?

Well, grab a seat and a bottle of your nerve pills.


You read that right.

See that huge dolly in the pic?

It has been my bestest friend this week.

The pics are horrible.  I promise better when I finish.

After Day Two my new crop of old primitives were front and center.

I blocked items together.

All like things - primitives had their own section.

As did cottage-y and vintage stuff.

Large items were immediately renumbered.

Smaller items placed in boxes and baskets to be retagged.

How am I loving this storage area!!!

End of Thursday - Day Three.

All items still in their places, but amassing!



It's electrifying.

No, wait, it is just tiring.

Back wall mostly finished - just need to add smalls.

I also moved the entire primitive display to the side on Day Three.

Only to realize I should have moved it to this side.

You can catch a glimpse of why I moved all those tables and benches.


I decided I wanted a crate Christmas tree after seeing one in Country Living.

Mine is white, pink, and aqua.

All the bottle brush trees will fit in here.

I am down to my last 100.

So if you plan to visit and buy, come quickly!

This is what is left of the small booth.

This is what is left of the large booth.

Chucks and I are exhausted.

I will be working on finishing the move and renumbering all the tiny items.

Yes, I am up and running at Booth W-10 at Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, South Carolina.

See y'all!

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  1. Ack!! I wish I had time to make a run for the river! (We are in the mountains of East TN) What a treasure trove-- ever think of opening an Etsy shop?

  2. Lots of fabulous stuff! Wish I lived closer to come and pick through it all! LOVE the crate Christmas tree!

  3. congrats! It looks awesome and huge!! I adore your crate Christmas tree and now I want one. Still haven't found a single crate. Maybe Sam will build me some for next year!

  4. Now sit down with a nice beverage and take a break! You have definitely earned it!


  5. I'm tired just looking at these pictures! Good luck finishing up this weekend.

  6. I know you're exhausted! That's a lot of work but it'll be fabulous I'm sure. I LOVE the crate tree. I may have to copy that in my space next year. Have a great weekend. I hope you get to relax!

  7. The back wall looks great and I love the Christmas tree crates - that is stunning!

  8. Holy COW you SHOULD be exhausted... I'm exhausted just looking at it all! I love what I see so far though, I wish I was close so I could visit in person but alas... I'm all the way in Washington state.


  9. Admiring the photo on the poster to the left of the crate tree, and the swagging on the back wall.

  10. Donna. Love your wood crate Christmas tree. Your lace curtain wall looks great too.
    This space will be so much better and you have worked so hard to get it all ready. Take a much earned break. Wishing good sales for you this week-end.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. Wow!! You're doing great. It's amazing what you're getting done in such a short time. That crate tree is fantastic!

  12. When do the cameras go up so we can virtual shop in the booth? heehee

  13. Dearest Miss Donna and Chucks; I believe that you Both deserve huge Pats on the back and a Home Cooked meal!!!!! (Or one out, even!!!)
    What you have done with your Booth is Unreal!!! It truly looks like a Treasure filled Trove!!!!
    How I wish that I could come and visit and buy some new Treasures!!!!
    I am in Love with your wooden crate Christmas Tree!!!! I wish that I had one of my very own :-)
    All of your Antiques and Collectables look show stopping the way that you have Everything arranged.
    I hope that you make a load of money, and that you do extra well this year!!!!
    God Bless You Both :-)

  14. Oh my--Country Living will be so jealous when they see your version of the crate tree--it's fantastic. Your new booth looks fantastic :)

  15. I am impressed! Wow, have you been busy. I imagine it is exhausting just keeping up with maintaining a booth, let alone moving! You have so much stuff. No wonder you are always hunting for more. I don't see how you keep up with it all. I am absolutely in love with your crate tree! If I had room for one, I would have to make one myself. You and Chucks should reward yourselves with something fun for all your hard work. Best of luck selling out!

    Hugs, Vicky

  16. have been busy! Loving how your booth is looking. The crate tree is have inspired me! I have a bunch of old beer crates that I may try to do that with in my booth if space is allowed. You really have a lot of stuff or may I call it "junk" in a loving manner?!!? Have fun!

  17. Wow, looks like so much work. I really hope you enjoy your new space. I love your crate tree, it's perfect for the season~

  18. The crate tree looks great. Sending you what energy I myself have left!

  19. I love the crate tree... I saw it too in CL but have not had the heart to paint any of my old orchard crates white yet....Maybe I will get some new crates and paint them.... It is looking good....My goodness, you do have lots of stuff...... Hang in there...You will be done soon...and that storage room is going to be fabulous!

  20. Don't how I missed this post. I've been having trouble with blogger dashboard showing up for me. Your shop looks amazing and I love that crate tree. I'm ashamed to say I didn't notice it in Country Living. Now I'm going to look through that issue again. Looks like you're going to do great in the new space. Wish I lived closer to see all the goodies!

  21. I'm closing shop for a while but that crate Christmas tree makes me want to go buy some more crates. This is great! I absolutely love what you've done. I know you are beyond excited and over the moon! I would be!


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