Sunday, December 21, 2014


picture framed Christmas tree, vintage ornaments
Why, son of a nutcracker!

I've been framed!

What to do when you have a living room filled with stacks of frames waiting to be made over?

What to do when there is one very naked Christmas tree sitting in the middle of said living room?

What to do when guests are going to arrive before you even begin to decorate?

Well, frame the tree, of course!

I ditched all the traditional white and pastel ornaments and hundreds of white lights for a simple, but pleasing tree.


They made me do it.

I picked out a selection of frames to use - white and gold ones of different shapes and sizes.

Strung on eight hundred lights - half of what is usually on the tree.

I dragged out every single box of Shiny Brites and their off-brand cousins - about 20 dozen and went to work.

These pics were taken during the late afternoon when the sun catches the gold of the frames.

Pale green tulle was used to tie the frames.

Plus the extra left on the roll was stuffed in between the ornaments.

Miss Lizzie finally donned some clothes - my Great Aunt Clarice's summer garden party gown and her mother's crocheted purse.

Unfortunately Miss Lizzie is several sizes bigger than the gown, but you cannot tell from the front of the tree.

The larger frames are artfully placed with Miss Lizzie behind the tree.

Don't tell me I can't hide my junk.

My favorite balls framed.

I did sneak a few glass balls from the eighties into the mix.

Framed - And I am loving it!

Remember to bring your holiday posts or other creations over tonight for Make It Monday. Sunday, 7PM Eastern time. Tamara (Etcetorize) will be choosing the features.

See y'all!

* It is the shortest day of the year - go crazy - get nekkid and dance in the yard! Or frame your balls!

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  1. Love it, Donna! You can really come up with some wonderful masterpieces! I think this would be a hit at your shop!

  2. You are one crazy, creative gal! So unique and fun--guess your tree is a good reflection of you, Donna. Happy Christmas :)

  3. Who would have thought that this could turn out so amazing? We are all so lucky that you can come up with these creative ideas for us to be inspired by :-)

    Merry Christmas!


  4. Well that's just a genius idea you had, it looks really cool Donna!


  5. Now that is thinking outside the frame! I love stuff that is so crazy amazing that it works. It's so fun! Way to get into the spirit Donna! If that's what watching ELF 5 times does for you I might have to watch it another 3 times. lol.

    1. I was so enthralled by your tree that I totally forgot that I did actually frame some balls in my post today. Pretty pink ones. lol.

  6. Well, it's a good thing you didn't have a slew of 5-pound hand weights strewn about your place! Your idea of putting the frames on the tree was so fun, and I don't think you had any company! Very unique!

  7. What if I have no balls to frame? Sorry, couldn't help it!

  8. Well Donna ... that is the most creative idea I have ever seen. I guess if you have a naked tree; too many frames and need to hide them or use them ... then this is the way to do it. Looks great and really draws attention to those special ornaments. So original ... love it. Sure makes my little 'ole tree look pretty dull.
    Christmas Blessings,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

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  10. You crack me up!! I love your tree and it's so unique!

  11. Original and unexpected! You are so clever, Donna. :) Merry Christmas!

  12. That is so cute!! Hope you had a merry Christmas.


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