Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Back Room

Riverfront Antique Mall, Booth W-10
I promise I have not been hiding.

Well, not completely true.

I have been in the back room of my booth retagging and straightening to get it ready for business.

Here's what it looked like last Saturday.

It does not look like it, but this is an organized mess.

Things on the shelves had been marked with "W-10".

Things on the floor had not been.

I changed close to a thousand tickets.

"W-10" was a recurring nightmare.

Next was order.

Not neat by any means, but some kind of order.

Some of the crates from my crate Christmas tree were tied in a different configuration for shelving. 

See my crate Christmas tree here. 

Unlike some dealers, I do not bring home or put on sale my seasonal items.  Christmas and Halloween found places in the back room.

The turquoise wall is the back to the shelving unit facing my little office/workroom.

It is chaos back there!

Most of the books are in this area.

Don't worry - it's the photo, not your eyesight!

I sat for days in that chair changing the tags.

I have become quite taken with her and may bring her back home.

For now she is available for you to rock and read.

I used clothes pins to pin hankies and small towels to a wire dress form.

I do tend to color-coordinate my books without realizing it.

Yes, more books and buttons.

The lattice was already there so I left it.

More vegetable crates for the books.

For three bucks a pop you can't beat them for storage.

One last look.

I know some of you are thinking is this really my idea of organized?

Why, yes. Yes, it is.

So what do I call this area?

I refer to it as The Back Room.

Should I call it something cute?

Do you have an idea?

The office area is on the list for a great deal of work.  I want to be able to do some projects back there.

Come visit - Booth W-10 at Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, South Carolina.

See y'all!

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  1. Back room = Donnaton Abbey.
    I understand organized mess. Nothing at my desk gets put away until it's finished. Finished products are immaculate but works in progress look like explosions. That's how I can crank out as much as I do.

  2. Wow - I can't imagine retagging over or even close to 1000 items! There's not much going on this weekend in the sales/auctions department so mom and I have decided to take everything out of my 2 booths and rearrange the furniture to make it one big booth. Our dilemma - can we do it in 9 hours (the mall is open 10a-7p)? We won't be able to go back Sunday because we're expected 5-8" overnight in snowfall, and likely the mall will close if it's closer to 8". Also, we don't want to drive in the snow with the crazies. I drew up several floor plan options last night, hoping they work, because I guessed on the size of some of the furniture!

  3. Wish I could have helped you with all the retagging, but I probably would have been distracted by shopping! Definitely name it what Cheryl said! LOL!

  4. My gosh... that's a lot of work... all those tags. I too understand organized mess. My craft room is just like that, but I know where most stuff is. Most.... not all. lol. I'm constantly organizing, messing, and organizing. And I've come to accept it. I stopped fighting it and I'm much happier. I see a fabulous turquoise birdcage in that last pic that I would definitely be taking home if I lived closer. I kinda like The Back Room name. It sounds like one of those cool places to hang out in back in the day where they'd play great live jazz music. I think your back room is a cool place to hang out in too.

  5. Hey Miss Donna;
    This room should be called: "Miss Donna's Room @ W10."
    Heavens Yes, Your space is well Organized!!!
    This is clean, in reference to some Folks "Horror Closets & Monsters" LOL!!! ;-)
    I Love your Veggie Crates for Storage.....Nice Idea!!! In my World, Many, Many Books and Buttons are Always a Good Thing!!! :-D
    I Hope that you do decide to bring the old beauty of a Chair Home!!! She is a Lovely!!!
    I am in LOVE with your Wire Dress Form!!!! :-D I WISH that I had one!!!!!
    Clothespins, are by far the Best choice...You Always have the very Best Ideas!!!!!
    Please Take Care and Stay Warm. :-)

  6. The Back Room - simple, directional, open for whatever you want it to morph into, I like it. : ) I can just hear you say, "Why yes. Yes it is." Still wish we could meet for a cup of something warm...

  7. What a job! It looks like you will be better able to find what you need. How about calling it the "Inspiration Room"? It's where you store more inspiring items to put in your booth.

  8. I like calling it The Back Room...makes me want to find out what's to be discovered back there. :)

  9. Wow! You have so many things in your booth! It must be a dream to visit it!

  10. I think I would have to be there in person to appreciate the real organization of it all! I'd love to pick through it too!

  11. You are one busy lady! You make me! I think it looks quite organized and I love the crates. They are handy and look nice too. Have a great evening and fantastic Friday!

  12. Donna ... I have missed you and just knew you were on a trip finding more treasures. Would have been more fun than remarking merchandise. What a job. Good that you have that "back room". Looks organized to me.
    Audrey Z.

  13. I am pretty sure that retagging/pricing things is going to be the part I dislike about having a space at the mall! I certainly wish I had a back room though!


  14. I love the felling after an organization, but so not fun to do it!

  15. well your 'back room' sounds like my middle room... at least yours is at a mall...and not in your house!
    my middle room looked quite similar earlier in the week... I'm happy to say it looks, somewhat better now.
    maybe I'll get around to posting about it.

  16. I am really just getting started on my booth fixing up, so I am envious of your progress. I am already moving out of my newest spaces (that I never really settled into) to go into a double booth at the end of the same aisle that my other double space is on. I like the proximity! I vote for "Donna's Den" for your back room name, if it's not too late. Love, love the veggie crate shelves!

  17. What a difference now - your space looks so organized. Great way to re-purpose old crates. I have a couple hanging on the back of the house to keep hand held garden tools handy. My "studio" which is basically a spare bedroom in my house needs to be moved to a booth space - we're bursting at the seams over here. Cheryl's suggestion for naming the back room is awesome!

  18. Looking good! I love that green/turquoise wicker shelving unit you've got. I'm inspired! I see them from time to time and refrain from purchasing because I already have too much wicker in my house....but if I start painting some of my pieces the sky's the limit :) (right??)


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