Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Friday, Er, Wednesday Finds

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It is a necessity this week to sneak in an extra "Finds" post.

Yes, it does mean I have been buying truckloads.

But my customers deserve it.

I found this sweet trio at three different thrifts, but felt they belonged together.

I have them on Etsy.

I think the trio would be precious in a baby girl's nursery.

A Speas Vinegar U-Sav-It pitcher with a Presto zinc and milk glass top.

Lovely shape.

Going to the booth unless someone shouts out they want it on Etsy.

You can do that you know.

As a young teacher I depended on these Hayes bulletin board books to help me with ideas.

There weren't pre-made bulletin board materials. 

Everything had to be cut from construction paper.  We were required to have a new one up every few weeks.

The bulletin board had to be pertinent to the subjects being covered as well as being neat and decorative.

These are from the early sixties.

I bought both of these tiny letter scales.

The green one had a rate sheet for the amount of postage needed.

Yes. the scale is upside down.

You hold the solid round disk and clip the letter with the alligator clip.

There is always a place for a wicker/rattan shelf.

I had planned on painting it, but it cleaned up rather nicely.

I paid really real money for the gorgeous old vanity tray.

The mirror is aged with dark spots and has a cut glass edge.

The cast metal is dark silver in color.

I having fun using it until it sells on Etsy.

The label reads "We make in Denmark Pictures For Children All Over The World" by the Sandgaard Company.

These will be listed on Etsy.

A Haeger planter and an Italian candle holder.

A lovely round tin with a cloisonne look.

Two vintage clamps.

A red train case.

A wire basket.

A wicker basket divided into triangles.

A driftwood tree.

A cotton blanket for the dogs napping on the sofa.

And finally six unopened JC Penney Percale full sheets.

Called new old stock.

Three pink.

Two white.

And one yellow.

Will be available at Riverfront Antique Mall this week.

I am off junking again today.

And all the clowns come out to play.  A Christmas gift from Niece Leia.

Yes, there were nightmares.

But I WILL get her back! 

See y'all!

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  1. LOL. Those clowns!! Oh my. That vanity tray is stunning--haven't ever seen one as pretty as that. Love the old sheets. I've read about some people finding king size, but I never have. I only use vintage pillow cases cuz I love they way they feel and they are always pretty patterns or colors. Have a good one, Donna!


  2. Wow! You scored some great treasures! I am ready to go out today for more treasures after my last huge score. It just never ends!

  3. I like so much aged mirrors, so the vanity tray is my favorite from this post!

  4. I had to do a double take because it's not Friday! If you put those heads in a nursery that child will have nightmares! LOL! I love that little shelf. The clowns.....not so much!

  5. You've been busy! Love those bulletin board books. The cover graphics are so sweet! Good luck today ;-)


  6. Ugh, clowns!! Other than those, the finds are great as always!

  7. I was so happy until we got to the clowns! Scary to me! Love the bottle and the driftwood tree. Good finds.

  8. Wednesday finds? Girl, you're out of control!!

  9. EEEK! Those clowns are freakin me out! But you found a lot of great stuff. Love the vanity tray and that colourful tin. That candler holder is very pretty.

  10. Yeah....those clowns are going to get you eventually.

  11. I am not a clown fan either! However, I am a fan of your awesome finds. As usual, I am in awe. I don't know how you do it. That vanity tray is amazing! Love the wire basket and the vinegar jar too. The busts would be sweet in a nursery. The bulletin board books are a cool find too. I cannot imagine having to make it all by hand and change it every few weeks. Not these way! Too much other stuff piled on us to do that!

  12. You always score such great by the truckload, oh how I wish. I have so many pieces of Haeger, but they are not popular in my booth? I have vases, planter bowl and sit there with no one interested. Sure wish we lived close. Do me a favor, send me some of your finds, it's a good thing to share :-{

  13. As I was scrolling I was taking note of which item I was going to say was my fav, but the treasures just got better and better. The vanity tray is pretty amazing though~

  14. Great finds Donna ... I especially love the silver-plated tray ... it is beautiful. I think I would box those clowns back up too.

  15. I love your finds but not so excited about the clowns. LOL! The mirror is gorgeous! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Hugs, Dianne

  16. Lots of goodies Donna! I think the clamps look awesome. Yup, not a clown lover here either, but when my sis gave me her tin toys there was a clown bank and I couldn't part with it. lol! I have to go to Provo tomorrow for an eye appt. There's a thrift shop right across the street. Yahoo, let the fun begin! he-he! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. Hi, I'm visiting from Show and Share. You found some great things. I think I like the train case the best.

  18. I so wish I could be out there finding treasures too! We have at least 2 more months until the weather clears in PA before I can get to garage sales and flea markets.

    I remember those letter scales! I used them at my first office job and that was only in the 90's!!

    Those clown mugs are the scariest--their white teeth--yikes!


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