Thursday, February 5, 2015

Architectural Salvage

Porch railings, spindles, muntins, windows, Vintage salvage
It was all about architectural salvage over last weekend.

The coffin carrier was filled to the roof.

Had I found any more, the tailgate would have been dropped, and the treasures strapped down.

A bunch of porch spindles.

A small section of the porch railing.

The guys cutting it away from the house were thoughtful enough to attach wood braces to keep it from falling apart.

And finally the last long piece.

They are a bit rickety, but who cares - they were saved!


Do you know your muntins from your mullions?

Well, I found a stack of muntins in the sought after diamond shape.

Window Terminology  (SOURCE here)

"A muntin is a strip of material, often wood, plastic, or aluminum, that holds panes of glass inside the larger frame of the muntins may be made of wood and snap over the single large piece of glass on the interior of a window to make it appear to be multiple smaller pieces of glass."

"Mullions, on the other hand, refer to the joint where two or more windows are joined or “mulled” together. This joint may offer structural support between windows or may simply be an architectural design element."

Now you know!

Another stack of windows.

Four over four's.

A small scalloped edged kitchen shelf ripped right from the wall.

All have been cleaned and taken to Riverfront Antique Mall to Booth W-10.

Some have sold.

So sorry!

See y'all!

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  1. wow you are really cleaning up and such wonderful salvage

  2. The kitchen shelf has so much potential!

  3. Well I did not know my muntins from my mullions, but I do now! I did remove muntins from my front door in Montana only to have the glass fall out. Duh.

  4. Hi Donna, I don't see a one of these beautiful finds in your shop anywhere. Can ya help me to find some of the mutins

  5. You got very lucky! We have a couple of serious salvage folks here in Indy and they usually know about any demolition being done to any older home and get to snag all the goodies.

  6. Miss Donna; You Always find the Nicest, Neatest things!!!
    Thank-You for the lesson of the Mutions and Mullions!!!!
    How I WISH that I had some of those to use for some Art projects.....I do not believe that I have ever seen one of the Star Mutions. I am in Love :-)
    I bet that you had people fighting over the Kitchen shelf!!!
    Stay Warm!!!! Take Care :-)

  7. Want want want want want. Especially the whole railing. Want.

  8. I love these new finds and my mind keeps going to what I could create with those! You lucky duck!

  9. Lucky you! Architectural salvage is one of my favorite things to find. I know you'll do something fun with it! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  10. Jackpot! I'm with Cheryl...want, want, want.

  11. Donna you have been on a roll..........finding all
    kinds of goodies. Love all your finds!

  12. What a haul Donna !!! Lucky you to be able to go to a place just for architectural salvage. I would love to have gone. Love the porch railings.
    Audrey Z.

  13. Very cool post! So informative and fun.

  14. Love the window and the porch railing is so cool!


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