Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday The Thirteenth Finds

vintage finds, suitcase, salvage, chalkware
It may be Friday the Thirteenth, but I have had a lucky week for crusty finds.

A foursome of very chippy red and white shapely legs with the casters.

A large chalkware sheep to add to my collection.

Connected tiny loaf pans - about two by three inches each.

Each pan marked with a fox head and "Made In USA".

I am on the fence with these - they are useful when crafting to hold tiny stuff.

Two ladders, a toile pillow bought for the tassels, those fab legs again, an ironstone gravy, and a white crock with blue stripes.

A wicker mannequin and yet another brown suitcase.

And, yes, I am showing off my legs again.

A tall brass hall tree.

The tray for the bottom is missing, but it is still a beauty.

Umbrellas and canes would stand in the round part.

The two ladders at the booth at Riverfront Antique Mall.

Those legs!

A small door with one side a shutter.  I am thinking barn or stable or attic.

From Horror Monster's Outdoor Living section comes this Inman Grocery sign which hung on the side of our yard barn for two decades.

After we had the shed resheathed last spring, I did not rehang the sign.

I am reluctantly selling it.

A stack of gas station numbers - mostly five's, nine's, and zero's.

Another stack of windows - two sizes of small ones.

Placed the brown suitcase on top of the picnic basket so you could see its ginormous size.

It weighs a ton empty.

I can't imagine toting food in it.

I am finally through.

I bet you thought the pics would go on forever.

Except for the sheep and the loaf pans, all can be found at Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, SC.

Meanwhile, as you read this, Chucks and I are celebrating Un-Valentine's Day on the thirteenth as we always do.

He promises to take me junking somewhere special.

No roses for me - I want something rusty!

See y'all!

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  1. The sheep is so nice. Happy Un-Valentine's day, junking definitely is the best way to celebrate :)!

  2. Love it Donna! Rust instead of roses! Lots of great finds again. Those chippy legs are great. The windows are as well. Great for projects. The tiny loaf pans are really neat and would be handy in a craft room. Love the sheep...:) Have you ever shared your entire sheep collection? I would love to see them all together. Have a great UN-Valentine's Day.

  3. What?? You are not keeping that torso to go with the rest of your body parts????!!!! Of course you know I love the sheep and I bet we see him in some spring decor post.

  4. I like your way of celebrating Valentine's Day way better!

    Good luck junkin'. Yah, as if you need luck :-)


  5. Great finds! The sheep is pretty and I would keep those lucky girl!

  6. I love the sheep and those legs (!) - remind me of a ballerina en pointe. Have a great junk date!

  7. Great way to celebrate the big V day beforehand! Hadn't realize this is Friday, the 13th - guess I'm getting too old or it's dementia.

  8. Those legs are awesome! Perfectly chippy.I would have to keep the loaf pans too. One of these days I'm going to find me a tall and lovely old wooden ladder. I have just the place for it, Good thing I'm patient. Good luck finding something rusty today, I'm sure you don't need luck at all. You always find fabulous things. Happy Un-Valentine's Day!

  9. Dagnabit. I always want the stuff that's too big to ship to Wisconsin, like whole porch railings or enormous hall trees.
    I am a 'rusty' instead of 'flowers' girl also. There is a mechanic's shop here at work and they know when they remove a rusty spring from one of the trucks to bring it to me. Every time there's one on my desk, to me it's like getting flowers. They're so thoughtful.

  10. Hey Donna ... I wanna go junkin' with you. I am with you for wanting junk instead of roses. I always ask for tools for Christmas. This year I (or we) got a new and wonderful miter saw and a new power drill. I say we, because I will share them with Mr. Z.
    Have a great Valentine day and find lots of junk. I want those legs!

  11. as my Valentine gift I would love a junkin trip over any red roses or chocolate! I love every single one of your great finds. Everytime I put an old sheep in my booth it sells quickly. Can you tell me how big the Inman sign is and how much?

  12. Yes, let's junk! I am in withdrawal. I don't think I've ever seen that fox head on anything. If I leave now, I think I could shop your booth by tomorrow afternoon. ;)

  13. I thought my hubby had been drinking when he asked if I wanted to go to the flea market or Gruene (Texas) tomorrow for V-day. He NEVER offers that! When I ask if we can flea, he asks if I'm TAKING stuff. That answer is always "No, I'm not." So, we don't go. Can't believe my luck, same as you, junking instead of flowers and chocolate! LOVE that man!

  14. I had a MEGA lucky day so far in junking! Me and the fiancee don't celebrate Valentine's Day, either. We treat it like any other day, however since it's our friday night ritual, we'll be going to dinner somewhere! :)

  15. Love those legs and the pans are pretty sweet for sure. I want another little window, wish I lived closer to you!

  16. Rust or Roses . . . that is a good question, LOL
    I'm with you . . . rust wins!
    Have a happy day.
    Connie :)

  17. Love seeing your finds. Customers must watch your booth constantly to see what great stuff you have added.

  18. Happy Un-Valentine's Day! Love your finds as always, and as usual, I have a couple of them...a crock just like that, and an ironstone gravy boat like that, too. Maybe a similar picnic basket as well... No wonder we're bloggy friends. : )

  19. Wow Donna, you really made a haul! Love those chippy legs and ladders are always fabulous. I have a very similar sheep, so of course I love it and I also have that same crock with the blue stripe. I store my glue sticks in it in my craft room. Love that grocers sign. Heck, it's all just wonderful!

  20. Your legs and your wicker body form are lovely! Lots of great finds! I love Friday the 13th although I did not go thrifting today to celebrate it. I am with you on the roses.....I'd rather get junk!!

  21. What great finds. I love that stack of windows.

  22. I THINK I saw some shapely legs with castors. Not sure, though. You get such good junk. I'm jealous. We're only about 280 miles away...hmmm...

  23. Well....Happy Valentine's Day and hope you find some rust today!
    Love all your finds especially the sheep, the shutter door and those legs....oooolala!
    At the moment I am watching a blizzard going on here.......hope your weather is good for your outing of picking! Have fun!

  24. I have some old crib spindles, not as chippy as your legs (sigh) and I was wondering what I could use them for. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!!

  25. Oh those windows !
    That picnic basket ( wouldn't that be gorgeous with a huge batch of impatiens planted in it?
    But what I really want is that small ladder !!!
    Great finds Donna - as always !

  26. I need a ladder! I have got to go pickin. It's been a while.

  27. What a Lucky Friday The Thirteenth you had! Great Scores! Dawn... The Bohemian

  28. I went to the beginning & read ALL your posts!! I love, love, love all the fab things you find! I am so jelly, I work Tues thru Sunday so I never get a chance to go to yard/estate sales or flea markets & the antiques malls are way, way across town from where I live! Maybe when I'm able to go ahead & take permanent disability, I'll have a chance to go thrifting/junk hunting!! Meanwhile I'll live vicariously thru your blog & others like it!!

  29. Well, you certainly made a haul. I love the ladders, windows, and those chippy legs.

  30. love a gal whose not afraid to show off her legs!! and as for the sheep, it's a real beauty!

  31. There's nothing like a great set of legs, is there? You have a collection of large chalkware sheep?


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