Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Big Old Box

repurposing a large crate, distress painting, vintage box
While cleaning out Horror Monster's Outdoor Living Section, I came across this big old box.  

It has been out in the yard for years.

It is three feet long and eighteen inches wide.

Constructed of one inch lumber with metal strapping.

Once painted green and white, it had faded to just wood, but still sturdy.

It has held pots of plants.

It was used on a metal base as a table.


Last year it sat on a table to hold my collection of watering cans.

I had it in the group to take to the booth, but I could not let it go.

So instead I painted it gray and stained it Mission Oak.

And lugged that heavy sucker into the living room.

(Which BTW is still clean and clear of junk.)

We have a massive blanket chest in front of the sofa.

I used the hooked rug I found at the thrift store under the big old box.

At first I planned to put a glass top over a collection a smalls inside the big old box, but Azalee found the glass too interesting.

I was afraid she would knock it off and shatter the glass.

You know curiosity killed the cat!

I went with a baby quilt, some bottles, a bunch of beads and some books.

All "B's"!

 I rather like it.

I think the big old box is staying for awhile.

Quite awhile.

See y'all!

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  1. I like your box and how you styled it, Donna! The glass top, making it a curio, is also a great idea, but I totally get it about the cat. No sense wasting 1 of 9 on having to clean up shards of glass. ;-)

  2. There are so many possibilities with that box! I don't blame you one bit for keeping it:-)


  3. Love the paint job, Donna--and all the "B's" that you filled it with. Nice stylin' :)

  4. Miss Donna; I Love what you have done with this Beautiful old Box!!! I am so very glad that you decided to keep it.
    This would be perfect to hold any type of a Collection, as it can be used from Season to Season.
    It looks like the large glass next to the Seltzer bottles was once a straw holder??
    I Love your old glass pieces, as well as you Quilt, Beads, Baubles and Books.
    What about adding some of your Beautiful Frozen Charlottes!!! :-)
    Take Care, and Stay Warm!!!

  5. That box is just lovely and I think I would have kept it too! Of course you made it lovelier! Decorating alphabetically...now that's a novel idea!

  6. I love the box and how you have painted it and decorated it, so pretty!

  7. Love it! I have one not quite that large but will still work similarly to yours. Thanks for the great idea!

  8. Azalee told me that the 'b' that should be in that box is 'bed', as in cat bed. Personally I feel your vignette is too beautiful to change out, but sometimes you just can't argue with a cat. She requested a memory foam mattress.

  9. I would keep the box too!!!

  10. I'd keep the box too! Looks great what you've done with it!

  11. I would have kept the box too. What you have done to it looks great.
    And.......all the different decorating changes that can be made!
    Your ideas are inspiring.......keep having fun!

  12. What a cool box. Love the color and all the B's in the vignette! A keeper for sure.


  13. I would have kept that old box too! It holds so many possibilities. I love those bottles with the aluminum tops. I can't resist anything aluminum... or old beat up books. Love that you added them. They look like they've been enjoyed for generations.

  14. Well...I quite LOVE it! It is a beautiful old box and the way you styled it makes it even more so. I would definitely keep it...:) Hope your week is going great!

  15. Love the stain that you have used and the way you have put everything together. You have my vote in keeping it.

  16. Can you give me your secret to a junk free living-room, please?
    I love the box, how sturdy it looks and how pretty you styled it.

  17. I'd have kept it too! Big old boxes are just so useful. It looks great painted. Thank you for sharing it all your Horror Monster treasures at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!


  18. love all of it! the box, the story, the stain, the styling. great job. i would keep it too. found you at what's it wed. linky party. cheers. MJ

  19. Yup Donna, that big old box is a keeper! I really like how you styled it. B-eautiful!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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