Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, bowling patches, pitchers
The sales have been so good around here, I am way behind posting things on Friday Finds.  I may have to sneak an extra in somewhere.

These finds are from several weeks ago.

Have you ever seen the family crest on linen things?

This was once one of those, but someone with talent painted the tole flowers.

A silverplate tray - already sold on Etsy.

A lovely vintage Christmas angel  will join the other vintage Christmas stuff on Etsy just as soon as I get the listings ready.

No passing up unusual manger scenes.

That is a rule.


Remember all the minor prophets you could never recite in Bible Quiz Bowl?

I found books on them.

Bought a whole bag of bowling patches - most never used.

The patches were divided into groups and put on Etsy.

I met a wonderful sewist who purchased a couple of sets from me.

More about Amanda later.

She deserves a whole post about her messenger bags.

This group of patches are felt instead of embroidery and probably older.

My cream pitchers are selling so this one may be gone.

Yes, they are mostly from my personal collection with a few like this one bought recently.

The Ten High Bourbon pub pitcher is available on Etsy.

Both Chucks and I are crazy for old atlases.

We like to see how the world has changed.

I had to make Rule #399 of junk collecting.

For every atlas coming in, one must go out.

I am a rebel who believes rules are made to be broken.

And finally this rusty metal spool of pink and yellow fabric covered wire.

Yes, another Etsy listing.

Please take advantage of the 10% discount coupon below when shopping.

Off treasure hunting today.

Will show all next week.

Well, maybe not all - this is a family-friendly blog.

See y'all!

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your purchase at the Distressed Donna Etsy store:



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  1. Those patches are pretty darn cool!

  2. Another fine collection to prove a day junkin is not a day wasted! Intrigued by the prophet books.

  3. It has been great thrifting in my area lately too! Who knew in the middle of winter? Those patches are so unique...never seen those in my outings. Great finds!

  4. Looks like it was a great junkin' day for you. Great treasures, but my favorites are the atlases. We're still in a slump here with the good sales.

  5. Lots of great finds as usual Donna! I can't wait to hear about the girl who bought the patches!


  6. I've never been invited to participate in a Bible Quiz Bowl.

  7. Love all your finds, but the Atlas is my favorite!

  8. Another bunch of great finds. I, too, want to hear about the gal and the patches.
    I need to get out and do some thrifting and see if I can be as lucky as you!
    What is popular in your booth these days or are they grabbing everything?
    Keep on having fun!

  9. It's hard to find ironstone pitchers anymore.

  10. Love the old atlas, and that Christmas angel is very sweet.

  11. Great finds, Donna. I agree on that stacked nativity--that is a keeper! Blessings to you, Cecilia

  12. Great finds, and also love that old atlas! Pitcher creamers don't sell for me? That's why I have so many!

  13. Awe, your cream pitcher is super sweet! Great finds<3


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