Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Finds

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This was going to be a short Friday Finds post because I spent so much time at the estate sale last week.

However yesterday changed this post.

You'll see.

You caught a glimpse of the red wicker desk yesterday.

 I could not pass it by.

A painted wooden bucket.

Gold frames.

Brass cricket boxes - I need about five more.

Some paper Easter eggs.

Old teacher + old office supplies = LOVE!

I have a stack of these.

I must corral them and take a photo.

This paper cutter is a 12 X 12.

A leather ledger book - not old, but looks it.

A silverplate condiment dish.

A paper mache Easter candy container. (Made in Germany)

A huge heavily woven tablecloth in spotty condition.

It's a cutter.

Don't grimace - you know you've done it to old linens.

The aged mirror with the cracked plastic frame was going to the trash.

I paid a dollar to save it.

If. It. Ever. Stops. Raining. It. Will. Be. Fixed.

It is supposed to be 60F and sunny this time of year.

It is 45F and rainy today.

My shorts keep jumping out of the dresser wondering why I have forsaken them.

A legal-sized clipboard.

A wooden scoop.

A pair of Italian paper mache bookends - love the line drawings of the lady.

And this was going to be the end of the post until I walked into the thrift store on my way to buy detergent to wash the mountain of linens laying about.

Agnes, the most wonderful thrift shop lady ever, said she had a Donna Box in the back.

The box where she tosses things too rusty, crusty, dusty to put on the sales floor.

I take the good with the bad and I do pay for them.

The Bad:  four embroidered dresses from three different countries.

I know several women who can pull these off, but not short, round me.

I'll think of something to do with them.

There was so much good in the box.

The long damask dress with the muskrat muff.

The dresses are in deplorable condition.

All hand-stitched.


Perfect for hanging in your boudoir.

Yes, I did sing the Muskrat Love song in my head.

Tiny little feet dangle from the bottom edge of the muff.

I was taking the photos as rain was moving in so they are wonky.

The wedding dress is polyester, but still has that Old World look with lace and pearl beading.

A close-up.

The silk nightgown is 1950's or earlier.

I picture Vivian Leigh in it.

A two-piece embroidered silk top and skirt.

At the very bottom of the box was the treasure.

1950's or earlier.

I cannot tell if it is a robe or a cocktail coat.

I can imagine someone wearing this to an afternoon tea or for cocktails in the garden.

It is lined.

Horribly wrinkled and aged.

I love the embroidery.

It is chiffon over silk.

Lovely pink flowers.

A chemise of embroidered batiste which has been curiously sewn over a piece of foam rubber to make a cushion.

I will be setting it free.

Yes, I had to buy a textbook.

Even though the AAUW Book Fair is next weekend, and I know I will buy boxes and boxes.

So I am sorry for the long post, but had to show you the Donna Box of treasures.

Agnes is leaving the thrift shop.  The community will miss her greatly.  The management doesn't know what a wonderful store manager she is.

And no more Donna Boxes - all will be ditched.

Off to mourn.

See y'all!

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  1. Another fine collection of fun stuff! I love that someone is collecting stuff for a Donna Box! I need the temps to get above 50 so I can spray paint! It will probably start raining as soon as it hits 50.

  2. That robe/cocktail coat is amazing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can get it cleaned up.


  3. Scrolling to the end, I immediately recognized that book - I think my grade school may have used that (Catholic grade schools went to 8th grade back in my day).

  4. Love the lace and pearl beading . . . but the muskrat?????

  5. In typical Miss Donna Fashion; You found Wonderful things!!!! I Love the old Wicker Desk, as well as the Linens. I am waiting to see what you will use the old metal frames and pieces for, as I am so sure that it will be out of this world.
    I am so Hopeful that you can save the old Linens!!!
    Take Care and Stay Warm!!! :-)

  6. So many goodies but I liked the desk, the paper cutter and that wedding dress the best!

  7. We will all mourn for the loss of Agnes. I hope she finds appreciation in her new endeavors. And I hope you can train the new manager well.

  8. Amazing things she saved for you! Love your great finds.

  9. Love that desk!! I would spray paint it pink and keep it for sure. All those dresses are wonderful, but that muskrat is freakin me out. Yikes!!! Love the lace and pearl beading on that wedding dress.

  10. Looking forward to seeing what you do with and how you use all the items.

  11. Wow, the bench is fantastic and the nightgown ... very delicate :)!
    Have fun!
    Thank you for your visit - it's wonderful to have you around!
    All my best

  12. What great finds! There is so much potential here, I feel a bit of vintage envy coming on.

  13. You have done it again......another great haul! Love that wicker desk.
    I need to get out but this snow we get every other day keeps me hibernated!
    Hopefully after this blast we are going to get tomorrow will be the end of it. Today I am getting groceries just in case it's a doozy!! Have fun with your new finds!

  14. Oh my! What a fabulous load of treasures you found. I just about had coffee all over my keyboard when I laughed out loud at that poor critter.

  15. Donna ... great stuff. Glad that someone has been saving stuff for you that would have been thrown away. I hope those wonderful vintage dresses can be saved. I am sure your know about Restoration Fabric Cleaner? Wonderful stuff if used with care. Nice old paper cutter. I found a 24" one and thought about using it for a industrial table top, but worried it might be too dangerous. Have a great week-end and stay safe.

  16. Ah kryptonite. Great little vanity/desk! And I love the 1950's nightgown. I'd make some tote bags from those gorgeous ethnic dresses if I were you. Looks like it's time to pull your sewing machine out ;)

  17. What a pretty vanity !
    And talk about Donna Boxes - holy cow - that 50's nightgown is soooo pretty !
    Also love those cricket boxes !

  18. Do you think you can salvage the cocktail coat? What a great surprise to walk in and have a box waiting for you. You'll miss Agnes for sure.
    Keep those shorts in the drawer awhile longer...looks like another round of cold is coming.

  19. What great finds! I remember when my favorite manager of a local thrift store left... he used to save boxes of stuff specifically for me and I would come pick them up several days a week. Since he left I have gone to the thrift store many times, but never seem to find a darn thing!

  20. What a variety of much fun to see them all. And now that song's going through my head, lol!

  21. Great finds, Donna! Love the red wicker and wedding dress :) Blessings, Cecilia

  22. Love the Donna box! The wicker desk is so stinkin cute. Can't wait to see what you do with all of it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. Some lemon juice and sun shine will go along way with the linens. Busy week!

  24. Back in the day when I had a regular hold file at my comic shop, I was known as "the guy who always reads the weird stuff." Many of the things I ordered were larger than the standard comic size, so I had a box that my stuff went into until I picked them up. It was the "Mitchell Box." I'd come in the door and someone would say "Grab the MItchell box." From time to time the manager would slip something extra into my box, because she thought it looked like something I would like. I wasn't under any obligation to buy the extras, but I usually did because it was so nice to be remembered. Too bad they're won't be any more Donna boxes. Good, attentive managers are a gift.

  25. I LOVE the different country dresses!! Do you still have them? How much would you sell them for?


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