Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tattered Tags, Yet Again

I know I posted last week on tattered tags, but I am back at it again.  This time I took the shipping tags and painted them green, mustard, turquoise, taupe, and pink.  

Read about dying the tags for the tattered look here. 

I always buy the box of 500 strung tags at Staples because I go through a ton of them.  I do not always use the strings on them, but I rather have them strung for choice.

The tags will curl when you paint them (I painted both sides at one time).  Just lay them flat and they will uncurl as they dry.  As usual I am using my trusty screens for drying racks.

After the paint dried, I spritzed the tags with walnut ink and a light overspray of alcohol to achieve the antique look.

These dried flat, but you can stack a book on top of the dried ones if they are not cooperative.

 All of the images came from Karen at The Graphics Fairy.  Mod Podge adhered the image to the tag.

The backs were stamped with StazOn Saddle Brown with a tapestry stamp.

Instead of the strings, torn cotton calico was attached for ties.

 The taupe tags feature children in French clown outfits.  Pom pom trim soaked in cheap vanilla was added.

 Twinkle girl on the mustard tags with a bit of vintage lace.

 The bird was perfect for the turquoise tags - just added a bit of pleated tulle for trim.

 Loved this phrenology chart image on the green tag with some vintage trim.

Finally, crazy dance lady on pink with a turquoise ribbon tie and pink pleated tulle trim.

Is that really "finally" with the tattered tags?  No, I make them all the time.  I do not post about every single thing.  I would never get any work done around here for blogging. 

Whoa! What was that?  A giant dust/pet fur bunny just glided by.  Maybe I better go and clean the house.  Come back again - I have a neat cabinet to show.  

Yes, there is a tag.

But mostly it is all about the cabinet.

See y'all!

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  1. I LOVE your tags and enjoy seeing them every time...Gets my creative juices going!! :)

  2. First of all I LOVE your tags - they're just gorgeous!
    Secondly - a dust bunny just glided by - I'm peeing my pants here!

  3. Donna your tags are fabulous!! I love the layering with paint and clip art plus fringe and trim. Thank you so much for linking up with the Pretty Things party :)

    xo, Tanya

  4. Love them but darling you make me feel plum lazy as I am still glossing those dad blame shells. I will never see the end of that project. The brain is wee bit creepy but I get it . xo, Olive

  5. Always love your tags! I don't see how you do it all! Such a multi tasker!

  6. Yor tags are very pretty :) I love all the different trims you used.

  7. Clearly you go through a lot of tags! I know you use them to embellish your creations, but I take it your clients also like to buy them for themselves. Wow, that's a lot of tags! They are always so cute and the lace and pom poms and whatnot really set them off!

  8. These are fantastic! I am pinning for future use. Thanks for the great idea and blessings to you, Patti

  9. I really like these! The birds remind me of an episode of Portlandia "just put a bird on it!" haha

    I hope you stop by and link up with us!

  10. Hey Donna; How I Love seeing all of the ways in which you make your Tags!!!!! They are simply Stunning!!!! :-)

  11. Love your tags! What a great project! I have a new weekly link party which is live now and I would love if you stop by and link up this wonderful post! Hope to see you there! Hugs, Maria

  12. Like all your other commentors I love your tags. They'd be a great winter project to make when it's too miserable out to do anything. We had quite a few of those days this past winter.
    So appreciative of the great tutorial on how to create these beauties. I'll have to look into your other tags post. Glad you shared this.
    Happy summer

  13. So beautiful -- I love that this is a project that I could accomplish in an evening and it gets me back in my stamping room. Thanks for sharing the technique and ideas!

  14. All the tags look wonderful, love the images you used.
    Visiting from Common Ground today.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh, my... I got in such trouble 3 yrs ago when I suggested my step put a raven on top of her black xmas tree when she asked what she should use... I always think of them as scarecrows, hay bales, picket fences and sunflowers- she didn't appreciate it- so if I should EVER have to give her another gift it will be a set of your lovely tags with ravens on them! :)

  16. I just love your tags, and it's interesting to hear how you create them. Great tutorial!

  17. Gorgeous tags Donna. Thank you for sharing this at Shabbilicious Friday.


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