Monday, June 10, 2013

Green Milk Paint Table

 It has been decades since I bought and used milk paint.  The last time being somewhere back in the age of big hair - early 1980's.  So I decided after a year of mixing up my own chalk paint (which is similar, but not quite the same) I would actually shell out real money for a small bag of Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Sea Green.

I found this table and thought it was the right candidate for the job.

It was a pretty good marriage of old pieces put together and very sturdy.  It only needed a light sanding on the skirt and the legs.

The top needed more sanding because of stains.

It cleaned up right nice.  I almost just tung oiled it, but I had committed to the milk paint test.

 Since I had used this product many times, I took liberty with the instructions while mixing a batch.  I use those small plastic containers with the measuring lines down the sides.  

Three full spoons of the paint, four full spoons plus a tad extra of water.  Screw on the top, put on a good CD (yes, a CD - at least I did not say record!), and shake, shake, and shake some more.  Probably this is the most important step - you do not want any dry particles.

I applied two coats to the underneath and four coats to the top with a foam brush.  I had a little left over to paint a couple of baskets which I forgot to photograph.  Take it from me - they looked great on the table!

Just use your imagination.

 This is the top as it was drying.  If you want a thicker coverage without seeing the wood grain, follow the directions on the package.  Please remember this stuff really covers many square feet of furniture.

It does not store well, but I have kept it for a week with a piece of plastic wrap over the surface and the top of the jar sealed tight.  I placed it in the bottom of the refrigerator.

 Next the waxing.  Milk paint like chalk paint must be sealed.  It will water-spot easily.

I used Howard's Citrus Shield in Dark Oak.

Here is one leg completed and the other waiting while I took the time to take a picture.

Is your furniture patient while you do this?

Often mine has the temerity to go ahead and dry without me!

You can also seal with a varnish.

 Do not, I repeat, do not try this at home.  After waxing half the table and taking a photo, I had a devil of a time waxing that line out.  Lucky for me it was a warm day and the wax was very soft.

I buffed with a cheap paper towel, then a soft rag to get a shine.  

If you wish, a light sanding before waxing gives a gleam to the finished product.

Another of the same after photo as above.  Remember you are supposed to use your imagination to see the beautiful baskets with fake hydrangeas stylishly placed on the table.

I was sure I took that photo.

Sometimes I am super-fast on the delete button!

Okay, will I use this milk paint again?  Well, this is not a product-endorsing post.  The company does not even know I exist.  So I had to pay for the bag of paint and there is a bunch left.  Yes, I plan to use it again.  I am looking for another candidate this easy.  The table had no finish on it so it was easy to prepare.  There is a whole slew of preparations for pieces with a paint or stain finish on them.

I know I usually show you what I bought over the weekend today, but it has rained buckets here. I have not even unloaded the car.  I am promising a show soon.

OOPS!  Now you know I painted this table two weeks ago.  My bad.

See y'all!

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  1. Love the finish. You are full of helpful tips! I've found with MMS milk paint that mixing it, then letting it rest for awhile, then shaking/mixing it again helps insure all the particles are incorporated. What I forget to do is give it a stir while I'm using it, and sometimes the pigments settle at the bottom. I'm learning!

  2. I've never used milk paint, but I've seen so many wonderful pieces like this that it makes me want to try some day. You always share such great tips. Can't wait to see your most recently thrifted goodies. That rain has to stop some day!

  3. Wow, This looks fantastic, especially with all the baskets and flowers. I've never used milk paint, I have only just started using chalk paint. Donna, will you take a look at my latest post and see if you can help me figure something out? Thanks in advance...Connie

  4. Great table makeover Donna! I've used many other types of paint but never the milk paint. Thanks for sharing all your info and tips!

  5. Love the little round table Donna! I haven't used milk paint before, but I had never used chalk paint until recently, so maybe I'll give it a try sometime! The finish turned out nicely...:) I love green! Are you keeping or selling? If you're selling, I'm sure you won't mind trading that green for some green of a different kind! :)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. Well done Donna. I like the green. The rain is gone and I think I had some kind of reaction to the humidity today after working outside too long.

  7. We don't care when you did it, we are just thrilled to see your fabulous work and hear all your tips to save us from ourselves. Heaven knows I would do all those same things, right down to being too quick hitting the delete button. The baskets of hydrangeas are gorgeous. Their color provided the perfect accent to the finished table!

  8. Donna I am "Milk Green" with envy at how Lovely your Table turned out!!!! Seriously Lady, you could take an old flat tire and make it look absolutely Stunning!!!!
    The things which you do to transform old and forgotten items to new and exciting things which people are sure to fight over at your booth never ceases to Stun me.
    I Love your Blog so much as anyone can do what you are doing as long as they truly Love what they are working with.
    Thank-You so much, Donna. :-)

  9. This is a lovely table! I have never used milk or chalk paint...but you have inspired me to give it a shot! :)

  10. Amazing transformation Donna. Doesn't the wax make a huge difference. Thank you for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday... I really appreciate it.

  11. As always my friend a fabulous transformation : ) HUGS...TFS!

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