Friday, June 7, 2013

Before the Rain - Jasmine and Roses

 Before the rain of Andrea came and stayed for days, there was the beauty of jasmine and pink roses to greet us each time we turned into the driveway.  The scent of the Confederate Jasmine was truly intoxicating.  It made you swoon just a little.

The climbing rose was overloaded with buds this year and I was looking forward to the show. 

I ran out just before the heavy rains descended to take photos.  I knew from past experience the buds would be beat to death.

The pergola was my twentieth wedding anniversary present from my husband.  He patiently worked in the driveway as I designed on the fly what I had envisioned.

Those floor-to-ceiling windows in the den needed some protection from the sun.  Now as the plants have filled the pergola, the shade is a welcomed relief.

Some of the rose escaped to underneath the containers on the driveway.  I did not disturb them before they bloomed. 

That is my story of why there is still debris from the winter under there!

After the rain?  Most of the blooms are gone, but the vines have grown feet!

It is pruning time - a favorite task of mine.

Whipping every little thing into shape is a passion.

See y'all!

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  1. What a sweet husband you have. That was a wonderful and loving anniversary gift. Now that your roses and jasmine have covered it, it is breath taking and I can just imagine how marvelous it smells. Absolutely beautiful :)

  2. Pretty! I need to do some mega pruning... send help!!! :)

  3. I can smell the jasmine tfrom here. Your pergola is gorgeous now that it's all grown up. What a thoughtful gift.

  4. Donna how Gorgous!!! I wish that I had a cutting of your Roses, as they are Stunning!!!
    Ask Chucks if he is for hire?!? I would be Thrilled with such a Pergola as yours!!! :-)

  5. Donna,your roses and jasmine look lovely. I can just about smell them.

  6. How pretty! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :) xo Holly

  7. Donna I can see why you recommended the jasmine and rose bushes for my pergola. Yours are absolutely beautiful! Yes, the rains can wreck havoc on plants. I think I might have to switch out my verbena plants I have in urns in my front entry. They are taking a beating from the winds and rain and really look awful after the storms.

  8. Gorgeous! What a view you should have, all framed up with roses! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  9. Wow, the jasmine and roses on the pergola are so beautiful. I hope the flowers bounce back. That would be such a shame to lose all that color and aroma!

  10. I love your pergola! So pretty!!

  11. Your husband is a sweetie! What a great way to get some relief from the hot sun! Your garden is so lovely and I bet the jasmine smells just wonderful! .... If you want to prune a little more, come on over!


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