Monday, June 3, 2013

A Motley Mix Of Finds - Part 1

 Can you believe it?  I actually stuck pretty close to my list while shopping at the Peachtree 23 Yard Sale event.  The event was 44 miles long, but to be honest I only made it for about 20 miles.  BUT  I did buy some great items.

It is a motley mix of textiles, yard junk, and smalls.

At one house the lady had a bag of calico scraps in reds and yellows.  She asked if I like fabric remnants and proceeded to bring out several bags of reds, blues, and golds plus two quilts.  

She was happy to get rid of them and I was happy to buy them!

 The small red book is a directory with maps of the streets of Paris.  I love the red and silver cover and the colorful maps inside.

There was a tote bag tied up with the tag stating it was quilt squares for pillows.  When I arrived home and unpacked them, they were beautiful.  Blue chambray, calico, and homespun in various patterns.  Some gracious soul had cut them into squares.and sewed around the edges.

I love the rough, worn textures.

This was some little girl's treasure box.  It appears to be fifties and filled with handmade doll clothes, two porcelain Kewpie dolls, some tatting, some jewelry parts, and various other keepsakes.  All of it contained in a stationery box.

I plan to try and get all this into a shadow box frame.

Tiny rolling pins for making clay medallions came along, too.

I could have spent hours at this couple's place.  They clean out estates and had tons of ephemera and photographs.

SSSHHH!  My sheep collection is getting larger, but do not tell anyone I am collecting sheep.  The little lamb cake mold in aluminum?  Well, duh, of course it was mine!

I have a soft spot for baby shoes.  These are very worn, but still in the original box with the receipt from 1959  for $7.16.

The box top proclaims the shoe company manufactures "A Scientific Shoe" for "Self Starters".

 I had planned to buy lots of baskets as I am low on them, but the ones I saw were either not right or too expensive except for these.  A graduated set of three hold vintage ice cube trays, a child's atlas, a creamer, paper mache' Santa candy holders, two tin cups, and a Ding Dong school bell book by Miss Frances.

You have to be as old as I am to remember Miss Frances ringing the school bell on TV.

Also, I found two picnic baskets.  I love to find the small square ones.  These two were in good shape.

I rolled the quilt squares and tied them with torn calico ribbons from the bags of fabrics I bought.

So primitive and pretty displayed in the picnic baskets.

(I always think pic-a-nic like Yogi!)

Okay, I have unpacked the small stuff from the car and managed to hide properly store and label all of it.  (Really, do you believe that!?!)  Next, the heavy-duty items have to come out and be cleaned.  It's a motley mix - part two.  Stay tuned.

For more treasured finds check out Helen and Her Daughters  - Read here and here!

See y'all!

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  1. Lovely,Lovely. The Paris book sounds wonderful. The fabric rolled into the baskets is pretty. I just posted with my tired self. xo, olive

  2. You and Olive seem to have a ball going through your finds. Love the look of your roll fabrics in baskets,too! I, unfortunately, remember Miss Francis and that bell ringing. For some reason I found her irritating. Don't know why coming from my childhood. But your hauls always seem to bring out wonderful memories.

  3. WHERE do you keep all these treasures Donna???
    Those shoes were mine I think - can I have them back please?
    Oh and you can toss the Paris map book in the shipment too

  4. Good Afternoon Donna, I have just read about Olive's experience at Peach Tree 23 and then your blog popped up and you were at the same event.
    This sale sounds amazing..... I will have to tell my daughter about it and if she ever returns to live in Atlanta (which I think she will) I will be visiting as well..... but how will I bring the treasures home????
    You certainly found some wonderful bargains.
    Best Wishes

  5. Hey, Ms. Donna! It was WONDERFUL to meet you on Saturday! Boy, was that a workout or what? I only made it as far as Johnston but I have to admit I was talking folk's heads off the whole time! I missed out on a $50.00 Hoosier cabinet (only damage was a broken bakelite handle) and the cutest little stool because I was afraid to ask about it the night before. I did get my gorgeous little dresser and a Wedgewood pitcher. I've got to get my post together and get it on my blog. I'm sorry I missed Ms. Olive! Hope to see you both around town again soon!

  6. Hi Donna, Great treasures. I think those were my baby shoes and I would like to have them back, please. Oh no, wait! I was 12 years old in 1959. Love the way you rolled up the quilt squares. Can't wait for part 2!!!Connie

  7. What a haul! I really love the picnic baskets and the girls treasure box. I love shopping vintage! Visiting from Knick of Time Tuesdays. ~ Jamie

  8. I would love to see inside that Paris map book. You always find such great stuff. The picnic basket displays look great!

  9. Donna your finds are so Lovely!!! I would Love to have the quilting squares and the Paris book!!!
    You always manage to find the neatest things!!! :-)

  10. I'm she going to have time to make pillows of all those? Ha! Of course you did one better (and quicker) and tied them up as cute as can be and put them in those picnic baskets. They will sell like hotcakes I assume. And who keeps baby shoes and the box and receipt for so many years. Some people are long term thinkers. What a great find. Also, I'm amazed at the girls memory box of stuff. Love the kewpie dolls. Amazing finds. You pulled off another great treasure hunt!

  11. Wow Donna ... you really know how to shop. That quilt look very interesting.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Amazing finds Donna. I'd love to see that Paris map book.
    Thank you for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.


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