Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Mantels and Skinny-Dipping

It is one of those rare perfect days in South Carolina - sunny, low humidity, and no thunder showers.  A beautiful azure sky dazzles from above. 

It is the first official day of summer.  How are you celebrating?

I am celebrating by finishing the first of my summer vignettes for the two mantels.

And, as always, skinny-dipping in the moonlight.

No, really, it is how I celebrate every year unless there is lightning.   A long, leisurely swim in the pool.  There will be no pictures of this activity.  Sorry!

 The blue mantel in the living room (which is really just a staging area for projects needing work) is bedecked with heads, arms, and legs.

Yes, more doll parts. 

I mix a little of things I love to gaze upon.

Books, tins, doll parts, sheep, and fake hydrangeas.

I know horrible photos, but it is either too bright or too dark in the living room and I have to administer a little CPR with Pic Monkey.

The candlesticks on the left are antique legs from China.  

Table legs, not human!

 Even more doll parts, books, and fake hydrangeas.

I have seen all of you with your beautiful hydrangea blooms posted.

However, my hydrangea despises me.  She refuses to produce anything but puny blooms.

Therefore, I fake it.

 Notice there is a subtle red, white and blue theme here.

In another week I will throw up a flag or two.

In the den things are much more primitive.

The doll trunk on the left was my mother's and is full of doll clothes she made.

The large rustic star is a recent purchase.

 One of my favorite old dolls discovered in a box at the flea market.

She sits atop a couple of vintage garden journals.

Maybe they should be required reading for my hydrangea!

 I noticed I was missing something I have been seeing around - canning jars, milk bottles, and olive oil bottles.

So I added a few of those - I will stick a few flags into these, too.

Just in case you did not notice, here is a close up.

What can that be?

Yes, blue bottle brush trees on a summer mantel!

Some red and white baker's twine will decorate them for the Fourth.

That's all, folks!  It is almost time for the annual moonlight skinny-dipping to commence.  Just me, the bats, the mosquitoes, and the dogs.  

Find something crazy to do and enjoy your weekend!

See y'all!

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  1. The only thing I know about summer in South Carolina comes from my experience visiting Ridge Spring in late July.! I thought I was going to die. After several hours at my husband's family reunion I had to be taken to the air conditioned motel, fed 800 mg of ibuprofen and an ice pack on my head. I bet that summer solstice moonlight swim feels incredibly good. Enjoy!!

  2. Wow, you are some racy chick with your skinny dipping! You go girl. Love the mantels!

  3. I love idea that you skinny dip. It sure feels good and what a great place to go for it, your own pool. Yeahoo. No pics, aw come on. lol.
    I've only gone thru S.C. in a big truck so didn't really get to feel the weather that much and it was in the early spring. Sure was pretty there tho. My hubs used to be a trucker and I was lucky enuf to be able to go with him quite often. I sure miss that since he retired from trucking.
    When I was a very young kid we used to vacation in Canada, I learned to swim in the lake and we all (mom,dad,brother) skinny dipped then, that was at least 60 plus years ago tho. Kinda chilly in that water sometimes. It was a very private place also. Happy Summer

  4. Ever been skinny dipping in Cold Creek in New Ellenton? It has that name for a reason. Love the mantle but the dolls heads are a tad creepy for me. (We got a kitten.) xo, Olive

  5. My mom just brought over an old dollhead she found and wondered if I could use it for something. I see you do!

  6. You know those doll heads are creepin me out! What? No frozen charlottes or charlies to keep them company? Skinny dipping sounds divine to go girl!

  7. Is someone there holding a towel for you when you come out? I can imagine how cute you are. There's always a great feeling when you redo a mantel, but I agree with Olive about the doll heads but then I kept looking for the Charlottes somewhere in your display. It looks good and it's so you!

  8. Cute mantels, love the mix of everything! Have fun on our dip!! :) Happy weekend! xx Holly

  9. You go girl!!! Still loving those bottle brush trees! And I don't know why but I have a thing for canning jars, and I've never canned a thing in my life. Go figure!

  10. Glad to hear that the first day of Summer netted you a good day (night) for the pool. How fun the doll heads are. My favorite is the set of crossed arms. Ha! Love a good red, white and blue theme. I keep thinking I need to work something up for my house, for the fourth, but haven't had time to think it through, and meanwhile July is sneaking up on us!


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