Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Finds

shopping your house, vintage finds, antique booth
Willie is so confused.

All the vintage and antique items are going OUT the door and none are coming IN the door.

There are no piles of junk to sniff.

There are no new paths to wind his way across the living room.

Willie hides his toys under the dining room table so they do not disappear.

Yes, another week of shopping my house!

This is my current obsession.

It is my original craft closet.

Once tidy and organized.

It is the birthplace of Horror Monster who has grown by leaps and bounds. 

The right side is almost cleared.

This is what I found.

Tons of old hangers.

My hotel advertising hangers.

I selected one or two to keep.

The rest have gone.

There was a stack of small metal buckets.

They will be repurposed.

I once loved this drawer front because there was only one handle.

I turned it into a hanging rack for kitchen towels with a spoon hook at the bottom.

Back in the eighties!  Way before Pinterest or blogs.

Yes, we did projects in the stone ages.


If you have wondered where have all the office baskets have gone, they have been shoved into this closet.

Eighteen of them and counting - I cannot see the floor yet.

All but four at the store.

Chucks had to have four of them.

I gave him an ultimatum.

If they are not in use by Monday, they are gone.

A tiny portion of my shoe stretcher collection.

I kept one pair.

The rest are at the store, but I have not tagged them yet.

There was one refrigerator basket with close to 300 macrame' beads.

I once was the Macrame' Queen, but never again.

The beads will definitely go, but the wire basket may be kept.

They are too useful.

The New Booth Update

I did hang some burlap to frame the entrance.

I hung crib springs on either side of the door.

I have a collection of frames hanging about.

The hydrangea dresser took the place of the gray dresser that sold.

The vintage ironing board holds a basket of hangers and a suitcase filled with vintage crochet thread.

I dumped boxes of leftover fabric and made quilt bundles.

A collection of restaurant china displayed on the Morning Sky cabinet.

I bought a tall display shelf from Jerry. Read about Simply Shabby & More HERE.

Well, actually at the present time it is stolen because he did not send me the bill yet.

Perfect for a collection of bottles, trophies, and wall pockets.

And that's it!

I am managing somehow to keep the C-23 booth sparse.

BUT if you just have to plunder, visit my Booth W-10.

It is packed full with goodies and I added a few treasures at fantastic prices.

You just have to find them.

Well, I am off this weekend to North Carolina to visit my niece who is a counselor at a camp.

She has planned two days of fun, thrifting, eating, and book-buying.

I am taking a brief vacation from my NO JUNK BUYING rule.

There may be an explosion of junk coming your way next week.

Have fun this weekend.

I know I will.

See y'all!

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  1. You're not going to know what to do with all the space you have cleared out! The new booth looks great! Have a blast with your niece!

  2. How I would love to spend time in your booths, searching for the perfect treasure.

  3. Looks like you still have a ways to go to get to the beating heart of Horror Monster, but you're getting closer. Have fun this weekend with your niece!

  4. I can't wait for that "explosion of Junk!" I can't tell you how many times I have cleaned out my craft closet. It looks good for awhile but within months it is back to being filled up again...and thus the process starts all over! Just can't help ourselves!
    Love the look of your booth. So pretty. The bed springs are great.
    Enjoy your trip and have lots of fun!


  5. I want to know why is it that when I open my closets, none of these treasures come falling out?? I love the basket, restaurant china, bottles and little metal buckets! I eliminate coat hangers as often as is one of my OCD things. :-) I'm so glad things are moving at both of your booths!! Have a wonderful trip and be safe. Can't wait to see what you bring home!

  6. Donna,
    OMG you do not need to leave your house to find treasures. The closet is full of wonderful things. Your booth looks awesome. Happy Friday.

  7. Your energy level is impressive. I want all those office baskets but I don't know why. I may have to arm wrestle Chucks for them.

  8. Oh! Oh! Oh! Can I buy that bag of macrame beads from you?!?!? I've been wanting to try making one of those wood bead chandeliers you see all over blog land but haven't found any beads that were the right size or affordable!


  9. Wow! I love shopping my own house and finding treasures. I have shelves full of 'stuff' I need to go through and decide what to keep and what to donate or sell. You inspire me. Enjoy your weekend!!


  10. I don't blame you for keeping that refrigerator basket. I love them too!

    One you ever sleep?

    Have a fun weekend!!


  11. You definitely have a house full of treasures to go though. It's got to be at least a little fun to revisit your wonderful finds. I enjoyed seeing pictures of your booth because I am struggling with making mine look so good. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Now you made room for MORE "junk" and I am sure new items will crawl in from nowhere! They seem to at my home, but I have no one else to blame for the sudden appearances! LOL

  13. I like the crib springs flanking your entryway! Have fun with your niece, and let's see how long that mantra holds of no junk buying. It may last through this trip, but I doubt much longer....;) Safe travels.
    ps - I love how you gave Chucks till Monday and how has Horror Monster been growing??

  14. As weird as this sounds, all that good stuff coming out of your house makes me feel so much better about all the stuff I have!.. Mine is just not going anywhere....yet! We wouldn't love what we do so much if we couldn't buy it and stash it all, right? Your new booth looks great!!

  15. Donna, good for you letting a few things go. I need to do the same! Have a great weekend with your niece. It sounds fun!

  16. Way to go Donna! You're inspiring me to get stuff out of the closet and off the shelves and listed in my shop. I want to make more space. It always starts in the craft rooms or closets doesn't it? Your new booth is looking great. Have a great weekend with your niece.

  17. I cannot imagine how many years of "stashing" you are clearing out. Poor Willie! Maybe he is worried you'll get carried away and scoot him out the door too! Hope you have fun on your trip.

  18. Hope you're enjoying the weekend, you enjoyed it, what a clear-up!

  19. I love your wire baskets. They are so handy to have. I also had to smile when I saw your "Inman Grocery" sign. Every time I hear "Inman" (which isn't very often), it makes me think of Nicole Kidman's movie, "Cold Mountain".

  20. Sure wish I could visit your closets then your booths. How did you find crib springs? None here or they're so expensive nobody can afford them. For some reason our area is depleted of good stuff like I see on bloggers posts all the time. Bloggers talk about what they find at Target $bins, none of those things are ever at our Target.
    Love wire baskets., don't care what size or condition or color they are, if I see one have to buy it. They get used to help sort magazines, "stuff", whatever but eventually have to clean them out. It's all those great treasures we find and can't part with. I might use it "someday", lol. Drives hubs crazy when I say that. Guess I use certain tone of voice that warns him he's treading on dangerous waters to bug me about what's in those wire baskets. Sure hope you had great time with niece on weekend. Happy week


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