Sunday, October 12, 2014

Great Crates

Creative ways to use crates. Blogging friends
Previously I showed you my white crates. (here)

We have a crate frenzy going on at Riverfront Antique Mall.

As fast as they come in, dealers and customers think of new ways to use them.

Here are two of mine holding pillows and a small bench.

I put these two in the large booth.

One divided and one not.

All fancied up with displays of books and such.

Since my booths are plundering booths, the crates make excellent containers for treasures to reside.

Throughout the mall you find great displays using the crates.

The ladies who work here are terrific designers.

A display tucked inside the front door.

A display high up in the lobby.

Diane of Vintage Belle created a cute display cabinet with two crates and four turned furniture legs.

Aren't her things lovely?

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know all day Saturday I had a make-your-own-bargain sale.

Customers came from all over to shop.

To my surprise, Bonnie from White Lace And Promises   popped up to spend the afternoon.

We have been Bloglandia friends for quite a while, but had never met.

She traveled over an hour to come.

Bonnie searched high and low and found a cartload of bargains.

Such a sweet person.

I really enjoyed meeting her and hope to get together again.

And, of course, Bonnie went home with a crate!

Remember to come back tonight (Sunday) at 7PM Eastern for Make It Monday.  Tamara, Mitzi, and I want to see what you created or found this past week.

See y'all!

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  1. I love crates......I use old beer crates that were hubby's grandfather's for displays at the shows I do. Great pics on your post. nice to meet a blogging friend.
    Getting ready to head home this morning from the Smokys.

  2. I live you, you know I was after crate ideas xxxx

  3. I love crates and have a couple I need to do something with. Hmmm...a thought just popped in my head! I think I will fix them up and use them on my porch when we finish it! Until then, they can hold the things I am picking up to decorate the porch with.,..:) Thanks for the inspiration! I'm glad you got to meet a blog friend...sweet! Hope you sold lots of stuff! Happy Sunday....Vicky

  4. It's always fun meeting up with bloggy friends. Love all your fun and creative ways to yse crates in your booth. They're also great for transporting stuff to and from vintage shows, then using for display, then selling them of course.

  5. I love old crates and snap them up whenever I can.

    Meeting blogger friends is the best!

  6. I love the crates and I like the way they make your booth look like the number one perfect place for plundering! I missed Make it Monday last week due to vacation but I will be back tomorrow with a couple of links.

  7. We love using crates in our shop, too. You've got some good ones! :)

  8. Love the crates, Donna ! And all of the displays look great :-)

  9. Girrrrrl, you caught the side view. Yikes! I wish I had gotten 3 or 4 crates! Ugh! I will definitely be back to get some more. I may make the trip sooner than later. Don't won't to miss this deal! It was great to spend some time. I realized when I got home that I hadn't gotten some of those mattress springs. I really wanted those. I guess I was counting my pennies too close. When I got to check out I had spent $40 less than I had planned.

  10. I love all those crates. I wish I could find some around here. How fun to meet a bloggy friend.

  11. Oh, I love those crates and the shabby chic look! wish I had the talent to make that transformation! Followed you from Make it MOnday linky

  12. I don't know what it is about crates and boxes, but I love them too! Can't seem to resist.

  13. How fun to meet Bonnie and I still love those crates! I need to find some!

  14. I just love crates Donna. I need some to make a bookcase for my son but I am clueless as to where I will find some!

  15. What fun to meet a blogging friend--looks like you guys really hit it off :)

  16. Crates are so universal Donna and I love using them around my home as well. Loved seeing the different displays. Fun that you two met up!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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