Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Auction - The Old Stuff

auction buys, vintage findsIf you follow me on FB, you have seen the photos of the auction Chucks and I attended this past Saturday.

It was held behind Mimi T's Antiques in Warrenton, GA.

The entire contents of an old hardware store and the deceased owner's house in Greensboro. 

The building so far gone the items had to be moved to another site.

Everyone received one of these vintage signs when checking out.

I am breaking the finds into two posts.

First let me say, I could have filled an entire semi with items from this auction.

Some things like the pottery and china went for big bucks and other things for a song.

Blue and gray enamelware - pots, plates, and basins.

Red and white basins.

Blue and white basins.

Black and white basins.

I bought forty pieces.

The best thing?

Well, the price was right, but the auctioneer's wife had washed 89 boxes of pottery, china, glassware, and enamelware so everything was clean!

This was called the bullet box.

There are not any bullets in here.

Flashlights, old pen sets, and single cigar tins.

That black little telephone is actually red.

The auctioneer's wife did not wash everything in the box lots.

Three wall pockets.

A bunch of old yardsticks.

I know you china addicts deplore stained china, but for some reason I love the brown crazing on this daffodil group.

A box lot called "Frames" yielded a huge stack of old patterns.

A few books.

And the frames were actually a La Mode fashion print in an oval frame, two floral prints, and one framed photo.

Love the puppy in a basket!

Mimi T's had some items listed on Facebook Friday.

Mimi T's FB here! 

I bought two things to pick up before the auction began behind the store.

The two supports from a mirror frame.

A blue tin tile.

Properly rusty.

I cannot decide on a project for these three.

I have narrowed it down to four options.

I think they belong together.

So where was all the hardware?

There were thousands and thousands of items in this auction.  We stayed until the truck was filled and left.

We arrived at eight-thirty and left at one.  

The auction was not near the end.

Not one new thing in the whole bunch.

Tomorrow - THE PRIMITIVES!!!

Thank you, Kaney Auctions - it was a blast! 

The auction photos are still up on their site here.

See y'all!

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  1. What fun, Donna! Some great buys, as always. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. I love the crazed daffodil china, too. I have tried purex/chlorine on old china crazing. Doesn't look too bad, but probably bad for the china. Linda

    2. You can soak stained china in peroxide and then put them out to dry in the sun. It works great and is not bad for the dishes like chlorine bleach is. The worse the stain, the longer they might need to be soaked, like weeks.

  2. Did you get all of the things in the pictures you showed??! If so, what a haul! I love it when you show us stuff.

  3. Oh WOW Donna! You have great stuff there - love the yardsticks and enamel basins. Au contraire on deploring the stained dishware - I love it in my collections. I jumped over to the photos - did you get any of that green chippy goodness that filled that trailer?? And how sweet of that woman to wash all that stuff, She still cared. Can't wait to see the rest!

  4. We never have anything cool like this around here. All such awesome finds.

    I spied the apron pattern - my blogger fried Dolly would love that.

  5. Wish I could have been there.........I did look at the auction pictures......wow!!
    Love all you got and can hardly wait to see the rest. I really like crazing/stain on old china, especially on ironstone. Nice pile of enamelware you got.

  6. My best friend has recently decided to collect enamelware. Too bad we don't live in Georgia. Talk about instant collection!


  7. I love auctions! You find such great deals and great items. You did good girl! I wish we lived closer...we'd have a ball I'm sure!

  8. I am so in love with the puppy in the basket. What are you going to do with it?????

  9. Auctions are my favorite. I haven't been to one in I guess a year. Wow! you did good. I bet you are a competitive bidder or are you like me, a $5 girl.

  10. WOW! You got so many cool things. I love the enamel pots! I have never been to an auction, well strike that I have been to a cow auction but I didn't buy any cows, hehe. I would love to go to a junk auction. That is now on my list of to-dos!

  11. What a haul! I like china that's less than pristine- give me a rusty staple and I'm happy.
    I'm dying to know what you'll make with the blue tile and the supports. Awesome!

  12. Great stuff Donna ... I see enamelware I would be happy to add to my collection. Also love the mirror frame supports and the blue tin. Looks like you and Chucks had a lot of fun.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. Wow to all that enamel ware and such great finds! Can't wait to see more!

  14. Wow! I bet that was a lot of fun! Lots of great items for resale. I am excited to see what you do with the tin tile and the mirror supports. I am sure it will be amazing! My favorite is the yardsticks. I have seen so many cool things made with those. Have fun creating!

  15. I love all those enamel bowls, and the yardsticks. What an amazing haul! Sounds like a great auction!

  16. Wow! I bet you had the time of your life. Love the wall thingeys and, of course, the vintage patterns. Looking forward to seeing what else you could possibly fill your truck with~

  17. How fun! What a great experience. It is so hard to walk away, but if the truck is full what can you do. I love the enamelware and the yard sticks. I don't mind the staining on the old china, I think it adds to the charm. Looking forward to seeing the next post.

  18. Wow! You found lots of great stuff. I can't even pick out a favorite.

  19. I can't believe she washed all those dishes! Nice for you though. You got wonderful things. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss. Jo

  20. Coveting those yardsticks Donna. Do you want to make a deal for the lot :) ???
    I love your finds. We have nothing such as an auction available here. Estate sales are fun but not nearly as exciting nor 'get down and get dirty'. Great photos. Thanks for sharing the fun.

  21. It looks like you had a lot of fun! :) Glad you found some treasures...

  22. What an amazing sale--you really made out like a bandit. And it's always fun to see what you're going to do with the stuff, Donna--

  23. My first time here. I live in Georgia and I thank you for sharing your finds. I'm drooling over the red enamel ware. Any chance they will be in your etsy shop?
    Great finds girl!

  24. Oh wow, I would have loved to have been at his one! Enamelware like that for a good price. . .SCORE! I have a pretty good collection of red and white, but when I do see them I glance at the prices and they are not cheap. Can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing your great finds with SYC.

  25. enamelware, yeeessss! and at such amazing prices, too.

  26. Wowza, what a great haul. I have yet to go to an auction. Maybe 2015 will be the year! I found you via Betsy's link party. Happy New Year!

  27. I'm drooling over those all that enamelware! I need to find an auction like that! Thanks so much for sharing your finds at the Best of 2014 party at Knick of Time!


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